Sexsational Ladies: XToysUSA


 In this last opportunity to interview one of the sexy ladies who knows tons about sex toys, I wanted to reach out to someone who balances sexuality and lifestyle everyday.  By balancing the demands of running a sex based company, being a wife, and mother, I wanted to share the point of view of a woman how understands how to use her sexuality to strengthen all that she does in her life.

After many discussions with her, I have come to respect that she feels the same way about promoting female sexuality as I do…and I wanted to show everyone that a woman can be sexually true to herself.



1–Why are you involved in a sex toy company? 

Sex toys have been considered a taboo subject for a long time. In today’s society, they have becomes more of a “mainstream” topic. From a woman’s perspective, it is very interesting and gratifying to witness society’s acceptance and interest in our sexual vitality and health, and to see that sex toys are not considered “filthy” and “dirty” any longer. Now, they are seen as something that can enhance and make sex more fulfilling either alone or with a partner. Being able to provide these toys and information about them to others is very satisfying.  I feel as if I’m doing an important service.

2–If you could tell women one thing, as the partner in a sex toy company, what would it be?

I would have several things to tell them, but any one of them would stand alone as good solitary advice.  I would tell them not to be afraid or ashamed of their sexuality, and that they have a right to physically enjoy sensual pleasures and to explore the limits of those pleasures. I would tell them to learn to love themselves and their bodies.  I would tell them not to ignore their sexual side, and that it is important, healthy and natural to be curious and explorative concerning what makes them feel good sexually.

3–What is your favorite sexy toy?  Why?  Best kept secret for a sex toy?

That is a difficult question because I love all the new hi-tech fancy toys. The reason why I love them is because they come in different colors, shapes and have tons of undiscovered functions! 

I think the “Best Kept Secret” about sex toys that should be common knowledge is that a sex toy is not a substitute for a partner or for sex itself, but something meant to add something extra to your sexual experience.  A toy is not a replacement for another human being. In fact, some of the best experiences come from using a sex toy with your partner and discovering new heights of passion and pleasure together. Two can be better than one.

4–How do you maintain a “normal” life and still be involved in a very sex-based industry?

How? It’s fairly simple.  After five years of being involved in this industry, interacting and assisting normal, everyday people who just want to spice up their sex lives, I’ve realized curiosity and interest in sex toys IS normal.  It’s not something that comes up over coffee (most of the time), but being private about what one enjoys sexually isn’t being abnormal. It’s exercising discretion.  90% of our customers maintain a “normal” lifestyle, although they may have a few naughty bedroom secrets that bring them a lot of pleasure and variety in their sex lives.  And from where I’m sitting, there is nothing wrong with that for me or anyone else.

5–How important is sexuality to a woman?

Very important.  Women often suppress their sexuality when the truth is, we like sex just as much as men do—we’re just wired a bit differently. Sexuality is more than physical appearance, attractiveness and how much sex is engaged in.  Sexuality is a state of being, a feeling of being comfortable with who you are as a sexual being, and being open to experiences that celebrate and fulfill who you are in satisfying intimate ways.  A healthy libido is important to a healthy life.  This goes for men as well, though they seem to be a little less complicated.

6–Tell me something that you have learned through your experience with connecting to your own sexuality?  Something that is true or something that is false.

Well, I have two very good examples of true and false experiences learned while I was connecting with my own sexuality.  First, the true statement:

If you aren’t honest with yourself or your partner about your own sexual needs and preferences, then no one will be able to discover them for you.  Embarrassment should take a back seat to desire if you want to grow sexually. Everyone has their little kinks.

Now the false statement.  It is far less convoluted than the true one.  Here is what I’ve discovered is a false statement while connecting to my own sexuality.

Having a box of pretty sex toys in your bedroom (along with plenty of batteries) is wrong and embarrassing.  FALSE! FALSE! Extremely FALSE!


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3 thoughts on “Sexsational Ladies: XToysUSA

  1. Dee,

    These interviews have been excellent and have you thought how good the would be for radio and other media? and more detailed, longer discussion.

    Thank you

  2. Nigel–Ahhh….I do love a Scorpio! You have been reading my mind. Naughty Boy!!

    Yes, my intention in 2009 is to start a BlogTalkRadio show. From audio erotica to interviews, it will be a media I explore! ~~Dee

  3. Believe it or not I read that sex regularly not only burns calories while having it but also the adrenalin release or something helps burn calories while you sleep.

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