Piece of Me

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“Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people.”

I know…Its not cool right now to like Britney Spears.  Yes yes…I know.  Does not have her act together.  Not a good role model.  Slightly hedging toward the bipolar side of life.  Issues and problems with the tendency to act out.  Uh huh.  Got it.  I understand. 

Or maybe…I dont.  You see, I have always been one of those women. 

Even in high school, I did not have female friends because I was an easy target for gossip.  As a 16 year old straight A student that was graduating two years early while working 25 hours a week with the perfect boyfriend, I guess I was an easy mark for all of the “perfect girl” gossip.  Although I know that people rarely look close enough to see the truth, I was struggling to get out of a homelife with alcholic parents that beat on each other a few nights a week.   I felt like…”You want a piece of me?  Really?”

In college, women stayed away from me because I was happily married woman.  Great husband.  Great grades.  I did not party and carry on like most women.  To the military wives, I was a snob for getting an education.  To the college girls, I was close to trailer park trash because I was a military wife.  Reality?  Ah well, I was struggling to align my epilepsy after the stroke.  I lost a year of college because I lost my license (they dont let you drive until you go a year without seizures!).  On good days, the world rolled like a 3 day hangover after a night of tequila shots.   I felt like…”You want a piece of me?  Really?”

When I got my first real job, working for My Favorite Scorpio, I thought I would finally get away from the female gossip groups that followed me.  After all, I tried to be one of them.  Listened to endless stories about kids, invited them to lunch, and engaged in their female rituals like giving baked goods at Christmas.  I even took one of their children to the movies so she could have a romantic night on her anniversary.  I really tried! 

It was barely four months before the gossip started that I was sleeping with My Favorite Scorpio.  I could only laugh.  It honestly made me smile to have women stop me in the bathroom after one of our trips to a tradeshow (if you have never conducted a tradeshow–it is exhausting!!) to ask me, “you know…how is he?”   It was not so funny in this small town when The Marine started to here it where he worked.  I felt like…”You want a piece of me?  Really?”

And now…this.  SexyWhispers.  Three women contacted me last year to tell me that they considered me little better than something they would scrap off of their shoe.  Not worthy to do business with them.  I am incredible at what I do.  My Favorite Scorpio, the greatest mentor of my life, taught me well and I have built a thriving business from making others successful in less than 3 years.  I feel like…”You want a piece of me?  Really?”

Now, I have a zero tolerance policy when comes to gossip.  If you want to tell me how you feel, think, or act.  Go for that.  If you want to share your life with me.  Please do.  If you want to give me insight into life as you see it…I am waiting.  But, if all you can talk about is other people, spare me.  I do not care.

So, I guess this song, “Piece of Me,” is an anthem for every woman who lives her life walking in her own sexy shoes.  In truth, we all have a life.  If anyone does not like mine or the way I live it, then that is too damn bad.  For anyone who wants a piece of me…be sure.  I take no prisioners.  For Britney, rock on girl!  It may not be the way other people would live their lives…but they aren’t getting the chance. ~~Dee

Enjoy the song….Piece of Me

18 thoughts on “Piece of Me

  1. AMEN!! Spare me the details of what you think “she” did or “he” did. It drives me nuts.

    I am glad to be back in the blogosphere. I sure missed it. New blog…same RHT!

  2. RHT–Yes….enough of the negative BS. I think that people talk about others to avoid talking about themselves. Or, worse…talking “to” someone instead of “at” them. ~~Dee

  3. You know Dee, its hard for majority of people to form their own opinions and sustain themselves on their own two feet. People look for other’s opinions, jump on their band wagon, and hitch a ride. Until they get bored or that band wagon is no longer cool.

    Britney….yeah she is dumb. Yeah she can’t manage her life… but who knows how the most perfect woman or person for that matter would react or survive if they were in Britney’s shoes.

    It is so easy to judge others based on what little we know about them. Even in your own situation. You were everything all at ones. Some envied you, some disliked you, and some may have even hated you. But regardless, you were the target of gossip. The reality is that gossip is much easier than living life in the other people’s shoes.

    I can dislike Britney all I want. But if I had her life I might have drowned right now.

    You know what I mean?

    Cheers my love!

  4. MissM–Very well put. We never know how we would respond in anothers high heels. I always say, “Underestimate me if you want. As long as you wont whine when you loose!” There is a sticker on my truck that says something like that!! Kiss Kiss Kiss! ~~Dee

  5. It’s pretty much impossible to go through life without talking about other people. It’s a natural part of being social creature.

    The difference comes in your intentions when you talk about them. Gossip is nothing more than words said with malice and intent to harm. Usually done by small, angry, bitter, petty people who want nothing more than to tear someone else down because they are so unhappy with their lives that they want others to be just as unhappy.

  6. Kitty–You are right. But, there are women who live, like snakes, to be the next to spread gossip. Funny…I seem to make it quite a bit without talking about others. Some say I dont care. Likely true. When I dont care, I dont talk about you. When I do care, I talk kindly of you. Seems fair! ~~Dee

  7. i think it is in most people’s nature to point fingers and talk rather than try to figure out the truth

    i’m sure i’ve done it from time to time

    i know that not everyone is going to like me, and if they don’t … oh well … if are they going to talk about me without knowing me or what is going on in my life … i’m gonna give ’em something to talk about!!

  8. and btw … “And now…this. SexyWhispers. Three women contacted me last year to tell me that they considered me little better than something they would scrap off of their shoe. Not worthy to do business with them.”

    eff these stuffy old biddies!! they are probably miserable women that hate their lives

  9. I was kind of enjoying your blog, kind of not, but it’s okay. People have different opinions on things, it’s the definition of difference.

    However, you’re lucky. You have drive. There are people who have drive, there are others who never had it to begin with. There are some, who can’t escape their situation no matter how hard they try and there are those who are perfectly content of stayon on their place and refuse to advance even if they could.

    So next time you feel like playing the victim and wonder why people would like to be in your shoes, do realise that there is far more to them just as much as there is to you, and that they might not even have shoes to begin with.

  10. Chris,

    Please be aware….I dont care if you are enjoying the blog or not. You can leave just as you came here.

    Also, I am not lucky to be who I am….I made myself WHO I am. I have never played a victim and I dont appreciate anyone who considers themselves a victim. Being unable to escape a situation is not the same as being content to stay where you are…..I did not have my shoes to begin with either.

    The difference is in who you are and how you are willing to stay where you are…I am not willing to do so. PLUS, before you judge me, you should know how many hundreds of women I help every year. You dont know me, so dont place your standards on me.

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