SexyWhispers Erotica – Balance of Power

you“You see these shackles,

Baby I’m your slave,

I’ll let you whip me if I misbehave,

It’s just that no one makes me feel this way.

See anybody could be good to you,

You need a bad girl to blow your mind.”


“I owe you a cherry! Tied in a knot,” my eyes focused on yours, struggling to breath as the closeness of your body washes over me in waves of heat – I dip my fingers into your drink to snag the cherry – my seductive smile challenging you not to watch, but you watch…of course, you watch…it’s your show – a private show I do just for you, out in public, this is how we play. Your smile slips back in place to cover up the carnage in your mind and I quietly read your every feeling through the intensity in your eyes when I lean closer like a moth draw to the burn of the flame – slowly slipping the cherry in and out between my lips sucking it dry – the ecstasy of weight on my tongue sending rushes of adrenaline to warm spots of my body – sweet juices sliding down my throat.

“Careful….,” your voice is low and predatory…intense without much conviction. Encouragement without admission – and my mind reels back to the moments when I come willingly into your arms, those big thick hands caressing the curves of my body…every part of my body aching for your touch. In the moment, so safe from the world, but threatened by the temptation I can’t control – my body betraying me for the slightest stroke of your hand…my brain stutters as my body erupts in spikes of need as my nipples throb against your wide chest…your breath ragged on my neck…I close my eyes and whisper into your ear the one truth screaming through ever cell in my body – “I want you…now…” as my lips brush your neck…my fingers itching to massage your growing erection pushing against my belly as I fight to urge to sink to my knees in front of you.

 *The Balance of Power Shifts – Advantage ME.*

“Sweetheart, I lost careful the day I met you,” distracted by the lust swirling in your eyes. You are not smiling anymore…the hunter and the prey … the solid silver bracelet on my wrist hiding slight red circles from the sexy cuffs hiding in my purse…. waiting…like me for you to ask. Simply to ask…the visual rips through my mind – the thumb of one thick hand hooked under the chain between the cuffs holding my hands above my head while your other hand roams freely over my body, along my breasts – your lips covering each nipple – sucking gently and then a little harder – while your fingers test my wetness between my thigh… turning my body into your personal playground…you are ruler, master, and king.

My head spinning from the rush of desire scratching every surface – the wall is not there anymore as you push me into a forward bend – my cuffed hands on the floor between my high heels – your fingers dig into hips as you fill me with your hard cock in one thrust…and withdraw leaving me aching from the emptiness…your hand on the soft skin of my ass – rubbing gently followed by a smart smack –the sound as satisfying as the feeling – my hips contract sharply pushing me closer to orgasm – as I wait…knowing you are waiting on purpose – a man accustomed to having his way with me – impatient you push into me again – friction sending tingles of longing racing through my body, the sound of your balls against my ass with each drive deeper and deeper toward our goal…in a race to see who comes in first.

*The Balance of Power Shifts – Advantage YOU.*

“Why all the aggression?” your deep voice bringing my eyes back to yours as I wonder, not for the first time, if you can read my mind, lost in the fog of my sexual foreplay for a moment, my bottom lip captured between my teeth cutting like a rusty knife as I look at you – the want to lean over and taste your mouth, run my tongue over your bottom lip… I kneel down in front of you – my oral goddess start to surface to worship at your feet…the wetness between my thighs pooling in anticipation…

The quiet satisfaction starts to set in…. your dick – hard and thick in my mouth…first heavy against my tongue as my lips tighten around you – sucking you deeper and deeper … your hands wadded in my hair as you thrust against my mouth …taking you all the way into the back of my throat…a moan of appreciation escapes at the way you feel in my mouth, starting the slow suck of a woman mixing pleasure and control … enjoying the moment … exploring her power – to give her man pleasure until neither of us can stand it another moment.

“The Balance of Power Shifts – Advantage ME.”

fire“Well, you see…,” slowly standing and raising my skirt to the edge of my panties as I straddle your lap, sliding down your body like hot melted butter, grinding my pussy wantonly against the front of your pants, I whisper against your lips, “I have a warm spot for you.”

Now, I am watching you…your eyes catching fire, passion pushing your boundaries…your control slipping away as your hand cup my ass to pull me closer…the first beads of sweat leaving a silky path between my nipples begging for your mouth as your thumb dips between my thighs to find the wet welcoming soft skin threatening to explode in a single stroke of your thumb – and…I am yours…as I lean my hands back on your knees – shift to open my thighs wider – arching my back instinctively as your thumb rolls around the soft pink skin pulsing with pleasure.

“Look at me…Is this your warm spot for me?” your voice rages through my storm as my eyes meet yours again, tears flooding my vision – desperate need slicing like sharp razors along every nerve – I rock my hips against your thumb as a moan escapes my lips – your eyes on mine…”please – take me,” I whisper…and reach out to you – masturbating moments of pleasure – surrendering to your will…your hand soaked in a slick flood of cum squirting with each spasm of gratification throbbing against your fingers.

And…the balance of power shifts…again – Advantage YOU….for now.

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