Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden (GOLF): The Tiger Woods Icon

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaIt’s rare that I am surprised by sexual antics and adultery.  After all, I am a big girl…been around the block in high heels a few times.  I consider myself quite comfortable with all topics surrounding sex and sexuality.  However, with all naivety aside, I must admit that I was truly disappointed to find out that Tiger Woods had cheated on his wife.

I know, the stats say that adultery happens more times a day than you can shake a golf club at, but there was something deeper in the realization that Tiger Woods, all American golfer, father, and husband would cheat on his wife.  Some have suggested to me that this strikes deeply at me because it means that no one is immune.

Well….duh!  Of course, as many times over as partners promise to “love, honor, and cherish until death due” them part; there are divorces for a reason. 

I think it is more significant than that.  As a role model…perhaps a role model for all of the world to look up to with admiration of being a loyal spouse, it is hard to understand the disappointment in finding out that he would drop pants at the first available dyed natural blonde that crossed his path…and the second…and the next.

Perhaps it was My Favorite Scorpio that taught me the deeper lesson in martial fidelity when I asked him pointedly if he would ever cheat on his wife during a discussion of a friend who was divorcing due to an affair.

“I don’t know.  I have never been in that position to make that decision,” he replied, focused on the disbelief on my face as he continued.  “When you take the possibility of a situation out of probability, then you are open to it when it blindsides you.  After all, you don’t get a flu shot because you don’t think you will get the flu.  You get a flu shot because you believe in all earnestness that it is possible to contract the virus right?”

I had to study that logic for a few minutes because, in its simplicity, it made perfect sense.  We guard against things happening to use by preparing for the day they do, but we deny the possibility to adultery assuming that all people have our best interests at heart. 

In my marriage of 21 years (almost—thank you very much…I get to round up now!), we started off with an understanding of the consequences of adultery.   We agreed that no reason is good enough, no explanations are acceptable or needed, and no forgiveness can be expected.  With one act, you trade everything else because there is no road back for us.

Huh…now there is a novel though…setting expectations with a clear understanding of the value of an action.  It might seem like an odd thing to do in the first weeks of a marriage, but we took the flu shot to keep from experiencing the sickness.  ~~Dee

Sex in Public: Threesome and Foursomes

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica

“If three’s a crowd, we don’t even want to know what four is!”

As a professional marketer (means that is how I make a living!), I know that the first rule of marketing is ALWAYS “never offend your audience.”  Although the old cliche says “there is not such thing as bad PR,” it only takes one small mistake to turn a trendy ad into a poisonous personal plight by an audience. 

Take, for example, the ongoing fight by a “well-meaning” audience to get David Letterman pulled off of the air.  Granted, these are people who could not drag their carcuss out of the house to go vote for President, but David Letterman insinuated in a joke that it was acceptable for a grown man to rape a 14 year old girl.

Now, realistically, does anyone who has taken their medications for the day really believe that David Letterman believes that it is acceptable for a man to rape a teenage girl?  No!  Was the joke in bad taste?  Yes!  But, again, realistically, most of David Letterman’s jokes are in bad taste.

I won’t even discuss the Sarah Palin, media whore, fevered mob mentality about the joke, but I will say that an audience can turn on a company in a heartbeat.  Never is this more true than with sexuality in the United States. 

 It seems there is big stir about this new Calvin Klein billboard:

Calvin Klein Ad

 Now, I personally think that the ad is a beuatiful celebration of sexuality.  As a marketer, however, I can appreciate something more in this Calvin Klein ad.  This ad is literally the expression of every form of sexuality including:

  • solo sex, twosomes, threesomes, and foursomes
  • voyeurism, masturabation, and exhibitionism
  • homosexuality, heterosexuality, and bisexuality

What makes it sexy is that everyone in the ad looks so accepting of their sexuality and comfortable in their own skin.  Oh, if only life inimitated art!

As  a marketer, I can appreciate that Calvin Klein, in one ad, did what I have come to expect from Calvin Klein.  They made jeans sexy to everyone on the planet!  ~~Dee

Facebook: Kicked Out of Better Places

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaWell…it happened.  In record time.  Many people told me that I should get over to Facebook.  That way they could communicate with me in real-time.  I dodged.  I picked my battles.  Gave all of the good excuses for not making it a reality.  Every reason except the real reason:  Facebook is for clean people to share their normal, everyday lives in peace without soiling their virtual hands on the likes of people with sexual content.

Now, nevermind the guy who kept trying to get me interested in his online sex store page, I honestly counted the days before the removal of my less-than-pristine carcuss from the midst of the good people of Facebook.   Nevermind the fact that I was really good and did not say ANYTHING at all smutty. 

I KNOW!  I am as surprised as everyone else.  Me…without smut?  Good Lord, what is the world coming to right?

So, when I received my email today telling me that I had been kicked out of Facebook because….ready for this…be sure…I was not using my real name, I had to sit down. 


What do they think my REAL name is? 

  • My mother calls me “Dee.”  Does that count?
  • My online friends call me “Dee.”  Does that count?
  • All of my business associates call me “Dee.”  Does that count?

BigBrother calls me “money.”  That aint my real name.  The Marine and My Favorite Scorpio do not call me “Dee.”  They have other names that are also not my real name.

And…if you were going to make up a fake name, would it really be Dee?  Honestly, out of all the names in the known universe?

I took a few minutes to let the shock wear off and strolled through some of the names on Facebook.  If you do a search, the names are truly silly and obviously not real either.  So, I have protested their decision.  In reality, I dont expect much out of it.

I just keep remembering that sometimes “when people dont like you, you can feel better about yourself!”  And, if you were in my SexyWhispers Facebook account, then let me know and I will add you to the new one.  ~~Dee (sorry, thats the only name I got!)

Additional Note:  The Marine has suggested that I become “the blogger formally known as Dee!”  Too funny not to share!