Now…We All Have a Dream

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaToday was the first day, in the past eight years, of hope.  Hope as millions of Americans gathered around one issue…believed in one goal…respected one vision.  Gender did not matter.  Race was irrelevant.  Ethnic background was not a consideration. 

For one day, we all gathered together to celebrate the ultimate realization of Dr. Kings Dream:  a  hope filled day starting with the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.  And it gives me reason to believe we can continue to hope.

Yes, we can…yes, we did!

Again, we are one nation…please, in celebration of a new era of hope and expection…Enjoy.

President Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration and Address

And, take one moment to add our new President to your prayers and ask some guidence for all of the problems he will face on behalf of our country.  God bless our country….because I know…our most glorious times are when we band together as Americans to overcome adversity! 

Now…we all have a dream!  ~~Dee

6 thoughts on “Now…We All Have a Dream

  1. Broadcast live in Australia too!

    And from this side of the Pacific it was very inspiring. It reminded me of Walt Whitman’s poem; Captain, my Captain.


  2. I have such high hopes for this guy but I try to keep it under wraps in case he, like every other politician, messes it up.

    I think he’ll do very well, though!

  3. I also have hope and wish for extreme change. I hope that those that want and voted for the change we are going to get will do research from now on and enter into things this important with open eyes and not just follow others like blind sheep. I wish and excuse me but also pray that the change we are going to get will not destroy us anymore then we are every time we get these people in complete charge as they are now.

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