Scumbag Island: Proposal for Peace

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaOver the years, I have lived my life as non-judgmentally as possible.  I extend the right to breath and make bad decisions past myself to everyone who exists on the planet.  As I grew up in an abusive environment as a child, the evils that people inflict upon one another, often in the name of love, is not new to my understanding of the world and how it operates.  I have stated with my own brand of matter-of-fact that “I don’t particularly like human beings.”  I would love to say, “It’s not personal,” but in truth, it really is personal.  Deeply…intuitively personal—some people are not fit to take up air on this planet.

If that sounds judgmental…fine.  One of my favorite mottos is “judge me all you want, just keep your damn opinions to yourself.”

Two incidents come to mind from this week alone:

  • A jackass driving down the road throwing kittens out his car window in front of oncoming traffic.  To the bastard driving down Dale-Maybury in Tampa on Monday throwing live kittens out the window of his car into oncoming traffic, please contact me.  There are several people who want to meet you for an intervention about your attitude. 
  • A friend that I have not seen in a few months getting teary as he showed me pictures of his beautiful new grandson…his first…as he spoke of it being the joy of his life with great sadness.  After we parted, someone whispered to me that the baby was saved when his daughter, who was 8 months pregnant, was doused with gasoline and set on fire by the father of the baby.  She is barely alive.

So, here is what I propose:  We start a nomination for Scumbag Island.  That means that when you do something that so offends the qualities of being a human being worthy of living among the rest of us without the fear from your insecurities and hatreds, we get to ship your worthless ass to someplace exceptionally hot or cold without food, drink, or members of the opposite sex.

Translation = Spending some time as the victim of another human predator might adjust your attitude.  Or, when prey gives in to predator, then we won’t have to worry about another waste of flesh.  Talk about saving natural resources!

At another point, a close friend explained the concepts of Christianity and forgiveness as I listened carefully with interest in the perversion of the argument.  When she finished, I asked her if she would have the same forgiveness for someone who had molested one of her two daughters

“I hope so,” she replied with a smile. 

She was so genuine it was hard to fault her blurry lack of reality.

“I hope you would castrate him in the street with a rusty butter knife,” I smiled back into her astonished face.

My message:  To the owner of the grey Honda Accord with license plate JCK136 that is flashing the Amber alerts on the signs in Georgia about the child you have abducted, I hope hell is a very hot place for you.  I believe that the hottest places in hell are reserved for people that hurt children and animals.  You are too big a coward to pick on someone that might hurt you back!

The attitude adjustment committee is prepared to change your point of view and deport you to Scumbag Island. 

For everyone that believes in rehabilitation of criminals that are social and sexual predators, spare me and the world your excuses and reasons.  Less than a postage stamp will buy a bullet to make sure that sure that they will never hurt another living being again.  There is my rehabilitation plan.  100% success…everyone treated with my plan is rehabilitated. 

Human beings make me ill.  Stop the world, I think want to get off!  ~~Dee

3 thoughts on “Scumbag Island: Proposal for Peace

  1. did you read about the ass in the Miami area who was killing and torturing cats?

    I hope he gets a slow torture in jail.

    I’m all for forgiveness but that only stretches so far and for minor offenses. You won’t get my forgiveness for major offenses like molesting my niece, killing my sister, etc. In fact, I might end up in jail, myself.

  2. Teri–I save forgiveness for things like I am sorry I hurt your feelings. I am sorry I molested your child…no go! I am sorry I nearly burned your daugther to death…not so much! I am over the people in the world who want to make victims of others. Spare me. ~~Dee

  3. Sorry only goes so far. Not very far in my book, actually. And even then, sorry takes time to sink in. For minor things… that’s just for minor things.

    Sorry for doing horrendous things?? Yeah, no. You don’t get to say “I’m sorry” and think that all is forgiven. Because to do horrendous things you must have something inside you that is broken. Which means you’ll just keep doing them.

    Ugh…jail is too easy Teri!! There are people in jail that live a better life than I do.

    I’m all for Scumbag Island.

    Didn’t that used to be called Australia? ha..ha.. But now it’s full of cool, surfer folks that like the environment. Go figure.

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