Humor is Sexy: Prostitution POV

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This one came from my dad.  Oddly, although he does not follow SexyWhispers (how weird would that be???  Ummm…lots!), sex has always been an open topic in our house.  He used to say, “if I can teach my kids about either sex or violence, then I will pick sex.  It protects them and will make them happier as adults.” 

Enjoy.  And remember, Live, Laugh, Love…and share it with someone else.  ~~Dee


A cop approaches a prostitute on a street corner and says, “Excuse me, but it is against the law to sell sex.”

She smile charmingly and replies, “That’s fine.  I am not selling sex.”

Confused, the cop asks,” What are you doing then?”

Annoyed, she responds, “I am selling condoms.  I am give the sex away as free samples.”

7 thoughts on “Humor is Sexy: Prostitution POV

  1. Susan–Me too! And yeah…Dad is coolio. As for the face, it is a WP thing. You have to upload your own avatar or they give you one of these glorious ones to urge you into compliance! ~~Dee

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