Sexy Word for the Week: Pansexual

Pansexuality, or omnisexuality, is sexual attraction, sexual desire, romantic love, or emotional attraction toward people of all gender identities and biological sexes. Self-identified pansexuals may consider pansexuality a sexual orientation,and refer to themselves as gender-blind, asserting that gender and sex are insignificant or irrelevant in determining whether they will be sexually attracted to others.  The Oxford Dictionary of English defines pansexuality as, “not limited or inhibited in sexual choice with regard to gender or activity”.



Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2008!

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaTop 100 Sex Bloggers of 2008

Tonight, something odd happened to me on the way to post my blog topic.  I found out that I have been listed #55 in the Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2008 in a poll conducted by Between My Sheets.  I would love to say that I was all cool about it, but I was not.  I was so deeply touched and humbled that tears started to swim in my eyes immediately.

The listings are based on Alexa  / Technorati mixed with the nomination of individuals and number of people who surf past the blog.  So in fact, each one of you contributes and owns a piece of this recognition.  Moreover, to be in the company of the people on this list is breath taking in itself.  As the hard hitting, heart and soul of the sex blogging movement, inclusion with this list of sex blogs is glorious…and humbling.  Have a click through this list and enjoy!  Kisses and hugs to all (especially Rori of Between My Sheets).

Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2008

1. Sinclair Sexsmith
2. Radical Vixen
3. Curvaceous Dee
4. Always Aroused Girl
5. Ellie Lumpesse
6. Catalina
7. Selena Kitt
8-9. Wifey and Hubby
10. Roger
11. Essin’ Em
12. Amber Rhea
13-14. Richard and Amy
15-16. MJ and MJ’s Slave
17. Thursday’s Child
18. Narration by D
19. Andrea Zanin
20. The Provocateur
21. Violet Blue
22. Autumn
23. SSS
24. Storm
25. Sub lyn
26. Tara Tainton
27. Jake
28. Cherry Bomb
29. Lakey
30. Scarlet
31. Glenpreece
32. Lolita Wolf
33. Vixen
34. Tom Paine
35. Tongue Tied Blue
36. Maymay
37. Miss Bliss
38. Mistress Maeve
39. Nadia
40. Luka
41-42. Odysseus and Penelope
43. Eileen
44. Calico
45. Caroline Shepherd
46. Kathleen
47. Packing Vocals
48. Audacia Ray
49. Axe
50. Baccus
51. Chelsea Summers
52. Debauchette
53. The Butterfly Temptress
54. Dirty Little Girl
55. Sexy Whispers
56. Wendy Blackheart
57-58. Padme and Anakin
59-60. Him and Her
61. Slip of a Girl
62. Blowjob Babe
63-64. Dirty Debbie and CJ
65. Scorpio
66. Charlotte
67. Bitchy Jones
68. Anastasisa
69. Alice
70. Anita Wagner
71. Jack
72. Mistress Matisse
73. Mariella
74. O
75. Shasta Gibson
76. Gwen
77. fivestar
78. Lilly
79. Penny
80. Figleaf
81. Tony
82. Viviane
83. Six
84. Bob
85-99. Fiammetta, Jill, Robyn, Scarlot, Melissa, Kitten, Karly, Holly, Surgeon, Stacey, Tara, Jessica, Gina, Wendy, and Tori

#55….I love to be in the middle!  And, as honored as I am, the thought of rolling around in the sexual blogosphere with all of these incredible sex bloggers makes me feel fabulous!  Thank you…thank you… and well….thank you.  It means the world to me.  ~~Dee

I’m Too Sexy for my Panties!

janes guide reviewMany times over the past few months I have been honored by the women of the *Cathouse* and those that pass by.  Sometimes, I admit that the fight for the sexuality of all female kind seems almost too big to handle.  Then something happens that reminds me that this fight is more important than just one woman.  It’s about the women who visit this space every day just seeking that moment when others understand.

