Sexy Erotica: Lead Me On

“Why do you bait me?” your question mixing humor with a slight overtone of annoyance.   I smiled wondering how you could miss my intentions so completely.

“Quite honestly, baiting you would just bore me.  I fully intend to deliver on every word,” watching your eyes sparkle to life with the reality of my promises.

“When I am this close to you,” leaning forward, electricity flooding my bloodstream as your eyes stroke slowly down my throat to my breasts, threatening the buttons of my shirt, encouraging your touch, “I want to taste your lips against mine…know the feeling of your mouth as it travels down the soft skin of my throat…your tongue teasing my nipples until passion throbs between my thighs from need for you.”

“When I am this close to you,” slowly skimming my fingernail over the back of your hand enjoying the sparks of sexual connection, “I want to run my hands down the front of your pants…massaging your erection to aching hardness between my fingers…toying with your zipper as I smile up at you seeing pleasure of each stroke in your eyes…as I slip my hand into your pants to cup your balls…aching and firm…waiting for my mouth.”

“When I am this close to you,” moving my hand up the inside your thigh, charged as you shift closer in your seat…spreading your legs apart as my fingers slip slowly down between your thighs…your breathing skipping once, twice, and again on a low moan of anticipation, “I want to show you all of my dirty little fantasies…me kneeling at your feet…your cock hard and deep in my mouth…each slow suck bringing me closer to the edge with your fingers tangled tight in my hair.”

“When I am this close to you,” your eyes on mine, reflecting the storm of passion rising hard under my hand, “I am inviting you.  I am seducing you.  I…” fighting the urge to slide between your thighs under the table, taking a deep breath I start again.
“When I am this close to you, I want to show you all of the ways I can make you glad you are a man, but…I am not baiting you lover.”

5 thoughts on “Sexy Erotica: Lead Me On

  1. Wow, so beautiful. My sexual experiences mirror what you wrote. A gently and soft soul will oinly be submissive to the magnifient and beautiful power of a hard and demanding man. The only thing I have to give to a man is gentleness and a grateful and emotionally laden sexual offering. if that is what he wants. I love nothing more then to be this way. Ultimately my only offering to men everywhere is gently love. Because at a deep le3vel I love all men.

  2. I didn’t even read it all….. “There’s nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.” For I was stopped at this quote. I positively adore this comment!!! Did you say it? For I would like to use it in one of my posts!!!

    But I oh so totally agree with it. We’ve just made sex “dirty” and “bad” and “naughty” with the use of our words. It is only those that seem to be comfortable within their own sex and sensuality where we can be sexually positive.

    I shall continue reading!!!

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