Dick Issues

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaAlright…I don’t have a dick issue.  I mean, perhaps I do.

BUT, not like that.  I don’t draw a line in the sands of gender according to whether someone has a penis or breasts.  Health insurance companies are apparently not so unbiased.  You see, I watch too much late night TV.  I don’t know why they always put the penis pumps, dick pills, and “male enhancement” commercials on then…really, I know exactly why….but after you see these commercials so many times it is enough to make you want to run screaming from the room just by shear stupidity. 

Do they really think that a woman buying “male enhancement” for her partner is going to make his dick hard?  Ummm…nope.  That is like a man saying, “Of course your ass looks fat in those pants!”  Game called on account of cold.

None the less, I found out something that really pisses me off.  Apparently, health insurance companies cover penis pumps and “male enhancement” drugs (yes, Viagra included…even though it is not an enhancement drug!).  Ok.  Don’t get me wrong.  I want everyone to have sex.  Lots and really great sex

However, does it piss anyone else off that in November I had to pay for my own breast cancer test because, even though my doctor said it was not an optional procedure, the insurance company covered zero.  Out of four visits that costs thousands of dollars, they did me the favor of saying I was under 40 and not within the age group considered at risk.  So, having the procedure would be elective and out of pocket. 

Now, I am balancing up the score card.  Limp dick vs. rapidly spreading cancer that might cause death or the loss of a major body part.  I am really not seeing ED (erectile dysfunction) as that big of a deal in that light.  Millions of women suffer the double pain of an insurance system that values a hard dick over a life threatening disease that ravages parts of their sexual being and takes their life without pity.  I know, a little blue pill is cheaper than a double mastectomy with months of radiation.  The incomparable loss of a wife, mother, daughter, or sister to breast cancer….again having a harder dick

No, I dont have a dick issue.  I am just deeply morally offended.  ~~Dee

12 thoughts on “Dick Issues

  1. Soooo wait… the insurance companies will pay for birth control… they are also paying for penis drugs that will assist people in having sex which can cause babies.. which means they have to shell out for the baby stuff too….

    But they WON’T pay for a breast cancer exam that will save a woman’s life?? WTF????

  2. Kitty–You betcha! If you buy the expensive penis pump, they will even file your insurance for you. They are that hooked up with the insurance company!! I had forgotten about the birth control qualification.

    The Marine says, remember that men run the health insurance companies. I responded with “yes, but if you are going to tell me that men do not have a vested interest in keeping the boobies healthy, I dont believe it.”

    In short, it is too expensive and the insurance company would rather pay if it is true than in case it is true. Had I had breast cancer…they would have started covering me then. But not to find out. Nice huh?

    What sickens my heart is that I could afford to have the test. What happens to the millions of women that can not? That money means food or clothes or shelter for their kids? They walk away without knowing cause they cant afford to find out. And, if it is cancer, they dont get treatment in time. ~~Dee

  3. Insurance companies only recently began covering birth control, btw.

    Not for nothing, but isn’t treating early breast cancer cheaper than later stage breast cancer? Why doesn’t that fit into the equation?

    I remember reading an article that said insurance companies charge women more because they cost the companies more. I wonder about that… we get more routine care, so I wonder if we don’t stay healthier and cost less in the long run.

  4. Finn–I would love to say that we are the guardians of our healths. After all, we ACTUALLY GO TO THE DOCTOR! But, in truth, with the rising costs of meds and health care, we usually only take care of our families. ~~Dee

  5. oh don’t get me started

    i hate insurance companies … ok … it’s more like


    crooks, thieves, money grubbing assholes who don’t care about people, just their checking account padding

    and yes my dears, i fall into that last category … if my insurance company doesn’t cover something i get to go poor and maybe live or keep my money and die … we can still move to canada, can’t we??

  6. TG–Many many women fall into that same category. Unfortunately, it tends to be women with children because we rationalize our health against all the things our children can not have. Let’s face it….$5,000 it cost for those visits was expensive….and for most women, especially single mothers, there is just no question! BASTARDS! ~~Dee

  7. Oh,jeezus christ on a cracker, yes…I’m morally offended too! Heath insurance issues are ridiculous. I don’t even have health insurance but my kids do and the things I deal with on both sides of the health care issue are appalling.

  8. Jupiter–Jeezus christ on a cracker? *snort* *giggle* Sorry….that is great. Actually made me laugh out!

    I would say it was an issue that one could clearly claim gender discrimination. Seems to me that cancer trumps hard dicks. ~~Dee

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