Sexy Erotica: Fighting Temptation

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Warning:  Explicit Sexual Content.  If you are under the age of 21, then this is not the place for you.

“You know what I think?” your voice low as you lean toward me, the scent of you rushing through my bloodstream like the sangria swirling around in my glass.

“When I want to know what you think of me,” I lean closer to enhance the exposure of my breasts as the front of my shirt dips dangerously low, “I will unzip your pants…stick your hard cock into my mouth…and suck you dry.”

“I think…I think,” you stutter as the visual slashes through you mind, your eyes on mine…the humor melting quickly into desire…I watch with amusement as you struggle for control. 

“Stutter for me baby, it makes me feel powerful,” I purr softly, electricity crackling from every slow stroke of my tongue over my bottom lip throbbing to wrap around your masculinity.

“I think that you are fighting temptation,” you manage finally with a whisper of thrill as my words hit home again.

“Perhaps I am just looking for the right temptation,” barely able to breathe from your eyes penetrating me with images of us wrapped naked in sweaty, cum soaked sheets.

“You have found him,” you flip your room card on the bar in front of me with a smug smile inviting me to taste your mouth, “I will be back in an hour.  Be there.”

“I believe you are right,” I whisper to myself watching your confident stride toward the elevator as I pick the keycard up and tuck it into my cleavage for safekeeping.


Sliding the keycard into the door, the silence of the corridor echoes the anticipating in my breathing as the light on the handle flickers from red to green.  Stepping in, the steam from the shower circulating the scent of your clean body mixed with your aftershave slides through my senses inviting me into your room.

Closing the door behind me, not in the mood for games anymore… flashes of desire pulse like an electrical storm through my body watching the hot water roll over your shoulders and down your chest…my mouth aches to follow the slippery path down your stomach to the catch the drops from your dick on my tongue.

Stepping into the bathroom, your eyes find me immediately through the clouds of hot mist coating my skin matching the creamy wetness pooling between my thighs.  Moving toward the shower, I slowly peel off my clothes to drop them in a trail ending at your feet…reveling in the excitement of your eyes flowing down my neck to rest on my bare breasts pushing against glass making circles with mounds of flesh as I lean forward to place a light kiss on the glass.

Sliding into the shower with you, a slight smile playing around my lips burning to touch your skin, “suck or fuck,” I whisper into the air between us.

“Yes,” your hands reach out to with force to pull me to you…the water pouring over my back and shoulders slightly colder than the sizzle of your body finally meeting mine…my nipples throbbing against your chest bringing tears of need flooding my eyes…as my nails sink deeply into your strong arms for support…my breathing stutters my willing surrender to your control.

Your hands search my body…every curve of soft skin giving to your exploration…your strong hands covered in thick sticky cum with every stoke of your thumb deep between my thighs.  Your eyes taking in every minute as my body shamelessly responds like strikes of lightning to the slightest move of your hand…I cling to you wantonly as your name escapes on a low moan that shakes my body as your sexy voice reaches inside of my bliss with the power that pushes me over the edge…“come for me baby.”

My head against your shoulder…my body still shaking…my hands start to wander over your arms wanting to touch and taste every inch of you all at once as another need bubbles quickly to the surface.  Wrapping my hand around the impressive weight of your manhood, I sink to my knees in front of you seeking the relief of a slow suck, like a swimmer seeking the relief of air after being under water too long. 

The relief comes, slowly at first, as a deep sigh stuttering through my breathing as I rub your hard cock against my face…over my eyes…and down my throat to nestle tight between my tits…my nipples hard in your fingers.  Flicking the tip of my tongue over the head of your dick with a teasing suck, your fingers tighten in my hair as your hips rock toward my mouth.

“Not yet,” I smile up at you, your eyes begging for release…my mouth wanders slowly down in a path of soft kisses against the inside your thigh to your balls tight from my attention…my tongue stroking your balls with small circles of pleasure to disrupt your breathing.  Sucking one…then the other, your breathing skips once…twice… again…as I pump your masculinity to painful hardness with my hand stopping just short of your orgasm and my own as the wave of sensation starts to pound deep in my thighs. 

“Look at me,” my voice and eyes command you to watch me indulge in your body as I suck you all the way into my mouth with an intense purr of fulfillment…want taking over with every stroke of your dick in my mouth…deeper and deeper until your body starts to shake with the effort to hold back…until I let your juices splatter all over my tits…until you are no longer fighting temptation…


Listening to your contented breathing, slow and satisfied in time with the vibration in the air, I fight the temptation to crawl back into bed with you to wrap my naked body in your pleasures.

“Happy Birthday lover…see you at home!,” I sign the note with a kiss to the top corner before leaving it snuggled next to you in the bed still damp with our passion.

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