Sexy Erotica: Wild Wild Love


“You need it, you want it,
All over your body,
This loving I’m giving,
It’s worth more money…
I got that wild love…
Love to get wild dirty freaky nasty,
I’ll make you lose your heart and your mind at the same time.
This wild wild love of ours,
It can’t be tamed,
For better or worse,
A blessing or a curse,
Long live this wild wild love of ours.”
“Wild Wild Love” – Pitbull

“I have never seen anyone eat with their fingers like you do,” your voice warm and silky as you watched me suck blue cheese dressing off the pad of my thumb, shifting it slightly between my lips slowly in and out, amused as your eyes flares so strongly with visuals that your breathing skips inside of your massive chest.

“Well, I am sure I do lots of things no one else does,” comfortable with you as no other man, my sexuality spilling out around us like toxic waste, “plus, I like to touch things that I want to put into my mouth,” my smile turning into an experiment as my eyes meet yours, my hand dropping down into your lap, fingers still moist from my mouth, rewarded when you shift slightly in your seat toward my touch, spreading your legs apart as my fingers slip slowly down between your thighs to caress your balls… my thumb massaging circles around the thickness of your shaft growing stiffer with each moment.

“And I want you to touch things…and put them in your mouth,” your eyes hotter with every movement of my fingers – your cock tighter for the attention, massaging your masculinity growing firmer with each stroke of my hand along of the front of your pants, toying slightly with your zipper as my fingers trace your erection, slowly taking my time to appreciate every inch of your manhood rock hard against my hand.

“It’s quite simple really, I am a dominate…” my statement a mix of lazy stretch and cat-like purr.

“Does that mean that you have a room full of chains and whips?” your voice falters slightly, your strong hands reach out to still mine as you struggle for concentration.

“That is very 50 Shades of Gray,” a smile curving on my lips at the charm of your innocence, the thought of teaching you new pleasures sending a painful rush of blood throbbing between my thighs, my pulse pounding in like drums in my ears, the risk of explanation… all cards on the table… adrenaline surging through me, I press on past indiscretion, “No.  I am a dominant…not a dominatrix.”

“Go on,” your eyes looking into me, capturing and exposing everything in my soul with the full force of your focus, “you have my attention…,” your strong hand waving off the approaching waitress.

“You see, a dominatrix requires a master/slave relationship. This does not please me at all,”  watching interest dance dangerously and dark in your eyes, “You are not an animal that needs to be chained and whipped into compliance to receive pleasure.  I would not treat you or allow you to treat me like that…” my voice trails off slightly, waiting for a response I know is not coming.

Leaning into you, the smell of your masculine body assault my senses, the visual of your mouth following the slow path of my fingers from the tight gold chain around my throat to the pendant hanging between the roundness of my breasts to steal the breath from my lungs…

“In my mind, the goal of a woman is not a geld a stallion, but to enhance his performance.  True passion is not about pleasure and pain – those are instinctive reactions of the body.  Any woman with three holes and two hands can provide pleasure…,” smiling sweetly, a slight amused tone to match the curve of your lips and deeply satisfying sound of your laugh at the baseness of the truth.

“So…” watching the workings of your mind, grinding information into place, “it’s about control for you?” your question relieving the solace my one person strip-tease of my soul.

“Well…” I hesitate for a moment, wondering how much of myself I can give away and fighting for the right words, “it is about control, but not just for me.  If you are strong enough to mentally match me, then you can take control,” the fantasies flood into my mind with dizzying speed like headlights blinding me and blurring my vision….

My eyes masturbate your body stopping just below your belt to appreciate the thickness of your arousal, the thought of touching you…now…finally…immediately, infecting my brain with urgency as tug down your zipper to free your impressive erection, your hands falling on either side of my head against the hood of my car, the warmth of the engine radiating up in waves of heat matching the ripples of want from my body.

“Scratch the paint and you will pay for a new paint job,”  I whisper into your ear, challenging you for control.

“Oh yes?” dangerous determination sparkles to life in your eyes, impatience boring into me, my bare tanned skin contrasted against the shiny black lines of the sleek BMW, just the right balance of class and ass, “then let’s get my fucking money’s worth,” your thick fingers closing around my shoulders and I am face down on the car in a movement so fast my head is swirling with a surge of adrenaline, my naked nipples needy for your mouth aching again the warm curve of the hood, the smart smack of your strong hand against my ass leaves me panting, damp circles of my breath steaming the paint between my forearms and my slick, tight pussy tenses with want…your name escaping my lips on a moan of pleasure as you push your cock balls deep into me, your fingers fisted in my hair with a slight tug – possession complete…I am yours…control surrender.

“So, why me?” your voice jerking me back, your question testing my patience, I make a mental note to punish you later for it as my mind starts to catalog all of the carnal ways to show you the answer.

“Here is the secret…you are a dominate too,” I wait a tick, letting the information settle between us before continuing, registering your surprise at the assertion, “chemistry and passion are like drugs.  Your body start to crave it…want it…your magnificent obsession focused on one center point – me.  Soon, every time I stand next to you, your mind will visualize me kneeling wantonly at your feet.  When you are walking behind me, your dick will vibrate the memory of my needy touch masturbating you to hardness under the table and the boldness of that promise.  It is you because it has to be…”

“Some nights,” I continue, watching you draw nearer to play with the fire in my eyes, “if my dreams of you get too intense, I will wake you up with a hand job before climbing on top to ride you until I cum,” thinking of the my slick cum coating your taut balls.

“Other times, before we leave for a party or dinner,” my breath catching so deeply in my chest, the pressure to suck you deep until dry warring in my mind, “I will sink down to my knees to suck you because I can’t fight the storm…I want the taste of you in my mouth, my skin soaked with the scent of your pleasure and cum…,” exposed the illusions assaulting me from all directions….my sin mixing with my deliverance…

In the ultimate dominate position, in complete control of your pleasure, I slowly run the head of your erection across my cheek and down the soft skin of my throat to capture you between my tits leaving proof of your passion in the thin liquid path of pre-cum hidden away just for me. Gently flicking the tip of my tongue over your swollen head, gratified to hear your breath catch and release on a moan of want you will never express in words, your hips pulse to meet my hungry mouth, watching your hard cock slide in-and-out between my lips as I take your deeper with each thrust, a woman pleasuring herself with the slow suck of her man, one of your hands tangled in my hair fingers flexing and releasing with each greedy suck, fueling the beginning of my own orgasm…my eyes meet yours for a moment before the peace and the intensity of  the tide over takes us both over the edge…temporarily quenching the thirst.

“I have not said YES yet…” bringing me back to you, your eyes on mine seeing what I am seeing, the push back sending adrenaline singing through my bloodstream to throb between my thighs in an aching pounding.

“No,” my tongue rolling over slowly over my lips, leaving a trail of moistness matching the soft pool in my panties, “but we both know that you will, so start picking out your safe word now.”

“What would I need a safe word for?” your eyes dissecting me with steel precision.

“I am a Dominate – not a Princess…unless a Princess is one of your fantasies…,” sexual tension melting into humor again at lightning speed, “and there will be some light spankings for bad behavior and handcuffs available.”

“Spankings and handcuffs?” a smile playing around your lips as I watch the visuals flash across your face, “for my pleasure or yours?”

“Both – my pleasure will be yours…and your pleasure WILL BE mine,” my gaze levels aggressively and turns slightly predatory at you, but you don’t shift at all.

“I’m in…” dropping bills on the table without looking at the tab, your thick hand reaches to me in a challenge and acceptance.

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