Facebook: Kicked Out of Better Places

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaWell…it happened.  In record time.  Many people told me that I should get over to Facebook.  That way they could communicate with me in real-time.  I dodged.  I picked my battles.  Gave all of the good excuses for not making it a reality.  Every reason except the real reason:  Facebook is for clean people to share their normal, everyday lives in peace without soiling their virtual hands on the likes of people with sexual content.

Now, nevermind the guy who kept trying to get me interested in his online sex store page, I honestly counted the days before the removal of my less-than-pristine carcuss from the midst of the good people of Facebook.   Nevermind the fact that I was really good and did not say ANYTHING at all smutty. 

I KNOW!  I am as surprised as everyone else.  Me…without smut?  Good Lord, what is the world coming to right?

So, when I received my email today telling me that I had been kicked out of Facebook because….ready for this…be sure…I was not using my real name, I had to sit down. 


What do they think my REAL name is? 

  • My mother calls me “Dee.”  Does that count?
  • My online friends call me “Dee.”  Does that count?
  • All of my business associates call me “Dee.”  Does that count?

BigBrother calls me “money.”  That aint my real name.  The Marine and My Favorite Scorpio do not call me “Dee.”  They have other names that are also not my real name.

And…if you were going to make up a fake name, would it really be Dee?  Honestly, out of all the names in the known universe?

I took a few minutes to let the shock wear off and strolled through some of the names on Facebook.  If you do a search, the names are truly silly and obviously not real either.  So, I have protested their decision.  In reality, I dont expect much out of it.

I just keep remembering that sometimes “when people dont like you, you can feel better about yourself!”  And, if you were in my SexyWhispers Facebook account, then let me know and I will add you to the new one.  ~~Dee (sorry, thats the only name I got!)

Additional Note:  The Marine has suggested that I become “the blogger formally known as Dee!”  Too funny not to share!

12 thoughts on “Facebook: Kicked Out of Better Places

  1. Julia–Indeed. Just my point! I was amazed that out of all of the people on facebook that they found me in less than one month. Kinda makes me feel like public enemy #1! (cue the mission impossible music). ~~Dee

  2. Finn–It is a question for the ages! I am in deep email conversation with them about it. Realistically, it is my name. I dont think that it was the name they were keying on – it is just the reason they could give. After all, even if Dee were not my name, it is really harmless enough right? *sigh* Too much! ~~Dee

  3. Wow!
    That is bizarre.
    I haven’t been on Facebook long, but a thumbnail sketch on a link to one of my blog post offended some woman (not even on my “friends” list). She complianed. Now my links don’t include thumbnail sketches. No one from FB contacted me about the complaint; I know about it because she let me know.
    Ah, the morals of the few dictate the rules for the many.
    (It’s the opposite of Star Trek, right?)

    The point of this long story: Maybe someone complained about Sexy Whispers which is the real issue not your name.


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