Objectum Sexuals: Millions of Things to Love

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaAnd I would have put this under the Humor is Sexy column, but really….sexual attraction is always serious in my book.  I learned about objectum sexuals today.  Read on…you may be sexually attracted to your alarm clock.  After all, it does wake you up every morning and it is the last thing you stroke at night!  Just sayin’  ~~Dee

Woman Marries the Object of Her Desire … the Eiffel Tower?

At one time or another everybody gets fed up and swears off relationships with other people forever. But do they go and marry an inanimate object?

They do if they’re like former U.S. Army helicopter pilot Erika La Tour Eiffel.

Did you catch that last name? Erika married the Eiffel Tower two years ago in a small ceremony with some friends in Paris.

Material Obsessions

La Tour Eiffel is one of a very small group of people who have intimate relationships with … objects. These people, called, “objectum sexuals” are never attracted to human beings in the first place.  Full Story…

4 thoughts on “Objectum Sexuals: Millions of Things to Love

  1. Princess–Well….logically, some men could be classified the same way. Large phallic object without any love in their cold, steel frames. But, I dont know…I guess there are issues there with being hurt. ~~Dee

  2. I love my bicycle “moonshaadow” and there are some trees I love and have even hugged when I lived in Canberra but I do not think I could form a partnership or eroticise about an object.

    There are men who have blow up dolls!
    Does that count?

    I think someone can “love” things:) There are some great paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art I would like to take home with me but is not the same ?

    The Eiffel Tower?
    Oh Boy…..
    Size realy does matter:)

  3. Ni–You wonderful Aussie!

    I would call you a Brit, but I know that makes you crazy. Even though, I am not against making you alittle crazy! What was I going to say?

    Oh yeah…there are women with vibrators that they love. For me, size does not matter. Technique is EVERYTHING. A man with a great size and bad technique is a horrible experience! ~~Dee

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