Sexy Erotica: Best Man for the Job

Sexy Boy

Conversation got boring,
You said you’re going to bed soon,
So I snuck off to your bedroom,
And I thought I’d just wait there,
Until I heard you come up the stairs,
And I pretended I was sleeping,
I was hoping you would creep in.
You feel like performing,
With me in the bedroom,
Floor to the dresser,
Don’t want nothing less ,
Cause I’m sure you’re the best,
That’s how you show me love,
And I let you,
Because you put it down like it’s for both of us…

I can see that you are into women,” her eyes meeting mine with a glistening dance, her hand stroking lightly over the swells of my breasts over the tight restraints of my bulging top.

Hold that thought,” I whispered into the air between us, stalking my prey as you walk across the room toward me, massive shoulders outlined in the light, I step around her on the way to meet you.

You look like a woman with a secret,” your lips claiming mine without waiting for an answer, like a man accustomed to the prize, the taste of you filling up my senses with want, my pulse pounding painfully in each nipple pressed against your chest, my nipples pleading for your attention…your eyes doing what your mouth wont dare.

Encouraging…tempting… as voices surround us again.

“My secret is … I am completely naked inside of this dress,” my head spinning from the nearness of your body to mine, affecting me like too much whiskey way too fast.

Give me five minutes and you will be completely naked outside of that dress,” the smile fluttering over your lips inviting me to play.

Lead the way…” I return the challenge, watching your eyes catch fire with promise and intensity.

She is going to be so disappointed,” you look back toward the young woman I just left, your hands traveling slowly, possessively over the curves of my body, your fingers dancing briefly across my supple welcoming breasts leaving a wake of ache and need in their path.

She would have been disappointed anyway,” my finger stroking slowly down the front of your pants, urging your erection, pleased with an immediate response, my hand caressing the thickness of your masculinity, your eyes meet mine again with a slight moan of appreciation and I revel in the control…

She is not quite…equipped for the job,” my fingers slide down to massage your balls tight and firm from the attention, your breathing stops sharply as my nails lightly trace the length of your cock and I take you between my fingers again… as your body reacts instinctively to meet my hand with each easy stroke.

But you won’t be disappointed,” I whisper words of promise into your ear as memories of desire rip across my lower lip, throbbing to feel the weight of your cock, hard and thick in my mouth, each stroke teasing my orgasm with your deep moan of pleasure as I flick my warm, wet tongue over the head of your dick…sucking your balls into my mouth until your fingers fist tight in my hair…I suck you deeper into my mouth…

Lead the way…” your eyes again focused on mine, a hint of warning mixed with a measure of meaning, my eyes meeting yours with an explosion of heat melting down my body and between my thighs in soft warm cum as your hand travels up my arm to pull me tighter against you…”you won’t be disappointed either.”

Sexy Erotica: Deep End of the Pool


Hey, sexy boy, set me free,

Don’t be so shy, play with me,

My dirty boy, can’t you see,

That you belong next to me,

You are the one I need.

Got a sexy drive – Just push start!


“Want to make this interesting?” pouring a healthy dose of Jack over ice cubes floating in coke.

“I want a blow job – what do you want?  Shoes?,” your playful smile wavers slightly as you watch me stir your drink with my finger – slowly slipping my finger in and out between my lips sucking it dry – each sweet drop throbbing to life on my tongue.

“Shoes?  I won’t bet you what can buy for myself,” your eyes on mine now, sharp and focused, deciding that the truth was more effective than flirting – watching you slowly raise the glass to your lips, wanting to feel your lips demanding against mine, exploring each aching nipple pounding with need skipping along my pulse, cutting each nerve to shreds on a path of pleasure to the soft pink skin between my thighs throbbing as I slowly raise my skirt up my thighs to straddle your lap.

“Sex?” your voice dipping low, your interest growing, your eyes travel over my breasts, straining the lace edges of my top while I lean against you more than necessary.

“Winner take all…anything at all,” I add, a whisper against your ear, feeling a surge of victory as the ice cubes rattle loudly in the glass, your eyes catch mine in challenge and I take the drink from your hand, your hand on mine around the glass a moment too long, dipping the cold glass between my tits, nipples straining against the soft cloth, the cold drops from the glass disappearing smoothly between the mounds of flesh daring your tongue to follow.

“Ok,” your massive chest expanding as your voice hesitates, your breathing catching deep in your throat, your hands moving lightly up my thighs, exploring the boundaries of my body, so yielding under your touch…every curve surrendering to your expectations…my hands covering yours.

“You got to win that pleasure,” I purr with fake innocence, watching the emotions rage, your control slip a little – and then a little more as I roll my hips against your hardness, growing thicker with each movement, “do we have a bet?”

“Yes,” a moan of pleasure escapes from your lips on a stutter…once, twice, and again… I sample your mouth, the taste whiskey flooding my senses and need rising in my blood, my hands slipping between your legs massaging the bulge in front of your pants, your hips shift unconsciously toward me, encouraging my addiction…

“Let’s play,” your voice deep and sexy as I roll off your lap, silk garters inviting your participation peaking innocently out the hem of my skirt, I bend forward in front of you to reposition my skirt at mid-thigh and remind you of the prize.

“You break, I’ll rack…I like a tight rack,” I smile sweetly, rolling the triangle around in my hands, enjoying the feel of the rounded edges of the cool brass, riding so smooth against the luxurious blue felt under my fingers, the weight of each perfectly balanced ball.

”For luck,” I raise the 8 ball to my lips for a kiss to seal the bet before putting it into place….sharing visuals of my tongue, warm and wet, across your balls tight with pleasure …gently sucking each one…and then both into my mouth….teasing both of us into orgasm…watching you struggle between passion and control.

Stroking my cue between my fingers, the friction sending tingles of desire dancing through my body, the first crack of the cue ball like lightening striking on every pounding nerve instantly…recalling the sound of your balls against my ass with each drive deeper and deeper toward our mutual goal.

“Big balls…” your voice brings my mind back to the game, your quick easy smile a warning, as two striped balls spiral toward opposite pockets, slightly impressed with the balance of your hands, so thick and practiced in every measured movement, bringing back memories of earlier caresses, my body betraying me at your slightest command…wanton of your touch.

“I want you baby,” both confession and statement of fact, leaning forward over the pocket to allow the thin fabric my top to fall lower between the perfectly round mounds of warm cleavage punctuated by throbbing nipples, rewarded when your eyes leave the game to slowly caress each breast with appreciation, needing to feel the tight fit of your cock stiff between my tits…watching the ball bounce short of the pocket with amusement and triumph.

“Dirty pool huh?” your smile easy with a laugh of respect for my tactic and technique.

“Well, I never promised to play fair,” slowly masturbating the stick between my fingers in long steady strokes, like my hands tight around your erection, I can feel you watching me move around the table, admiring each shot, finessing each ball into the pocket, until the eight ball sits alone at the end.

“Double up the bet?  One last shot…winner take all,” your voice challenges me, humor dancing across those sexy lips, “how good are you?”

“Yes, double up,” sexual tension washing violently over me all at once, my eyes meeting yours across the table as I reach for the chalk, “enjoy the view.”

The look in your eyes turning predatory…there is no surrendering…any humor…only winners and losers…as I bend over the table in front of you, my skirt pulls dangerously high against my thighs, soft red panties cushioned by a delicate strip of amber hair promising pleasure

“Don’t choke baby,” your warm voice in my ear, like honey tempting me to taste your mouth again, strong hands on either side of my hips on the rail, your dick hard against my ass, your hard-on ready to pay or collect your debt…

”I never promised to play fair,“ your words echo mine as my breathing stumbles, your confident understanding of my desires sends tingles ripping across my bottom lip like a sharp knife with thoughts of your hardness deep in my mouth, your hands wrapped tight in my hair….my eyes on yours…watching your pleasure every stroke of my mouth….


Sexy Erotica: Independence Day

Sexy Erotica:  Independence Day**********************
“Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. ‘Yes’ is the answer.”

“What do you say we stop playing this game?” I watched you slowly lower your fork with a polite smile.  Causal grace, picking up your wine glass with those big hands, delicate and practiced in their movements, I wondered if you could handle a woman like that.

“What game would that be?” a smile danced briefly across your lips sparking a predator instinct deep within me.  No fight or flight this time – surrender only – no options.

“Well,” I smiled back into your eyes, focused and assessing the risks, “we can keep pretending that this THING is not going to end up naked and sweaty on a surface of my choice,” I watched with the triumph as the amusement faded from your eyes and the wine danced dangerously in the glass as it loudly grazed the plate in front of you on its quick decent to the table.

“We can keep chatting in sexual innuendoes and making quaint conversation,” I continued, leaning forward to allow the thin fabric my top to fall lower between the perfectly round mounds of warm cleavage punctuated by aching nipples, rewarded when your eyes leave mine to slowly caress each breast with appreciation.

“Or,” reaching into my lap to retrieve my napkin to gently rub the rough edges across my bottom lip to stop the razor like tingling from the visuals of my tongue stroking your balls tight with pleasure as I slowly suck each one, then both, into my mouth…as my eyes meet yours again, I place a light kiss on my napkin and deposit it into your lap for effect…

“We can confess the truth,” your eyes sharpen on mine daring me – like a spider to a fly – to step into your web, your thigh tightens under my hand moving up to stroke the front of your pants…toying slightly with your zipper as my fingers trace your erection … I watch the passion building in your body…your breathing stutters …once … twice… again … charged as you instinctively shift closer in your seat…spreading your legs apart as my fingers slip slowly down between your thighs… my thumb massaging circles around the thickness of your shaft growing harder with each moment.

“You are playing fire little girl,” your voice low and warning, as if punishing a child, pulling back, as you cover my hand with yours.

“Not anymore,” I whisper, need rushing through me, my pulse pounding in my ears; I stare with disbelief, wondering how men understand so little about sex.

“You see, you effect me…the pleasure that I  want to you give you…the dirty little things I want you to do to me,” desire bringing waves of tears to my eyes as I struggle for words that I don’t need – independence from the nightly invasions into my dreams –

“I…” my voice wavering between passion and pleading…

“Go on,” your sexy voice deep with challenge.  “Tell me,” your command is quiet with expectation of being obeyed; the scent of your body exploding through my senses like fireworks deep between my thighs.

“I,” caught between the pleasures of my dreams and reality of you, so warm and close, your hand covering mine, giving me strength and making me weak, “dream about me on my knees in front of you, as your eyes meet mine, I tell you the only truth I know – I want you…,” taking a deep breath to keep my words from tumbling over the erratic waves of my breathing.

I can feel you waiting for more, even though I can’t see past the sensations dancing in front of my eyes.

“I,” waiting for your reaction, as if knowing, you release your hold on my hand to free my mind and my body for our shared satisfaction, slowly taking my time to appreciate ever inch of your manhood rock hard against my hand, inviting you into my world of fantasy, “can feel the weight of you heavy in my hands…the way the urgency turns to calm the moment I slip the head of your cock into my mouth…moist and tight around you…each thrust turning want into need…your finger tangled deep in my hair expressing the what you don’t share.”

I can see you now.  Watching me…my dream…my fantasy…playing out in your mind…becoming our reality.

“I,” my hand finding the sweet spot inside your pants, gratifying me with a low moan of admiration and pleasure, “wake up wanting the taste of your dick hard in my mouth,”  I whisper into the air between us, raw adrenaline tearing along every pleasure point begging for release, wishing I was more embarrassed by my revelations.

“Not hungry?” an unfamiliar voice reaches through the haze of sexual fog around us, confused by the untouched plates.

“Very hungry,” your smile is back, easy and promising, glancing briefly at the server and down at my hand under the napkin in your lap, “just realized that I want something else tonight,” your eyes on me again, dropping bills on the table to cover the check.

“Come with me,” you extend a hand to me; waiting to see I will take the final step, where talk turns into action and passion into pleasure…and I slide my fingers into yours.  It’s Independence Day.

Sexy Erotica: True North


“There’s nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.”


Walking toward you, your massive shoulders outlined the sunset in front of me.
“Guess who,” I leaned forward, covering your eyes gently with my fingers as the breeze off of the water bathed me in the masculine scent of your body.

“Give me a hint,” a smile danced around your lips as I leaned closer, pressing the warm skin of my exposed cleavage against the back of your neck.

“Four words…You…me…sweaty…nakkid…surface of your choice,” I purr in a soft voice against your ear.

“That is more than four words, sweetheart,” the tension in your neck relaxing slightly at the light banter.

“The last part was a prediction…not a hint,” I smile prettily, sliding smoothly into the chair next to you careful to cross my legs slowly so you could watch the short skirt float dangerously high on my thighs.

“Long day?” I smiled, dragging your eyes away from the light material snagged on my nipples and carefully draped between two small straps.

“Yes,” your eyes meet mine with full revelation of meaning. 

“Tell mamma what you need baby,” I whisper,  leaning forward to slowly run my hand up the inside of your thigh as I watch the waves of sexual tension pulse between us in the wake of my caress. 

“I need a blow job,” a slight smile lights your eyes as they meet mine in challenge and humor sending tingles like razor blades dancing across my bottom lip.
Aware of the bartender standing next to me, I reach two fingers down into my top and pull out a twenty to drop on the bar.

“I’ll take care of him from here,” I return the challenge without looking at her. 

“Where?” I smile, less the prey, more the hunter now. 

I follow your eyes toward the water, not at all surprised when your big thick hand reaches out to lead the way and I delicately slide my hand into yours feeling the instant shock of connection and anticipation.


Lifting me up off the bottom step, your strong hands around my waist as my hands travel down taut muscles in your arms, my body slowly melting against yours.

“Wait for me,” your voice commands, my senses spinning as the deck shifts slightly under my feet, the promise in your eyes ricocheting through my bloodstream sending sparks of need sizzling deep between my thighs.

Enjoying the deep tapping sound of my heels on the deck, I wander slowly over to the rail – pleased with the smooth cool brass shimmering in the setting sun under my touch – the heat of your body burning against me as your arm reaches around me with a glass of wine – colors of the sunset dancing off the amber liquid swirling around in the glass.

“I don’t want that,” turning in your arms, blocked against the railing, staring at your lips, fighting the urge to taste your mouth. 

“What do you want?” your easy grin dissolves into a moan of pleasure as I slide my hands down the front of your pants massaging your hardness …my hands moving to the top button on your shirt…sliding my fingers between the opening buttons flying in all directions and bouncing off the deck as I snatch the shirt apart.

Watching your eyes turn predatory in the dusk, I lean forward to rip loose the last remaining button with my teeth removing all inhabitations between us.  Rolling the button between my tongue and top lip, my thoughts burn with dazzling explosions like fireworks as I reach up to slowly remove the button from my mouth and deposit it between my breasts.

“Souvenir,” I smile innocently, pressing my pounding nipples against your bare chest. 

“I want you,” I stepped forward, pushing you back, feeling a little victory as you bobble the wine glasses, the amber liquid rolling dangerously close to the rim.  I remove the glasses from your hands and set them on the nearest table.

Resting my hands on either side of your hips and pushing you back against the railing, my breathing pulses between us as your hands grind my hips against you.

“Let me pleasure you baby,” I whine, the same need of release clawing at me, I sink to my knees in front of you, your eyes reflecting the storm of passion rising hard under my hand as you watch me, massaging your hard-on,  stiff between my fingers.

Playing with your zipper as I smile up at you seeing passion of each stroke in your eyes…I slip my hand into your pants to cup your balls…aching and firm from the attention…a slow deep moan of appreciation hangs in the air between us…your hands tighter on the railing…I listen to the stutter of your breathing…once, twice, again…

Part of me wanting to punish you for my sleepless hours of wrestling fantasies of your cock hard and throbbing in my mouth – part of me wanting to release both of us from the exquisite pain of the tidal wave of passion threatening to consume me … I tease my own orgasm with a first taste of the massage of my tongue over the head of your erection … sweet and pleasing to my soul like chocolate … greedily fighting the urge to suck you deep into my mouth and swallow…appreciating the thickness of your manhood, heavy on my tongue….raw adrenaline scrapping every available nerve…your fingers tangled in my hair…your hips rocking toward my mouth in the steady motion of the tide.

Like a small boat caught in a hurricane, I know I cannot battle nature … mine, yours…ours…I go down on you…sucking you deep into my mouth with astonishment at the immediate calm … in the center of the storm…our eyes meet as I take your dick all the way in my mouth…a wave of pleasure rising between my thighs and pounding in my nipples as I suck harder, deeper, faster…crashing together on the shore.

The laughter and music from the bar drifts slowing through the cool night air tickling my skin coated with a mixture of salt and sweat…as the stars shine above I wrap your shirt around me and sleep … for the first time in days…against your chest.

Sexy Erotica: Lead Me On

“Why do you bait me?” your question mixing humor with a slight overtone of annoyance.   I smiled wondering how you could miss my intentions so completely.

“Quite honestly, baiting you would just bore me.  I fully intend to deliver on every word,” watching your eyes sparkle to life with the reality of my promises.

