Girl Auctions Virginity for Millions

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I admit.  When my email box started to flood with this story, “Girl’s Virginity Auctioned for Millions: Empowering or Offensive?” I sat back in my chair for a moment and tried to gather my feelings.  I wanted to be pissed.  I could not find it.  I wanted to be outraged.  It was not there.  I wanted to judge.  I could not.  Why do I care if another chic sells her body for money?

In truth, girls rid themselves of their virginity every day of the week…even for money.  This was just tauted on the news as a girl that wants money for college.  Okie dokie.  No problems.  As long as she is no going to claim mental damages or that she did not have a choice to get through college, then I am ok if she wants to hit her back to pump up her bank account.  Pump away!

Now…there is something here that pisses me off.  After a long speech on Tyra (see video below) about the dichotomy for virginity vs. prostitution, she claimed that this was the new form of feminism.  Sorry, but the women of the world did not suffer to get the right to vote so she could sell her body with a 3.5 million dollar price tag.  Or, the book deal that she has signed afterward.  Didn’t I mention the book deal?  I wondered what she would do when her college kicks her out using their morality clause.

If she wants to get the 3.5 million dollars by selling her “first time,” then I say go for it.  Do what you can live with in life.  But please…don’t color the hard work of many women who suffered (hence the word ‘suffragettes’!) for our rights as women.  Having to spend 30 minutes pretending to enjoy the fucking habits of a guy that paid for the privilege is not suffering.

And, this action degrades the reality that we can and will handle our sexuality without the cloak of cover by calling it something else…especially something that is as important as feminism.  I would have respected her more if she would have dropped the academic pretense and said she just wants tons of money.  Hello worlds oldest profession!

One more hint…if you are going to use the power words, then let someone train you in using them please!  The word is “dichotomy.” 

Anyway, the question up for discussion is this…is she empowering or offensive?  I don’t find her action offensive.  I find her attempt to rationalize it by telling me it is for science and women…that is offensive!

She says that the vote is split 50% / 50%.  What do you say?  ~~Dee

18 thoughts on “Girl Auctions Virginity for Millions

  1. You know i have strong opinions. And at times I dont care if i offend or not. But i honestly see nothing empowering about her. Empowering is a woman that I would want my daughter to meet. I would idolize this said woman.

    This Virgin Genius is nothing but a great business woman. So many of us will look back and think of how we lost our virginity and say “Hot Dang it… was wasted.” We dont remember a thing of the event or regret it all together.

    She did nothing to get where she is…..I find her offensive simply because she uses her sexuality and femininity to earn an income. And I will bet you my right ovary that she will never start or let alone finish college.

    I am somewhat offended by her, simply because she is far too stupid to understand the argument she is using. And she makes the rest of the women in the world look like complete idiots with tits and a hoo haa that man use for their own pleasure.

  2. MissM–You know I love that you dont care who you offend. Cause I want you to say it no matter who you offend too! I agree. The depths of her stupidity makes me feel ill in the bottom of my stomach. This is the kind of thing that makes me wonder if men were right in thinking that some of us are too simple to handle important things like sexuality and breathing! ~~Dee

  3. Oh and another thing….I wouldnt be entirely shocked if she starts posing for Playboy and finds residence in the arms of Mr. Playboy himself along with the DVD’s to crowd shelf space in every bachelor’s collection of porn.

    I will bet you my left ovary for that one.

    Hugs and kisses my love

  4. MissM–Agreed again. I think that she will find that her prospects are very limited after the deed is done. Or perhaps, even, before. After all, what is left after you go on national TV?

    BTW, what is the deal between you and your right ovary? Are you guys not speaking?? You seem really ready to part ways!! 😉 ~~Dee

  5. More power to her. If some man is DUMB enough or DESPERATE enough to pay that kind of money to have a virgin, then she’s just showing herself to be one hell of a business woman.

    But yes, don’t try to couch the situation in catch phrases and make it seem something that it’s not. She’s not doing it for the betterment of womanhood. She’s doing it because she wants/needs the money. Big deal. Her body, her choice. His money, his choice.

    Honestly, I’m one of those folks that thinks there is nothing wrong with prostitution. Hell, legalize it and regulate it to a degree for safety reasons and then keep moving foward.

    It’s all a form of prostitution, no matter what, we just chose different forms of payment. Why is it okay to buy a woman dinner and then have sex but if you buy her jewelry and then have sex it’s bad…it’s “prostitution”. Whatever. We all pay — one way or the other.