But, today…someone wrote something about me and SexyWhispers that made it all worth the effort.  You see, I was reviewed by Shay of Jane’s Guide.  Shay, a member of the *Cathouse* for her fearless approach of all things sexual, completely took me by surprise as I did not realize that she had a secret life as reviewer for Jane Guide.  What she said about me and SexyWhispers, literally blew me away and I am so humbled by the words that I could not finish my original post. 

For those not familiar with Jane’s Guide, they are the Who’s Who of Reviews for All Things Sexy.  I was incredibly honored to receive their “Original and Quality” award.  More than that, the words from the review of SexyWhispers were more important to me. 

They read (in short):  She posts on a variety of topics, but most commonly she writes about her thoughts on women and sex – pulling examples from her own love life and her relationships. Dee’s writing style is lighthearted and can get pretty deep – sometimes she makes me think of “chicken soup for the sexy soul.”

For Shay and Jane’s Guide….thank you.  I am amazed at the comparison and I will try to live up to it.

For those traveling here from Jane’s Guide review, here are a few of my favorite sexy posts to start you off:


For those who visit me every day to sharing in my adventure in sexuality and my sexual growth, thank you.  Its not possible without you!  And, if you have a greatest post that you would like to direct others to, then please comment below.  ~~Dee

Sexy Excellence

To say that I am amazed at this award from my dearest Finn (who is on my top five women that I want most to be like when I grow up list), gave me pause for two reasons. 

First, a sex blog noted for excellence.  No naked women.  Humm….now, there is a switch. 

Second, I always consider myself so lucky to be apart of this community of women that I dont feel excellent in comparison.  Only lucky!


There are two rules to this award (everyone knows how I LOVE rules!):

  1. Tell you that the award was created by Kayla at The Mommy Project (recon she thought it would end up on a sex blog?).
  2. Name 10 other excellent bloggers.

I hate the second rule because it means that I only love 10 blogs….and God knows…I read tons more in a week. 

So, I wont do it.  Even if that means that people will storm SexyWhispers and demand my Excellent Award back, then all I can say are these two things:

  1. Want to know who is excellent to me?  Check out the *Cathouse* and of course, the Vanilla twins.  Each one rocks in their own way!
  2. Bring fuzzy pink handcufs with you when you come!  The path to my heart!

Thank you Finn….as I said before….I heart you completely!~~Dee

Orgasmic Valentines Day Pleasures

sex sex blogs erotica female eroticaThere are five terrific reasons that today has been the most incredibly orgasmic Valentines Day on the planet for me.



  • Yesterday, The Marine came into my office with an armful of flowers.  I said, “Valentines Day is tomorrow” to which he responded “This is for NOT Valentines Day!  You seemed be having a hard week, so I wanted to make you smile.”  I did…lots.


  • My Favorite Pink Pussy-Not only did I get a wonderful electronic card in my mailbox this morning from my dearest Pink Pussy, but I received this blog award:

erotica, sex, sexy, sex blog

Me?  Speak my mind.  Oh yeah…true.  I do!  Cringe.


  • I went to my mailbox today and found a bright pink envelope with the SEXY Valentines Day card from My Princess (more like My Queen!) that said I made her want to wear sexy underwear
sexy, sex blog, sex

I might have blushed….perhaps not.  I did have a strong moment of visualization from the black lace with red crystals.  It was too perfect and she is too wonderful.


  • I decided to make the next week on the blog oral sex week!  I put out a request from some of outspoken ladies in the *Cathouse* to repost their great oral tips blogs and they responded with support for the movement.  So stay tuned….we will cover everything about the art of oral sex!  If you have tips or trick…get them warmed up.  We will get oral in the next week.


  • Last, but not least, in the next few hours, I get to reward one spunky lady with the OhMiBod vibrator.  While there is still time register to win, there is tons of SexyWhispers love for the women who stepped forward to give their fantasy and tips to the women of the world.  Thank you ladies for joining me. 


