Happy Thanksgiving: “An Interview With God”

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“Does it makes sense to you that, if a person is an atheist, they should get Christmas off from work?”  The innocent depth of the question made me smile at my strawberry milk shake on the way to the grocery store.  A short detour…milk shakes in the middle of the cold weather… always makes me happy. 

Now, I spent years in a corporate structure.  I know well that people do not get time off from work because it is a national holiday or a religious holiday.  It is because so many people would take the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays anyway it is easier to plan for than fight against!

But…I have always been blessed by thinking men.  Sexy brains turn me on so much.

“Well.  I think while the execution is lacking that the spirit is still there.”  The Marine nodded, taking in the answer.  “After all,” I continued, “atheist love their families and spend holiday time enjoying the season.  Plus, it is not really a season for celebrating our belief in God.  It is a season for celebrating God’s belief in us, right?  The gift of salvation.  Among the disbelievers…God sent salvation.”  

There is some reality I guess.  No matter what I do…say…think…or feel.  Even when I forget the blessings I have and the precious moment that life creates, God is still there believing in me.  So, in the Thanksgiving spirit, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving by sharing a video sent to me from My Favorite Scorpio called An Interview With God

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving.  ~~Dee

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