Touchy Feely: Alittle Grab Ass

“If you obey all the rules, then you will miss all the fun!” ~ Katherine Hepburn

Ok…at first, I have a WTF moment when the media start to make a big deal about Michelle Obama touching the Queen of England.  I mean really!  What’s the big deal right?  Then I saw the video. 

Here if you have not seen it:

Wow…this woman is OLD!  I think that Michelle was scared she was going to fall right over on the floor.  Talk about an international incident.  Media would say she tried to kill off the Queen of England.  Why?  Because they are all looking for something to be wrong with this ass-kicking, strong woman.

Moreover, I would like to state, once and for all, that we do not have royality in this country.  As a matter of nature, the disbelief in royality is what America was founded on.  We do have many faults.  Gratis.  But, without a doubt, we are just not attacted to the bow and scrap mentality!

I am not saying that the practices of other countries are wrong.  Each to their own.  But, when a touch of appreciation and respect turns into an international incident, there is something wrong.  Michelle Obama treated the Queen as an equal.  That makes me proud of her as a woman and as an American.  And, to her great credit, Queen Elizabeth responded to this warm gesture in kind and without hestitation! 

Realistically, it made me proud of both of these women to accomplish something, in 5 minutes, that men have not accomplished in 200 years…the joining arms of our two great countries again!  ~~Dee

6 thoughts on “Touchy Feely: Alittle Grab Ass

  1. When former Australian Prime-minister Paul Keating did the same thing about ten years ago there was so much outrage when all he was only expressing affection!

    How unfortunate that are political leaders do not do it more often and thank you to the First Lady for showing us the way 🙂

  2. Ni–It is amazing to me that a small stroke of kindess and respect was such national news. There is a war, world hunger, a failing economy, and educational failure. And they are covering this? Please…more touching = less war in my book!

    Good to see your sexy Scorpio self! ~~Dee

  3. Princess–Odd. It is human nature when people stand in a picture together to put their arm around those they standing beside. It is a jesture of warm and openness. Acceptance. ~~Dee

  4. The media will make a big deal out of anything – anything – if there is nothing more scandalous to report. The sad thing is so many people eat up this sort of thing. Anything for a “gotcha” moment that makes them feel a little bit better about themselves.

  5. Julia–You are so right. It is hard for me to know how such a gentle gesture could have been so misunderstood. Then I realized…you must understand to misunderstand. All the rest is just media hype. Like…ummm…what type of dog the Obama’s get! Please! Spare the intelligent people of the world the drivel. ~~Dee

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