  6. Kitty—YOU KNOW…there are men dumb enough. You know!! I agree with you about prostitution and stripping. No problems. As a matter of fact, I am a huge proponent because I think it protects women. Health care and insurance and safety. All good with that. But please, dont sit there and smile with those over glossed lips and talk about the “dichotomy of virginity vs. prostitution.” Next George Bush will say he start the war in Iraq to study the “dichotomy of violence vs. peace.” ~~Dee

  7. Talk about an easy money scheme. It’s incredible what some people will do for easy money. It’s a shame that this is getting so much publicity. Only in the US can something like this fly, I guess it’s part of democracy, but what a waste.

  8. Jen–You know that is a good point! In any of the European countries, this would not even be news. It would be like…and so what? In the Middle Eastern countries, the deed would be done for her. Only in the USA, where we ASSUME women are smart enough to handle their own sexuality (and a large percentage are!), do you get the “WTF?” mentality. Viva democracy and free enterprise! ~~Dee

  9. I’m not sure I even care what this girl has to say, but the fact that some guy would pay $3.5 million just to deflower a girl reminds me of how stupid guys are when they think with their penises. I just don’t get it.

  10. Finn–Yes. Men will pay for virginity, IMHO, because women do not prize it enough to keep it. After all, we give it away (so many of us) for love…we think. Men take it for sex. I can easily see where it might be worth it to a man to experience sex with someone who has never had a partner. Plus, there is a sexual status for men involving their ego in here.

    HOWEVER–here is an important part of the interview. I predicted this was coming before she said it. The Marine laughed like crazy when she did. She has had oral sex and masturbation with a guy. When did oral sex not count as sex? Does in my book! AND…she might not be such a virgin after all….as Tyra points out.

    Now, that said, 3.5 million dollars, she might be in for alittle surprise as to what the guy wants for that amount. It might go from loosing her virginity to something more carnal quickly. After all, she becomes a commodity when paid for in his mind. ~~Dee

  11. I’ve been AMAZED to learn that oral sex doesn’t count as “sex” to the younger generation. Kind of like Britney when she said she was still a virgin but she’d had anal.. hmmm…. really? 😉

  12. Kitty–There is an interesting mentality in young women today. Before, they would not do anal or oral under most circumstances. Now, they talk about anal and oral like it is not sex. Humm…I think there is a psycho-sexual denial going in there somewhere. I can think of lots of things that do not count as sex…but if it involves pentration into the body of another by the penis, I thinking that pops the big sex cork…and means you loose your standing in the VirginsR’us community. 😉 ~~Dee

  13. i’ll view the video tonight, but i have been paying a little attention to this as well. i agree, if she wants the money, fine, but the whole for the greater good business is a bit foolish. let’s just call it what it is, shall we? i can’t really judge, it’s her that has to live with it.

  14. Ok. I guess this kind of thing has been going on for centuries. I get that. If you have that hot of a bod to get a guy to pay that kind of bucks for your bod, then you go girl! However, I tend to agree with the point that saying she was doing it to go to college or whatever was just her way of getting that rich guy to feel sorry for her. There are many other ways that are not so degrading that she could get to college though. I guess by doing this she gets her 15 seconds of fame. This is sort of familiar… Monica maybe.

    Another thing that is really scary is the fact that young people today don’t think of oral and anal sex as actually having sex! I have a daughter and a son, and as soon as they are old enough, which will be very soon, I am going to tell them all about it. This is to protect them from peers telling them otherwise. I want them to know that sex is supposed to be something special….not something you just give out freely like Mardi Gras beads!

  15. really she is just a girl, woman whatever you want to call her, that is using all these big words and excuses for one thing … using the va-jay-jay to make a buck and become famous

    do i have a problem with that … not my body … not my problem

    but i think she needs to come clean and just be up front and say she wants to loose her virginity (if she really is even a virgin) and she wants to get paid for it and be in the limelight … don’t hide behind all this bullshit

    if only i had no morals and i’d known my virginity could be worth so much … maybe i would have given it to some crusty old perverted millionaire that would probably want me to do crazy weird shit (and if i think it’s weird … look out!)

  16. TG–Who knew that virginity would bring so much on the open market. Every girl born has the ability to make 3.5 million dollars from the age maturity. Its like a hedge fund huh? 😉 ~~Dee

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