Birthday Sex: Three Wishes

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaThere is an odd sexual event connected with The Marines birthday.  Or…actually, it is more like an anti-event.  That is, we never have sex on his birthday.

For many, this might seem strange because most men rack up on the sexual favors on their birthday.   He does not get sexual favors on his birthday because we don’t view sex as a bartering or leverage.  It is not a gift or something we exchange for something else.

Lets face it.  He gets sex anyway at anytime for any reason because he is extra delicious and so easy to get sticky with on a flat surface.

So, we spent today in the traditional way that we have spent his birthday the past few years…deep sea fishing.  We have a running joke because I hate to fish:  “most men get a blow job from their wife on their birthday.  He gets a fishing trip!”

Is it easy to take a day off from sexual activity?  NO!

But, we spent the day doing all of the non-sexual things he loves to do: Fishing, eating great food, and going to a comedy club.  Knowing that you can’t for 24 hours makes you think of nothing but sex…in truth.  BUT, spending 24 hours as carefree friends as the sexual anticipation builds….it is priceless and yummy.

Well…40 minutes left!  After all, I did say 24 hours.  ~~Dee

2 thoughts on “Birthday Sex: Three Wishes

  1. You are a lovely sweetheart to take your man fishing for his birthday! 🙂

    and it appears to be an activity gaining popularity, with women as quality time.

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