Man Candy: The Sex Fever

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“Why do women let themselves go after they get into a relationship,” his eyes met mine over the table.  Clearly, he was confused.  Naturally, being the source for all answers involving women or just the only woman that he is comfortable asking questions, I smile at the absolute mixture of innocence and annoyance in his question.

“I mean…,” he continued, taking my silence to mean that I am offended,women don’t bother to upkeep their appearance.  They know men are visual.  They know men are sexual.  Yet, they don’t bother maintain what they have once we are in a relationship.  And, they seem surprised when a man is not attracted to them anymore.”

“Well,” I ventured slowly, to avoid any missteps in this minefield.  After all, I could hardly be considered an expert on women or beauty regimes.  Really…I have asked My Favorite Pink Pussy to go with me to get a makeover for months.  She laughs at me.  Perhaps because she does not feel it is necessary to invite disaster to her door.

“Maybe, most women spend so much time trying to be the perfect sexual vessel with painful shoes, push up bras, and clothes, that they seek acceptance for the real person they are by appearing in sweat pants, messy hair, and no make-up,” I hesitated, letting him absorb that explanation.

“Or…it could be,” he was testing the waters of talking through the reasoning, women feel like they don’t have to work to keep us after they have us?”

“I guess.  It could be that men and women think differently of sexual desireMen find sexual passion in the physicality of women.  The things that women find sexually exciting in a man are more intimate.  For me, a man can be physically attractive, but not sexually attractive.”  I let that sink in a moment.

“Things like an incredible, easy smile….strong, sensual hands….nice shoulders….great cologne….confidence….sexy voice….challenging mind….high levels of respect.  All of those things have to combine in a man to hit my buttons,” I detailed.

“Ok, but what makes that so different in men and women?  I live for intelligence, confident women.”

“Those traits only get sexier with age.  See, these traits are not based on whether my weight is up or down.  If I have wrinkles, make-up on, or a fresh manicure,” I smile at him.

“True,” he returns, “but those things don’t matter to men either.  What matters to us is that you stay sexually interested and interesting.   Keep the fever. I can overlook no make-up, but no confidence will kill it every time.  I can get over a few extra pounds in a woman that burns from the inside for me.  Wrinkles will never matter to me when I see passion in her eyes.”

In those few moments, his confusion turned into the wisdom of the ages.  And…I, for one, was amazed at the simplicity of the message.  ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Man Candy: The Sex Fever

  1. I’m more than happy to jump my guys bones whether I’m wearing a corset and tight jeans (grin) or my favorite “love pink” sweats and GA bulldog t-shirt. ha..ha.ha.. But I DO want my guy to find me attractive in either situation. If I have to wear my makeup to bed and reapply in the morning just so he doesn’t think I’m “letting myself go” then he’s obviously not the man for me.

    On a side note — dating is a landmine of weight gain. “Let’s go to dinner” “how about we cook in” “let’s go for drinks”… we’ve put so much social emphasis on food and gathering together that it easily packs the pounds on. How about “let’s go for a stroll around the lake?” or “let’s climb Stone Mountain” or “let’s have sex!!” (what?? it burns calaories..hee..hee..)

    As for YOU my darling ~Dee~. Why would I mess with perfection? You don’t NEED a makeover darling. You are so comfortable in your own skin that it makes me jealous. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Kitty–True. Food and dating go together because food and sex go together. I watch a man eat to see how he will be in bed. How he handles a fork, a wine glass, conversation, shares his food… yes, I can see him horizontal with every bite!

    And, its not so much a makeover as the need to just jazz up some. Add style. The Marine and I are going tomorrow for a me day. I love that he will go with me. ~~Dee

  3. Hmm, seems like his message changed a bit there. In the beginning, it sounds like he really WAS talking about all those things he claimed don’t matter at the end – the visuals. I always find it funny when men make this complaint, because I find men in marriage are exactly the same. After I got married, my husband immediately put on 100 lbs and seems not at all concerned about improving his appearance – for me or anybody else. And then they expect US to want to throw them down and ravage them. Well, if I can do it in my sweats with unwashed hair and unpainted nails, let’s have a go! LOL

  4. Lionia–Welcome! Now, any woman that tries to read a mans mind or extrapulate data based on his actions deserves what she gets, but I will try just in this one case cause he can not answer himself.

    I think his question was why we even stop trying and them seem surprised by the fact we are not being ravaged anymore. Of course, men do this too. But, his ending point seemed to be that it was never about the things we, as women, could not control such as wrinkles or alittle extra weigh. It was about the confidence, swagger, and passion that we lost when in a relationship. ~~Dee

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