Orgasms Under Your Christmas Tree!


Ready to add some sizzle to your stockings this Christmas?  The SexyWhispers Orgasmic Christmas starts tonight!

From now until Dec. 22nd, everyone who leaves a comment will be eligible for SexyWhispers Orgasmic Christmas contest. On Dec. 23rd, there will be 11 random drawings to win the sexy toys that will put a lot more Merry in your Christmas!

Contributors to our sexy game include:


If you want to get signed up for my sexy Man Candy invitation list, then email me at whispersomethingsexy (at) gmail (dot) com. 

If all you want to do is see all of the pleasure prizes to bring you Christmas cheer with an orgasmic rosy glow brighter than Rudolphs nose….then, you are in the wrong place!  The place to register for your sexy Christmas wishlist is at SexyWhispers Orgasmic Christmas

Get going….register for the SexyWhispers Orgasmic Christmas contest today!  ~~Dee

12 thoughts on “Orgasms Under Your Christmas Tree!

  1. bwa..ha.ha… You have my entry! Come on OhmiBod…kitty klaws are crossed. Kitty needs to get her “O” on! I haven’t seen a man’s fun bits in a long time now… le sigh…le pout…le meow… hee..hee..hee….

  2. Kitty–Darling Girl….good luck. BTW…the OhMiBod comes in Pink…they call it bubblegum. Just saying….you could chew on the piece all day long!! 😉 Good luck honey. ~~Dee

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