Girl Scouts: The Big Fake

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaI have something on my nicely curvaceous chest that I really want to off.  Nope.  It’s not the light lemon crop top with spaghetti straps that show my nipples off so nicely.    😉

Yes, I have missed weaving my erotic mind around the prose of SexyWhispers—can you tell?

It’s the Girl Scouts.  See, in theory, I totally approve of and support the Girl Scouts.  Make girls more secure and build their self-esteem.  Sounds good.  Dress them in plain brown wrappers so they all look the same and recite the same drivel that borders on brainwashing, well…when you put it that way, it does kind of bother my female mentality.  But, I digress. 

I try to support anything that teaches young girls not to be twits that grow up to be stupid women undervalued by themselves and overvalued by society as breeder cows.  Pissed anyone off yet?  Good…I hope so.

You see, a literature professor of mine once told me to pay close attention when someone tries to piss you off because:

  • They have found your emotional trigger.
  • They are trying to reach past your wall protection into a place where your logic lives.
  • When the emotions are removed, you might be surprised that you actually agree with them.

The professor was an idiot.  BUT, his theory was right.  It taught me to listen to people all the way through and find the message without emotional tangles.

Now, I want to be completely clear.  I support the Girl Scouts.  You know that idiot that buys 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies every time even if she has to go to the bank and come back?  Yeah…that’s me!  When the Girl Scouts took up a cause that I completely heart, support for the troops, my soul melted like butter on grits (a southern visual—I realize!).  However, I have a hard and fast rule.  While I always buy a box of cookies from every little Girl Scout standing there, I absolutely will not buy cookies from the mothers.

Ok…will give you a moment to think that through.

Translation:  I came out of the store the other day and there was a table full of GS cookies there.  Big signs about the cause of supporting the troops overseas.  I am mobbed by three little girls wanting me to buy cookies as moms stood back to watch.  I pretended to let them talk me into it even though I had money in hand.  I let each one take a turn at selling me a box of cookies (BTW…you are all getting cookies in your email tomorrow!!) 

Day 2:  Same store.  New girls and moms.  Same table and signs.  The girls are running around playing tag and the moms are selling cookies.  They are wearing badges that the other girls did not have proclaiming top sales positions in our county.  I stopped briefly and passed by.  I wont buy Girl Scout cookies from moms that are in it for the contest.

  • What message does it send to a young girl when she is allowed to run around and let mom do the work for her?
  • Isn’t this the equivalent to doing kids homework for them?
  • Worse…because someone is who is playing fair is actually losing out on the prize…isn’t this actually cheating?  In the Girl Scouts?

Something is SO wrong with this.  And either way, I won’t play.  The cookies inside of the store are cheaper and they don’t come with a side of bad parenting laced with a future of misdirection.  ~~Dee

9 thoughts on “Girl Scouts: The Big Fake

  1. This is not a Girl Scout problem; this is a parent problem. The same thing happens in Little League, Midget Football, Boy Scouts, Rainbow Girls, and any other kids group that you care to name.

    As parent organize more and more of these events “for the kids”, they need more money to keep it going because of the new equipment, stadiums or meeting halls, etc. Most GS cookies are sold not by door-to-door or storefront sales, but by parents bringing in the sign-up forms to work. Same thing with school fund raisers: we are deluged with people bringing in forms to order overpriced wrapping paper and stale popcorn.

    Years ago, I once told the local Midget Football that I’d be happy to just hand over another $30 if they promised not to make me sell candy. I was pooh-poohed for not “having enough spirit”.

    So, don’t diss the GSs – the kids dont’ know any better. Diss the moms all you want, though.

  2. Tom–Actually, I am dissing both the GSs and the mothers. The mothers because of the reasons stated. The GS organization because they do not have a better checks and balances system. Sorry, but to say….thats how it is….not good enough for an organization responsible for building growth and character.

    Now, please re-read. I did not say anything about the little girls except that the darlings were being allowed to disregard their responsbilities. Wont back off that either. Is that the parents? Yes. Did I blame the kids? Nope. Is it like that in all kids organizations? I guess. I dont have kids. Do I support other peoples kids efforts? So much so it should be a tax write off! Do I agree with the dogma fostered by and approved by these organizations? Well…that is another post! ~~Dee

  3. I think Tom makes a valid argument but it is difficult for me to identify with because our scouts and girl guides don’t sell cookies.

    They used to come round for “Bob a Job” week where they would wash your car or mow your lawn but the child abuse hysteria banned this activity.

    Bye the bye, Australian beach culutre makes the light lemon crop top with spaghetti straps mandatory 🙂

  4. Ni–“Bob a Job”? That sounds slightly lurid! I think that the intent is good…we did that as kids just in the neighborhood to earn extra money. I was never a part of organized events such as scouts. Not feeling like I missed out.

    Here is my blessing to you my Aussie friend: May lovely female nipples follow you where ever you go! 8) ~~Dee

  5. i have to somewhat agree with tom. the kids just want to have fun, it’s the damn parents that ruin it. they want whatever they are raising money for to be the biggest and the best and don’t realize that the kids could give a crap and just wanna hang out and be kids.

  6. TG–You wont get a fight from me. I wont miss the GS cookies or the guilt from not buying them. And if another young girl never had to wear that mono-tone sexuality killing brown bag uniform to fit in and receit a standard mind numbing oath, then I could be happy. Just another click as far as I can see. ~~Dee

  7. I always..always..always want to pull a “Wednesday Adams” when accosted with *would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?* and reply with “Are they made from real Girl Scouts?” 🙂

  8. Kitty–I dont even like the looks of Girl Scouts. Smacks of all of the reasons that little girls grow up to be inhibited and without confidence. THEY DONT FIT THE MOLD! Truth in life…there is no mold!

    You are so my favorite pink pussy! ~~Dee

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