Sexy Erotica: Best Man for the Job

Sexy Boy

Conversation got boring,
You said you’re going to bed soon,
So I snuck off to your bedroom,
And I thought I’d just wait there,
Until I heard you come up the stairs,
And I pretended I was sleeping,
I was hoping you would creep in.
You feel like performing,
With me in the bedroom,
Floor to the dresser,
Don’t want nothing less ,
Cause I’m sure you’re the best,
That’s how you show me love,
And I let you,
Because you put it down like it’s for both of us…

I can see that you are into women,” her eyes meeting mine with a glistening dance, her hand stroking lightly over the swells of my breasts over the tight restraints of my bulging top.

Hold that thought,” I whispered into the air between us, stalking my prey as you walk across the room toward me, massive shoulders outlined in the light, I step around her on the way to meet you.

You look like a woman with a secret,” your lips claiming mine without waiting for an answer, like a man accustomed to the prize, the taste of you filling up my senses with want, my pulse pounding painfully in each nipple pressed against your chest, my nipples pleading for your attention…your eyes doing what your mouth wont dare.

Encouraging…tempting… as voices surround us again.

“My secret is … I am completely naked inside of this dress,” my head spinning from the nearness of your body to mine, affecting me like too much whiskey way too fast.

Give me five minutes and you will be completely naked outside of that dress,” the smile fluttering over your lips inviting me to play.

Lead the way…” I return the challenge, watching your eyes catch fire with promise and intensity.

She is going to be so disappointed,” you look back toward the young woman I just left, your hands traveling slowly, possessively over the curves of my body, your fingers dancing briefly across my supple welcoming breasts leaving a wake of ache and need in their path.

She would have been disappointed anyway,” my finger stroking slowly down the front of your pants, urging your erection, pleased with an immediate response, my hand caressing the thickness of your masculinity, your eyes meet mine again with a slight moan of appreciation and I revel in the control…

She is not quite…equipped for the job,” my fingers slide down to massage your balls tight and firm from the attention, your breathing stops sharply as my nails lightly trace the length of your cock and I take you between my fingers again… as your body reacts instinctively to meet my hand with each easy stroke.

But you won’t be disappointed,” I whisper words of promise into your ear as memories of desire rip across my lower lip, throbbing to feel the weight of your cock, hard and thick in my mouth, each stroke teasing my orgasm with your deep moan of pleasure as I flick my warm, wet tongue over the head of your dick…sucking your balls into my mouth until your fingers fist tight in my hair…I suck you deeper into my mouth…

Lead the way…” your eyes again focused on mine, a hint of warning mixed with a measure of meaning, my eyes meeting yours with an explosion of heat melting down my body and between my thighs in soft warm cum as your hand travels up my arm to pull me tighter against you…”you won’t be disappointed either.”