Girls Behaving Badly

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaOk…I know.  Been gone for a few days.  Sexy new car.  Sexy young man.  Mind blowing combination!  So, for a while, the posts might be short because my mind is on driving other things right now!   8)

One thing does come to mind.  Now, I am serious annoyed by shows like Real Housewives of Orange County or Real Housewives of Alanta or Real Housewives of New York or Real…umm…Housewives…of….humm…yeah.  Seriously.  Get over it already.

But, I am annoyed for several reasons.  This is the type of show that depicts women as spiteful and mean.  It shows women at their gossipy, bitchy best.  Honestly, where do they get these women and what is the qualification for participation?

  • It cant be that you are real!  These women are not real at all.  I dont know any women like these on the planet.
  • It cant be that they are housewives.  Some of them are single and a few have never been married.  HELLO!  HOUSEWIFE!  Pffft!
  • And they are all privledged beyond belief and bitching about it every single step of the way.

The whole thing just makes me ill.  If they want to see Real Housewives, then I can direct them down the hall to laundry that needs to be washed and dinner that has to be made.  It dont get more real than that!  Only thing that Real Housewives is real silly.  Just saying….  ~~Dee

13 thoughts on “Girls Behaving Badly

  1. my best friend is a serious reality show junkie

    i don’t know if she watches these but she is always trying to get me to watch “rock of love” with brett michaels from prison … thinking about watching that show gives me a rash!!

    i just don’t understand how women can be that bitchy and catty and would want themselves portrayed that way on television

  2. TG–I have a list of guilty pleasures like Top Chef or Project Runway, but these women are just cat figths, bitchiness, and high-school-clique mean. Reminded me of the movie “The Heathers.”

    Not only do they seem really good with being portrayed that way…they are seriously happy with the exposure. ~~Dee

  3. Tom–Less of an irony that Donald Trump was at the forefront of the reality TV genere! Hello, answer the call. I have often wondered if he had clue (and I have a huge respect for his business sense!). ~~Dee

  4. well, i haven’t seen any of those shows (perhaps it doesn’t air on my canadian networks) and by the sounds of it, i don’t want to see it.

    i get so annoyed with women who act that way. i agree, gives us a bad name. real housewives are so very valuable have much less time to bitch and complain. i hear ya with the chores and such. do these women even have to do regular household duties? ahhhh! crazy.

    i gave you an award sweetie. check it out. also, i did a very special post on tuesday that i would love for you to read. thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration.

  5. How does anyone live with themselves after allowing millions of viewers to see you humiliate yourself for the privilege of putting out for Brett Michaels? Don’t *even* get me started on that show.

  6. He’s in that Rock of Love show.
    I mean, come on – an 80s rock star, and these 20 something girls are being catty to curry favor with him? *I’m* embarrassed for them.

    And the real housewives? The other day the NY ones were complaining that they had to cut back on maid service and entertaining expenses.

    Why, oh why do we have shows about people who are rude, insulting, and self-indulgent?

  7. I’ve never seen these shows, but it sounds like you are right on. Having it made and bitching about it all day, may be real for some, absolutely not real for me.

  8. Tom–Because people like to see people worse off than they are? Kind of like the news I never watch…if you want to see idiots, turn on CNN or the local news.

    Jen–They are representative of the worse of the female population.

  9. Tom–Now there is one thing I do not do. I have been accused of not caring about people. In truth, I dont want to hear stuff (gossip) about people and watch a car accident or view craziness on the news. I dont know if that makes me less caring about people or more caring about my sanity!! Nope….if the cops are there, they do not need my help and I dont want to know! ~~Dee

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