Sexy Christmas at the *CatHouse*

icon_christmas2My Darling CinnKitty sent this to me…to say Merry Christmas to all of the girls of the *Cathouse* that we love so much.  And I love her for doing it!!  Enjoy….

 Twas the night before Christmas at the *CatHouse*


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the CatHouse
The Ladies were stirring, especially “Life in a FireHouse”.

Fishnet stockings by the chimney, we happily sighed
Except for “MisstressM”, who instead chose thigh-highs.

“Randi” and “Dutchie” had pillow fights in bed,
While visions of them, danced in Nigel’s happy head.

~Dee~  and The Marine were sipping a warm nightcap
She was sitting & wiggling, stark naked, in his lap.

When from the upstairs there arose such a clatter,
~Dee~ shifted and leaned to see what was the matter.

“Prissy…Not Girly” was streaking like a flash,
Wearing nothing at all, but a bright ribbon sash!

“My 33 People”, her creamy skin white as snow,
Gave her thumbs up & grinned, to all us below.

When, what to “Finn’s” wondering eyes should appear,
But her sweet hubbie “Mister”, dressed like a reindeer!

Giddy laughter was heard, so lively and quick,
We knew she was home! Our own “Selena Kitt”!

With her sybian in tow, how quickly she came,
And she whistled, and shouted and called us by name,

Now “Heather” and “Teri”!
On “Julia”! On “Geisha” !

This thing is amazing; all it’s missing is balls!
Ecstasy so great, it’s like hitting a wall!

So down to the landing the CatHouse all flew,
To greet “Selena Kitt”! and her sybian too!

And then in a twinkling, we heard on the roof,
Our missing CatHouse darling, who calls herself “Swoof”!

“Rory” squealed &  danced around
 As “Sexy Brat” moaned & begged to be bound.

“Princess” was glittered from her head to her foot,
Till the chimney gave a belch and she was covered in soot!

“First Day of Autumn” soon followed, landing flat on her back,
And we snorted and hooted in a giggling attack.

“Tom Boy” was so happy, so lively, so merry!
 While “Susan” cheeks were as red as a cherry.

 We all cleaned her up, affixed her hair with a pink bow
 Then each kissed her cheek which was now white as snow.

“~Dee~” gathered us round, to teach us ‘bout teeth.
“You must treat your mans penis like a delicate wreath”

You must stroke upwards and lick slowly down his belly.
Doing it right means you’ll turn him into jelly.

He may be chubby or plump, a right jolly little elf,
“I’d love to play with that” I laughed to myself.

Give a kiss at the top, but don’t dare twist the head,
Catherinette” chimed in “Or he’ll run from you in dread!”

You don’t need to speak, and don’t think of it as work,
Soon you’ll be rewarded by his spasms and jerk.

Watch your positioning; don’t let him come up your nose,
“Shay” said: “And don’t let it get on your clothes!

With these tips, he’s sure to give you a whistle,
And come between your thighs like a heat seeking missle.

And you’ll hear him exclaim, ‘er he loses his sight,
“This CatHouse kicks ass, and to all a good night!”


Merry Christmas to all….and thank you for this my favorite Pink Pussy.  ~~Dee

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