MILFs: What I Want to Grow Up to Be!

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaWow….I have to say….I am all about the male form!  Not every man of course.  That is like not having a favorite flavor of ice cream.  Everyone does…I am just very picky!  Ok..enough about me.

When I saw this picture in Allure magazine of Cindy Crawford naked and all lathered, I was blown away!  In Allure magazine, there is a series of photos about the pains women go through to look younger and keep their beauty.  The pictures are very tasteful (even if they leave nothing to the imagination!!), but they are right on target.

More than that, I want to hug her for facing the world in a 43 year old body (that looks 20 years old) that has had 2 children and years of abuse of being a model with a “this is it!” confidence.  See, we are so focused on teaching young girls that sexuality, self-esteem, confidence are important…we forget that there are no role models for this in our own generation for women of my age!  Until now!  Enjoy….Cindy Crawford naked and all lathered.

With a bow of acceptance for a fearless female refusing to be airbrushed into perfection….I hope all women aspire to that level of confidence when they grow up.  ~~Dee

Note:  Decided to just add the picture here so you could see it! 

Cindy Crawford:  43 and Amazing!

12 thoughts on “MILFs: What I Want to Grow Up to Be!

  1. Tom–My hope is that more men will start “studying” women of this age and enjoying that the package of confidence comes with added benefits like acceptance of sexality!

    Ummm…never mind. You are probably still studying the picture. Glad I could help! 8) ~~Dee

  2. if i had the money to pay for someone to cook and clean for me, watch my kids and have a personal trainer … i could look like that too

    regardless …. she still looks fabulous!!

  3. As someone of Cindy’s approximate age, who’s been observing her career from around the time it began, I can assure you that she had some nice natural assets to work with from early on! But she shows that it’s very possible to keep the good thing going. And I’m happy to say that I still find my wife of 24+ years just as sexily attractive (lathered up or not) as I did back when Cindy was making her big splash on magazine covers all over the world! Healthy living has its perks!

  4. Pomoxian–Welcome! I do agree. I think that a healthy sense of self-esteem and confidence will also go along way toward keeping a woman sexually attractive. I have been married to the same man for 20 years and I still get that tingly feeling when he is near….like being struck by lightening in the rain! ~~Dee

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