Sexy Erotica: True North


“There’s nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.”


Walking toward you, your massive shoulders outlined the sunset in front of me.
“Guess who,” I leaned forward, covering your eyes gently with my fingers as the breeze off of the water bathed me in the masculine scent of your body.

“Give me a hint,” a smile danced around your lips as I leaned closer, pressing the warm skin of my exposed cleavage against the back of your neck.

“Four words…You…me…sweaty…nakkid…surface of your choice,” I purr in a soft voice against your ear.

“That is more than four words, sweetheart,” the tension in your neck relaxing slightly at the light banter.

“The last part was a prediction…not a hint,” I smile prettily, sliding smoothly into the chair next to you careful to cross my legs slowly so you could watch the short skirt float dangerously high on my thighs.

“Long day?” I smiled, dragging your eyes away from the light material snagged on my nipples and carefully draped between two small straps.

“Yes,” your eyes meet mine with full revelation of meaning. 

“Tell mamma what you need baby,” I whisper,  leaning forward to slowly run my hand up the inside of your thigh as I watch the waves of sexual tension pulse between us in the wake of my caress. 

“I need a blow job,” a slight smile lights your eyes as they meet mine in challenge and humor sending tingles like razor blades dancing across my bottom lip.
Aware of the bartender standing next to me, I reach two fingers down into my top and pull out a twenty to drop on the bar.

“I’ll take care of him from here,” I return the challenge without looking at her. 

“Where?” I smile, less the prey, more the hunter now. 

I follow your eyes toward the water, not at all surprised when your big thick hand reaches out to lead the way and I delicately slide my hand into yours feeling the instant shock of connection and anticipation.


Lifting me up off the bottom step, your strong hands around my waist as my hands travel down taut muscles in your arms, my body slowly melting against yours.

“Wait for me,” your voice commands, my senses spinning as the deck shifts slightly under my feet, the promise in your eyes ricocheting through my bloodstream sending sparks of need sizzling deep between my thighs.

Enjoying the deep tapping sound of my heels on the deck, I wander slowly over to the rail – pleased with the smooth cool brass shimmering in the setting sun under my touch – the heat of your body burning against me as your arm reaches around me with a glass of wine – colors of the sunset dancing off the amber liquid swirling around in the glass.

“I don’t want that,” turning in your arms, blocked against the railing, staring at your lips, fighting the urge to taste your mouth. 

“What do you want?” your easy grin dissolves into a moan of pleasure as I slide my hands down the front of your pants massaging your hardness …my hands moving to the top button on your shirt…sliding my fingers between the opening buttons flying in all directions and bouncing off the deck as I snatch the shirt apart.

Watching your eyes turn predatory in the dusk, I lean forward to rip loose the last remaining button with my teeth removing all inhabitations between us.  Rolling the button between my tongue and top lip, my thoughts burn with dazzling explosions like fireworks as I reach up to slowly remove the button from my mouth and deposit it between my breasts.

“Souvenir,” I smile innocently, pressing my pounding nipples against your bare chest. 

“I want you,” I stepped forward, pushing you back, feeling a little victory as you bobble the wine glasses, the amber liquid rolling dangerously close to the rim.  I remove the glasses from your hands and set them on the nearest table.

Resting my hands on either side of your hips and pushing you back against the railing, my breathing pulses between us as your hands grind my hips against you.

“Let me pleasure you baby,” I whine, the same need of release clawing at me, I sink to my knees in front of you, your eyes reflecting the storm of passion rising hard under my hand as you watch me, massaging your hard-on,  stiff between my fingers.

Playing with your zipper as I smile up at you seeing passion of each stroke in your eyes…I slip my hand into your pants to cup your balls…aching and firm from the attention…a slow deep moan of appreciation hangs in the air between us…your hands tighter on the railing…I listen to the stutter of your breathing…once, twice, again…

Part of me wanting to punish you for my sleepless hours of wrestling fantasies of your cock hard and throbbing in my mouth – part of me wanting to release both of us from the exquisite pain of the tidal wave of passion threatening to consume me … I tease my own orgasm with a first taste of the massage of my tongue over the head of your erection … sweet and pleasing to my soul like chocolate … greedily fighting the urge to suck you deep into my mouth and swallow…appreciating the thickness of your manhood, heavy on my tongue….raw adrenaline scrapping every available nerve…your fingers tangled in my hair…your hips rocking toward my mouth in the steady motion of the tide.

Like a small boat caught in a hurricane, I know I cannot battle nature … mine, yours…ours…I go down on you…sucking you deep into my mouth with astonishment at the immediate calm … in the center of the storm…our eyes meet as I take your dick all the way in my mouth…a wave of pleasure rising between my thighs and pounding in my nipples as I suck harder, deeper, faster…crashing together on the shore.

The laughter and music from the bar drifts slowing through the cool night air tickling my skin coated with a mixture of salt and sweat…as the stars shine above I wrap your shirt around me and sleep … for the first time in days…against your chest.

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