 Speaking of great sex!  Enter to win the OhMiBod Vibrator Giveaway! ~~Much love and passionate kisses….Dee

Sex Sandwich: Two Girls and a Guy

thinkingbloggerja4.jpg  “I think, therefore I am.”  My alteration of this statement has always been “I think I think” because I am aware that without growth…existence is not living….its merely breathing.

It has been a unique few weeks for me.  I learned lots about myself and others.  But, this will count as my first threesome!  That is, two of my FAV-O-RITE people in the blogosphere, CinnKitty and NotforMars, presented me with The Thinking Blogger Award.  To be kissed by these two incredible people, both so strong with insight and compassion, I am amazed by the “who me?” feeling that arrives shortly afterwards.  Always a pleasure to be awarded something important….like the ability to think and make others think…but I am touched by the sweet strokes of accolades by these two people I read most often when I am looking for comfort for my own soul.   To you both–thank you.  As always, I am humbled.

My pleasure to pass The Thinking Blogger Award to:

  • A Life Less Ordinary:  Finn was one of the first women to hold my hand in those early days.  Since, I have often found comfort in her quiet words.  She is just like having coffee with a sister at the kitchen table.
  • MisstressM:  My Favorite Female Scorpio was the first occupant of the *Cathouse.*  She an amazing woman who helped me stand up straight during my first blogging days.  Kisses baby!
  • The Princess Diaries:  From the first moment I met her, I knew she had to have an invitation to the *Cathouse.* She is always on my team…ready to give…seeing and promoting the best in people by building strengths.  Love that.
  • Suzy Wears the Pants:  Ok…this lady is ON FIRE!  Every time I read her blog, I get about half way through before I have stars dazzled in front of my eyes and visions of ‘sugarplums’ dancing in my head. 

Again…thank you and kisses to all who stop by everyday to comment, interact, think, and grow.  And, thank you to CinnKitty  and NotforMars for the bloggy love!

Love for the Ladies

female erotica, literoticaFirst things first! 

I realize that I am SOMETIMES lost in the communications gap.  Gemini… thinking, talking, hearing…. its a mess in my head sometimes.  One of my clients told me today that “sometimes the answer is just yes or no!”  (smile)  So, the answer was no.  But last week, when my Princess stopped by to tell me that she had nominated me for an award, I was more overtaken by the thought she had done so.  I honestly never looked for the award because the thought she had done so was enough for me. My heart swelled and I was all “Tigger-like” all day!  A few family issues last week made even breathing difficult. (Does everyone start raising their parents at a certain age??  Like all the sudden these people can not make intelligent decisions??) Yesterday, I went to her blog, I found the truth.  She had nominated me for a Fabulous Award and it made me smile when I really needed to smile.  My cup runs over…and I am humbled by the experience.  My dear Princess…please forgive my insanity and lateness of love….but I thank you so much for the award and the words of encouragement. 

Next And…

There are so many times when I am amazed at the ladies (I am using that term loosely—not to imply loose women, but….I am open minded) I meet.  I get to meet women that have inspired my belief in women.  When I started this journey a few months ago, I was convinced, because of the women that were physically apart of my existence (to loosely quote my favorite Pink Pussy “Southern Fried Bitches”—even though she received that term as a gift from a friend), that women were a loss on the game board of life.  Not only have you ladies restored my faith, but I start to see in each one of you a piece of fabric of womenWhat we can be with the strength of each other…what we will be with the empowerment of our sexuality….what we should be by the grace of God.

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to Death.” ~~Aunt Mame (CinnKitty…I am watching Aunt Mame and thinking of your pretty pink paws now!  I love that movie.)

Each lady I have added to my blogroll, I have interacted with personally.  I have found things that I admire in each one and been dazzled almost to delusion because, as I write, they teach me about myself….and what this little girl wants to be when she grows up. 

Props to my Ladies….I count myself fortunate to be apart of your circle.

BTW….I am writing about Horny Halloween tomorrow after I go and pick up my costume for the Erotica Party!!   Pictures will follow….The Marine wants to be a pirate or Zorro.  I am all ready.  Love Halloween. ~~Dee