Passion Has A Name…

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaAlthough it may not seem like it, my Valentines Day gift covers passion.  And, yes…it really does.  I love it.  It was the most rockin’, “I can’t fucking believe this is happening to me” experience ever!  I probably waited a lifetime for it.  And, having experienced it first hand, I can say it was awesome.

See, The Marine told me to get dressed.  We were going out for Valentine’s Day.  We were going to do lunch and some window shopping.  Just spend some time.  We drove for an hour and a half to the nearest mall (oh hell yeah… it is that far away!!).  We had some lunch and agreed on a dinner out too!  Sounds like fun.  We would make a whole day of togetherness.

Then it happened.

I was confused.


I was face to face with the second love of my life! 

My passion.

I had watched him.  Beautiful and black.  Sexy and wild.

My heart jumped alittle.  My palms were sweaty and my hands shook.

As I turned back to The Marine, waiting for candid camera to jump out and people to run up laughing, I did not know where to look.  What did it all mean!

“We are not leaving until you pick him up,” he smiled and waited, urging me forward.  I almost stuttered as he slipped something into my  hand. 

“Go on…,” he encouraged.

Meet the second love of my life…BMW Z4!

26 thoughts on “Passion Has A Name…

  1. HE GOT YOU A CAR!?!?!?!?!??!?! And not just any car, but the Beemer???

    Oh my god… I think *I* just fell in love with The Marine!

    You really are blessed my dearest Dee. In so many ways.


  2. You know, if I take my wife to the nicest restaurant in town, then at work, somebody will talk about her bf that took her to the nicest place in NYC.

    If I take her to NYC, somebody else talks about how they went to Paris.

    I imagine that if we went to Paris, somebody would talk about how they had dinner at an underwater glass cafe in the Bahamas.

    This is exactly what would have happened if I’d gotten my wife that Sky we’d looked at – you’d come into work with your bamn Deemer…

  3. Tom–It is not an “I love you more” contest. It is an “I love you this much.” It is one of those breathless moments that every woman should have because he man took the chance to seize the day and hand it to her. I will remember Feb 14, 2009 at 4:26 pm for the rest of my life. It is not the gift that proves love…it is the intention.

    NOW…get your wife the SKY! Great car. Considered it myself.


  4. Hah – see what I mean? I’m sure Sarah though it was a fine necklace when she opened it up – but over the Monday morning watercooler, it suddenly looks like a “quarter machine trinket”.

    And later, she’s going to tell her bf all about her online friend who got a car.

    We guys just can’t win.

    Fortunately, March 14th is only a few weeks away. It’s the only holiday that we guys get to have for ourselves.

  5. Tom–Well…he is full of surprises and he tries more than most men. Last year, in a crowded diner in NYC (he was there with me on a business trip), he loudly told me I was the love of his life before giving me earrings. We had agreed that the trip would be our VDay gift, so he was “off the hook.” But, that extra moment…it was the grand slam as people stood around to cheer. It is not about the gift…it is about the effort of giving it.

    Oh…and I was really appreciative! 😉

    Ok…I will bite. March 14th? ~~Dee

  6. JOF.

    Jaw on floor.

    Well you both look damn sexy:)

    Tom you are too funny.

    I got a Snuggie. It’s the blanket with sleeves and it totally rocks!

    Plus the reading light.

    Don’t worry I won’t tell Mrs. Edge. Then you’d have to buy her the Slanket. That’s the upscale version of the Snuggie:)

  7. Susan–I know. A 5 year old boy in the grocery parking lot a few minutes ago stopped to tell me he loved my car. I gave him a ride around the parking lot. I know how he feels!

    Snuggies are very warm. They say something about the giver!

    And yes…Tom is very funny. I think that we should all give Tom Snuggies for March 14th.


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