What Happened to the Hot Chic?

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaThere are very few things in this world that would make me stop wanting to be a woman.  I absolutely love the experience.  Mostly because I live it on my terms.  I dont take “women should” shit from nobody!  Not burning my bra or anything like that…just a waste of good sexy lingerie.  But, I will have choice words for anyone who comes along with their nose in my sexy stride.

BUT…I want to know what happened to the hot chic?  I mean, I am the first one to go out of the house without make-up.  Granted!  And, I have no problems with throwing on a pair of jean with a LSU sweatshirt.  Guilty!  Sometimes, my hair is not exactly in Top Model form.  Noted!  I can rock a pair of flannel cat PJ as good as the next woman.

What I want to know is this:  When did PJs and slippers become public wear?  I see it in the stores.  I see it in the mall.  I saw it in Baskin Robbins (ice cream place for my Aussie Scorpio!).  And, more confusing, it is not the usual suspects.  Not married, tired soccer moms barely making it until 1o pm to take the kiddies to get ice cream so they will shut the hell up! 

Ummm….ok.  I digress, but you can tell she is thinking it!  It is young girls between the ages of 18 to 25 that are sporting this new attire that just says sloppy. 

I mean, some pride in appearance please.  Not asking for women to look like Angelia Jolie when running to the store for a morning coffee, but really.  Do you have to look like you are staying the night at a homeless shelter?   And, really, you dont get to get upset if that super-cute little guy that walks through the door for an ice cream fix wont throw you second look even on a slow night with pocket full of condoms!  I mean, really…guys are visual and a thong wont work under baggy flannel PJs that are a throw back to middle school.

In truth, it makes me sad to see a young, pretty girl appear in public in flannel PJs and slippers.  It does not say fashion statement or that she was too busy to bother.  It says that depression meds are needed now!  

Realistically, I think women should find and rock their own style.  But, PJs are not a style.  They are sleeping attire.  Agree, disagree, dont care?  Let me know…you know I love the polls!  ~~Dee

16 thoughts on “What Happened to the Hot Chic?

  1. No! No! No! Do not wear your pj’s in public people!! Geez o pete! I saw a woman walking around The Avenue in flannel cartoon pants and I wanted to slap her. Yeesh!! I mean come on. I’ll wear my “Love Pink” pants out in public but I pair them with a cute little tank top that lets my tattoo peek out. Comfie, yet teasingly sexy. 😉

    Come on ladies, you don’t have to look like a pin up girl every time you go out, but you should at least have a care for your appearance. It IS possible to wear comfie clothes and still be sexy.

  2. “flannel cartoon pants”–damn….I think I saw the same chic in Tenn! Those PJs must really travel. Unfortunately, I am sure it is a fashion craze. Not one to knock fashion (though there is lots of room as I dont understand much of it!). But its hard to feel sexy when you look dumpy. Just sayin…. ~~Dee

  3. I put this up there with the women who go out with rollers in their hair (what’s the point?). It’s simply acceptable now I guess.

    I say let ’em wear the PJs. I’ll wear real clothes and look hotter even though I’m 100 years older!

  4. Finn–Never understand that either. Rollers. Like they are saying they dont care enough to even try. Working from a home office a few days a week, women always say to me that I am lucky because I dont have to get out of my PJs all day long. Hello…that seems like the first stages of depression to me!

    I agree. I will rock my jeans and heels…and save the PJs for my slumber parties with the girls. ~~Dee

  5. Maybe they are hoochies who think it is the quickest things to get in and out of so they can spread the love around! LOL!

  6. Sorry to hear people are wearing PJ’s in public.
    I don’t wear PJ’s ever!
    (was that too much information?:) )

    I would like to dress better but I am always “grubbing” around so Crocodile Man is more my image.

    Recently I have had some difficulty with naked and half naked females in Surf Town and fortunately a very nice local librarian had a talk with me about how to cope with useful manners.

    But PJ’s ?
    Perhaps this is behaviour reflecting the state of their inner child? and you do mean Cities in the United States?

  7. Nigel–Dont wear PJs? Ok…lets enjoy that a moment! 😉 Having been to a nudist place many times, I easily accept nudity way before sloppy PJs. I think it is reflecting a generational backfire of Barbie girls. Everything in cycles.

    And yes….my Aussie Scorpio….in cities in the USA. ~~Dee

  8. I wear my Spongebob pajama pants when I run out to get the Sunday paper at my mailbox.

    Other than that, I’m weird – like, I don’t even wear t-shirts or sweatshirts out in public – I have to have at least a collared golf shirt or something.

  9. Tom–SpongeBob huh? I will always think of you just like that! 🙂 I believe that the behavior you are describing is called class. Pride in appearance comes in many flavors, but it should atleast mean that people do not stop to give you a dollar for food when you walk by or steer clear of you thinking that you have the flu!

    And these outfits are not the cute little porn girl gone bad with lipgloss and lollipops. It is much like needing a brush and some lysol! Just saying! ~~Dee

  10. It’s hard for me to go out without make-up, but I sometimes make a run for the supermarket in my sweats or gym clothes. PJs never though. I tend to feel uncomfortable when I’m not well dressed, but that’s me, if others want to look like rags, that’s their prerogative.

  11. Jen–Its true. I do not need to look like a supermodel, but I dont want to look like I just escaped from a local hospital. I love sheek and feel great when I look classy! ~~Dee

  12. Yes, I wear these when I walk out to the mailbox. Hey, my daughter got them for me one year for Xmas. As it happens, they’re good workout pants when it’s chilly.

    Still laughing at the “stop to give you a dollar” remark 😉

  13. Tom–Love that you wear them and that your daughter gave them to you! Think I will get a pair for my brother (he is a nudist!). But, really… going to the mailbox is one thing. Going to the Wal-Mart in them says that you should get your meds refilled while you are there. Just saying! ~~Dee

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