Telling Sexy Lies…

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“What makes you think that women want to hear the truth?” he stared seriously at me across the table.  The question caught me so off guard that I could barely understand that he was not teasing me into eruption. 


I opened the topic with the statement that three separate women commented to me in the last month, after natural flight of honesty, that my attitude was not one of their favorite personality characteristics.  Now, in reality, it is not like I accosted Carrie at the prom and teased her into submission about the fashion disaster of her prom dress.  Each time, I took the strength of these empowering women at face value to give them the benefit of the most precious gift I think one human being can give to another: honesty. 

See…to me, there is a difference in the white lie that says, “You have to have those shoes!”  When it comes to shoes, all is fair in love and war.  But when it comes to saving someone’s time, money, or heart….I take no prisoners because these are all things that cannot be replaced and there is never enough in supply.  And to my estimation, this is especially true for women.

“Face it,” he continued, watching me think through his statement…try it on…turn it over in my brain.  “Women wake up in the morning to spend hours putting on make-up, buying lingerie to lift the girls under your chin, and wear shoes that would be considered a torture device to most people,” he was monitoring my reaction again.

I opened my mouth to say that we did that to attract men, but in truth we do it because we are taught by society…by others…by our mothers…this is the way that women behave.  So, then…does that mean that honesty is even more important now? 

In truth, my attitude has not changed one inch since the first day I became a woman.  Honesty makes me slightly less loved by the people around me…at times…but, in truth, it makes me love me more.  ~~Dee

6 thoughts on “Telling Sexy Lies…

  1. I prefer straight talking and the naked truth because then you know where one stands and other people know what you expect but I have also learnt, (and I am specifically refering to nigel, not Dee,) to hold back a little in some things I say.

    However I wish there was more honesty in the world.

  2. Nigel–I KNOW…honesty is the quickest way to get a bloody nose. What I try to remember when someone reacts to my honesty (if I am truly being honest and not being a smart ass–cause that does happen too!) is that the attack is not personal. Unless they talk about my shoes! Then its on.

    They are just reacting to hearing the truth and realizing the validity of it. ~~Dee

  3. Finn–Ummm…yes. My Favorite Scorpio did point that out to me at the time of the discussion. He said that if he had a dollar for every time he has heard “do these jeans / pants / dress make me look fat…” Oh well, in my mind, I am loving my fat ass just like it is….curves can be good! 😉 ~~Dee

  4. You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!

    Heh heh…

    I just read a fascinating book on fashion and how the fashionable things work:
    The Meaning of Sunglasses

    That said, our lives are a constant struggle to be both the people we want to be, and to be liked and accepted by those around us. Honesty is good, but we sometimes forget that those around us have their own needs, and their own perceptions -of us and of themselves. This is why “tact” – that often maligned skill – is so important. It allows us to say something in such a way that does not make somebody else’s self-perception fall to pieces.

    ‘cos, after all, don’t they get to like what they like, and want what they want?

    And I’m suddenly reminded of Annie Lennox, who sang “Would I lie to You?” and Stevie Nicks who sang “Tell me sweet little lies.”

  5. Tom–You and Nigel…my intelligent men. It is true that tact is a lost skill that most do not practice. But, what I find is that when I speak in code, people dont understand. See…there is another skill that people fake themselves into using. Politeness. The art of being abstract at the cost of being direct. Because it is easier.

    I can tell you that I remember many times when someone verbally shook me (The Marine and I have one of these moment that is very prominent that saved my life–on a mental level). As long as the person telling the truth has my best interest at heart, I have always tried to realize two things: 1–It is as hard to say the truth as it is to hear it; 2–I would rather surround myself with people who will go the extra mile to say the truth (especially if it is unpopular) because sometimes you need it.

    Wow…now I feel like a Stevie Nicks (not Fleetwood Mac) CD. How fun! ~~Dee

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