Sexy Erotica: Night Moves

“I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naive or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman who knows what she wants.” – Anais Nin
“Pretty pretty please,” whispering the words, with a slight pout for emphasis, your lips so close to mine tingles dancing through my blood like electric shock, blurring my vision with waves of need rising like tides.

“Begging becomes you,” your strong finger under my chin, tilting my head up to meet your eyes, amusement playing in a soft smile around your mouth.

“I want you,” my breathing erratic from the nearness of your body, the hours, days, months of separation melting away in a moment.

No handcuffs or leashes…

You give control as strength and accept control as a gift….no demands or negotiations.  Only surrender.

Tonight, we will play this game to win.  You testing and teasing….me touching and tempting.

“You might lose,” the thought clearly pleases you.

“I might,” moving my hand lightly between your thighs, your breathing is interrupted as you shift closer to my touch and your eyes meet mine in challenge…my thumb massaging your growing hardness…my eyes meet yours again – promising pleasures.

I wait…enjoying your mental masturbation – daring you to come closer to the fire, my fingers gently cupping your balls through your pants, hard from my attentions, I smile in small victory at seeing your control slip.

“And,” your voice wavers slightly as I can feel your heart pounding in your heavy erection between my fingers…watching the visual slashes through your mind, your eyes on mine…the humor blazing quickly into desire.

“Stutter for me baby, it makes me feel powerful,” assuming the role of the Huntress, slowly stroking of my tongue over my bottom lip throbbing to wrap around your masculinity.

“What if you lose?” your hands reach out to with force to pull me to you, not waiting for an answer, I could see the fantasies of us wrapped naked in sweaty, cum soaked sheets reflected in your eyes.

“All that and more,” the words hang between us, as I slowly sink to my knees in front of you, enjoying the feeling of your eyes me.

“Let me pleasure you baby,” the need to feel your dick, hard in my mouth, clawing at both of us, as I nuzzle my cheek against the front of your pants, lipstick smeared like a badge of honor, and my finger reaching for your zipper, your eyes stroking the mounds of flesh exposed over the top of my shirt, nipples pushing through the pink fabric reminisce of the soft skin between my legs pleading for your fingers, your mouth…you.

“I have been thinking of touching you all day,” my confession heavy with painful need as my hand wraps around your hard shaft, as my tongue massages lightly over the head of your cock… I take you into my mouth…sucking you deeply until your hips pulse instinctively and your strong fingers tangle tight in my hair urging me to please both of us – a slow moan of appreciation and coming relief…

The need to control slips…

Sitting across the table from you, seeing your eyes travel down the opening of my top with a small smirk as I pretend not to notice – your hand bumps your water glass spilling drops of water onto the table.

“You almost got wet,” your lips curve into a smile as your thick fingers move to mop up the water with a napkin.

“I already am wet,” slight smile, playful promises, wondering if you have seen the same things.  If you sit across the table from me – thinking about hot nights of pleasure – as I unconsciously reach for my wine glass and roll it gently between my fingers until the visuals go away.

As your eyes break connection and you look toward the wall and smile…perhaps, I close my eyes and struggle to regain control.


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