Sexy Announcement: Orgasmic Christmas!

icon_christmas2Ok…if you are on my email list then you already know!  Starting Monday, Dec. 8th – Monday Dec. 22nd, the second annual SexyWhispers Orgasmic Christmas is underway!  Hold on to your stockings and get your stillettos ready…the prizes are big big big this year.

With Contributions from:

  • OhMiBod (OhMi YES…the new NaughtiBod)
  • Babeland
  • Just In Case
  • XToyStore: Unleash Your Passion!
  • Susan Crain Bakos (The Sex Bible for Women)
    It is sure to knock you right out of your sexy socks! 

    So, hold on…Dec. 8th is when the official registration starts.  In the meantime, cruise over and check out the ladies who are making all of this possible (besides me of course!!).

    Feeling left out cause you did not get an invitation to play?  Email me at whispersomethingsexy @ gmail (dot) com to get added to the invite list when registration officially opens!  ~~Dee

    PS….Anyone at all can enter.  There will even be sexy toy for men this year!! 

    But….sexy man pictures in the invites to come!   Just saying….that is enough to heat up your Christmas right there!

    Register for SexyWhispers Orgasmic Christmas now!

    23 thoughts on “Sexy Announcement: Orgasmic Christmas!

    1. ~Dee~!!
      I suddenly have this urge to write some deliciously erotic stories involving Santa, me and a pair of stockings hung with care. Hee..hee.. ;). Would that help my chances of winning?


    2. My Favorite Pink Pussy–You must be reading my mind! Please do. And…I would love love love to post it here.

      I cant promise you will win, but I can promise you a big girl kiss on the mouth with some boobie rubbing next time I see you. Fair enough?? ~~Dee

    3. Nigel–Those fish are soooo cool. I heart them big time! I would steal them off of her blog and run away into the night, but something about women, sex, and fishy smells dont mix together nicely!! 8) Like men and camel! Some animals you just dont want as your sexual spirit guide!! ROFL ~~Dee

    4. TG–Not sure….are you saying that you want to make that a three way kiss with my favorite Pink Pussy? Or, are you saying that you some spicy erotica to send me to light up my blog for Christmas? Or…

      Well…hell…I accept both offers! 😉 ~~Dee

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