Common Cure for Divorce

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaThis might sound glib.  For those who have suffered through the pain of divorce for one reason or the other, I assure you that I do not at all mean to make light of the circumstances and pain of your divorce.  But, an odd thing hit me the other day. 

There are so many social ills that occur around marriage.  From adultry and affairs to the lighter marriage mayham of incompatibility and excessive oversights when a spouse mysteriously fades from the Top Ten list to barely survive the cut…well, marriage can fall apart in so many different ways.  It is a small miracle that anyone stays married anymore at all.

What strolled through my mind the other day was this one single question:  What if marriage licenses had to be renewed every five years?

  • My drivers license has to be renewed every 7 years.
  • The cellphone contracts have to be renewed every two years. 
  • I renew my phone, electric, and water contracts every month when I pay my bills. 
  • Car insurance must be renewed to keep current.
  • Bank accounts are renewed when you put money in your account.

In fact, we live in a society that renews everything…except marriage.  I know that is because we all go into marriage with the stars of love in our eyes.  “Til death do us part”…right?  Well, what about “Until 5 years do us part?”  With an option for 5 more years if you want to renew your marriage

After all, it could help for some people to receite those marriage vows again right?

All of the sudden, people might work harder to maintain their marriage vows.  Or, they might count down the days until they can rid themselves of the mistake.  But, either way, shouldn’t marriage be less pain and more gain?  Shouldn’t you have a choice that does not include surgical seperation by lawyers?  Of course, let the law focus on prosecuting criminals!

If you are asking…what happens to the kids and the property?  Same thing as happens with them in divorce.  I mean, kids dont stop being kids of the marriage after the divorce!  Child support…alimony…division of assests.  It all gets split up. 

No renewal…no marriage!  I might be crazy, but it does seem like to me that is the common cure for divorce!  The renewal fees would stimulate the economy.  Talk about a win-win situation.  ~~Dee

14 thoughts on “Common Cure for Divorce

  1. Princess–I do agree! Kind of. I am considering if that is a renewable license. I mean, if you had to be tested to be a parent, then we might border on going out of business due to lack of children! On the other hand, if it is renewable, then what happens when you fail? Does someone have to take your kids? Not Me SISTER! No way! 😉 I might live with a whiny husband, but not kids. ~~Dee

  2. I don’t disagree with this at all. It would probably be a hard thing to figure out… how to do the renewal and all. But hey, folks renew their wedding vows all the time, right? So why not renew their marriage too?

    I’m FER it…as they would say in the South. ha..ha.ha.. And let’s face it.. the “seven year itch” is a phenom for a reason. 🙂

  3. Kitty–Oddly, I heard the other day that the “7 year itch” has moved to right under 5 years! See, marriage just aint worth what it once was to people! 😉 I know, I am being a smart ass, but really…renewing the “till death you you part” with a five year insight…now, that is money in the bank! ~~Dee

  4. I’m with Princess; people should be certified to be parents! But marriage?

    Why not enter into a family contract?
    Breeding, nuturing, home building, wealth security etc. Doesn’t sound romantic?

    I think marriage is dead and people are seeking financial security rather than romance or family. Very scary for aging populations.

  5. Nigel–The romance is not gone. It actually promotes romance because the marriage has to be maintained to stay where both people want to renew it. We dont have “family contacts.”

    Not about the finanical security. I can make my own money. And, I do! BUT, I require a man that keeps that love alive!

    I always tell The Marine that I want him to have that woman that will both give him a hard on and a flutter in his heart. If that is ever not me, then life is too short for both of us.

    I want 100%…nothing less. ~~Dee

  6. Teri–Perhaps it would, but that is just the point right? People would have to work harder to keep their spouse happier and make them want to marry them again everyday. ~~Dee

  7. Duane–Yes, it could be considered a co-hab agreement. After all, marriage is just a legal contract. You CAN have a ceremony with a religious official…you dont have to. You can have a party afterward and a vacation as a honeymoon, but you dont have to. In short, the only thing you have to do is sign the contract with your partner and the state. ~~Dee

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