Getting My Freak On…

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaYes…I did it.  I admit.  A few weeks ago apparently I made some comment about answering any questions publically that were emailed to me.  At some point, I had not thought that ANYONE would need confirmation that was “abby normal” just like the rest of the world.  After all, I realize that I was a Librarian at a major university for eight years.  Although I do admit that being surrounded by women was very inhibiting to my sexuality, I really do qualify in many ways as having eccentric behaviors.  However, this email that I received requested that I share three things that are too close to the yellow line for normal. 

Now, since the person did not specify if they meant sexual or non-sexual freakiness (read your email!  You did not say…and there are no do-overs), then I get to answer in this way:

  1. I make my own toothpaste out of baking soda.  Except when I travel, because it does not seem like the smartest move to travel with reserves of white powder.   Then, I use the good old squiring out of a tube kind.  But…alittle baking soda goes a long way toward making me smile.  Ummm…and a guys with a slow easy smile, a sexy sense of humor, and a set of nice big…hands.   😉
  2. I can not, for the life of me, focus on cooking eggs.  I have tried.  If I stay in the kitchen, then I am good.  But, if for one moment I wander off to watch TV, check email, go to the bathroom…it is over.  I went back into the kitchen two mornings ago to find eggs super hard boiled on the stove with no water in the pot at all.  They had only been cooking for 2 hours.  I can’t figure out how long one should cook 3 minute eggs.  I asked My Favorite Scorpio the other day.  No answer there either!  The puzzle continues. 
  3. I am totally confused as to why I am surrounded by calendars, PDAs that ring, and people who are obscessed with time yet I never seem to know the day of the week.  I can get lost for hours…or days… without every considering food, drink, televisions…ok…not sexSex stays on schedule which equates to whenever the mood to groove strikes.

Ok…that wraps it up for now.  I am a freak.  Anything else?  Humm….I love to blog?  Ha….nahhh!    Anyone want to share their freakness with me?  ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “Getting My Freak On…

  1. