SexyWhispers Erotica

swThis is my sexual home for exploration of my erotic voice.  Over the past months since creating SexyWhispers, I have found a love of writing really good erotica.  Is this really good?  Not sure.  Judge that for yourself.

Either way, it is where I go to share my erotic fantasies because, I believe, one erotic voice can give strength to many others.  I dont explain reasons or experiences…you have to bring those to the literotica yourself.  All comments and critiques are accepted.  But, this is the place where sexual soul meets erotic voice….so, you have to leave you baggage behind and enter into my world.

This is your only warning:  The language, topics, and content are explicit.  No humans or animals were harmed in the creation of this work!  *smile*  But, if you are easily offended, know that I dont care and move on.

To all others…..I bid you welcome…and enter.

Feature:   Wild Wild Love

Past Work:

4 thoughts on “SexyWhispers Erotica

  1. Hi I came across your site accidently through surfing. I liked it very much and would like to read your articles/stories/fiction (sex).

  2. Oh My God ! I love sex ! So nice to see a great sex site ! Just read: Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler, What French Women know, and Sex at Dawn by Ratha and Ryan ! A whole new world of love just opened up, it is the only thing that can stop this unsane world of male domination violence/power. and Save our Mother Earth ! Make Love not War !! ya ya ! Peace, Teddi

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