Cathouse Convention: It Gets Hot!

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaOk….so….this is the story of three sexy ladies who met when their blogs accidently rubbed against each other one fine day about two years ago (yeah really…it has been that long!).  Looking for fun, we decided to throw alittle get together in Savannah.  And it was fun! 

What could make it better?  More sexy ladies and a new city!  Want to join the second annual meeting of the Cathouse Convention?

Date:  A weekend in August

Place:  Undecided (discussion includes Charleston, NYC, Boston, and Philly)

How do you get in on the trip?  Leave a comment and I will add you to the email list!

Requirements:  Girls only.  Sorry, we discuss sex, relationships, men…and sex a lot!

Ok…now the balls….umm…ball is in your court!  Come join us for a weekend of food, fun, and the best girl festivities ever!

14 thoughts on “Cathouse Convention: It Gets Hot!

  1. How about Brisbane, Queensland, Australia?
    Lots of men like Hugh Jackman to drool over!

    But the best can be found in the surf at Byron but of-course your weekend is about female bonding; so thats why I suggested Brisbane or Sydney if you wanted to do the complete Aussie thing………

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