“When I am this close to you,” leaning forward, electricity flooding my bloodstream as your eyes stroke slowly down my throat to my breasts, threatening the buttons of my shirt, encouraging your touch, “I want to taste your lips against mine…know the feeling of your mouth as it travels down the soft skin of my throat…your tongue teasing my nipples until passion throbs between my thighs from need for you.”

“When I am this close to you,” slowly skimming my fingernail over the back of your hand enjoying the sparks of sexual connection, “I want to run my hands down the front of your pants…massaging your erection to aching hardness between my fingers…toying with your zipper as I smile up at you seeing pleasure of each stroke in your eyes…as I slip my hand into your pants to cup your balls…aching and firm…waiting for my mouth.”

“When I am this close to you,” moving my hand up the inside your thigh, charged as you shift closer in your seat…spreading your legs apart as my fingers slip slowly down between your thighs…your breathing skipping once, twice, and again on a low moan of anticipation, “I want to show you all of my dirty little fantasies…me kneeling at your feet…your cock hard and deep in my mouth…each slow suck bringing me closer to the edge with your fingers tangled tight in my hair.”

“When I am this close to you,” your eyes on mine, reflecting the storm of passion rising hard under my hand, “I am inviting you.  I am seducing you.  I…” fighting the urge to slide between your thighs under the table, taking a deep breath I start again.
“When I am this close to you, I want to show you all of the ways I can make you glad you are a man, but…I am not baiting you lover.”

Humor is Sexy: Time for Sex

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A  Montana  cowboy walks into a bar and takes a seat next to a very attractive woman. He gives her a quick glance then causally looks at his watch for a moment.
The woman notices this and asks, ‘Is your date running late?’
No’, he replies, ‘I just got this state-of the-art watch, and I was just Testing it.’
The intrigued woman says, ‘A state-of-the-art watch? What’s so special about it?’
The cowboy explains, ‘It uses alpha waves to talk to me telepathically.’
The lady says, ‘What’s it telling you now?’

‘Well, it says you’re not wearing any panties.’

The woman giggles and replies, ‘Well it must be broken because I am wearing panties!’
The cowboy smiles, taps his watch and says,’Damn thing’s an hour fast!’

Remember:  Live, Laugh, Love…and share it with someone else! ~~Dee

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden (GOLF): The Tiger Woods Icon

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaIt’s rare that I am surprised by sexual antics and adultery.  After all, I am a big girl…been around the block in high heels a few times.  I consider myself quite comfortable with all topics surrounding sex and sexuality.  However, with all naivety aside, I must admit that I was truly disappointed to find out that Tiger Woods had cheated on his wife.

I know, the stats say that adultery happens more times a day than you can shake a golf club at, but there was something deeper in the realization that Tiger Woods, all American golfer, father, and husband would cheat on his wife.  Some have suggested to me that this strikes deeply at me because it means that no one is immune.

Well….duh!  Of course, as many times over as partners promise to “love, honor, and cherish until death due” them part; there are divorces for a reason. 

I think it is more significant than that.  As a role model…perhaps a role model for all of the world to look up to with admiration of being a loyal spouse, it is hard to understand the disappointment in finding out that he would drop pants at the first available dyed natural blonde that crossed his path…and the second…and the next.

Perhaps it was My Favorite Scorpio that taught me the deeper lesson in martial fidelity when I asked him pointedly if he would ever cheat on his wife during a discussion of a friend who was divorcing due to an affair.

“I don’t know.  I have never been in that position to make that decision,” he replied, focused on the disbelief on my face as he continued.  “When you take the possibility of a situation out of probability, then you are open to it when it blindsides you.  After all, you don’t get a flu shot because you don’t think you will get the flu.  You get a flu shot because you believe in all earnestness that it is possible to contract the virus right?”

I had to study that logic for a few minutes because, in its simplicity, it made perfect sense.  We guard against things happening to use by preparing for the day they do, but we deny the possibility to adultery assuming that all people have our best interests at heart. 

In my marriage of 21 years (almost—thank you very much…I get to round up now!), we started off with an understanding of the consequences of adultery.   We agreed that no reason is good enough, no explanations are acceptable or needed, and no forgiveness can be expected.  With one act, you trade everything else because there is no road back for us.

Huh…now there is a novel though…setting expectations with a clear understanding of the value of an action.  It might seem like an odd thing to do in the first weeks of a marriage, but we took the flu shot to keep from experiencing the sickness.  ~~Dee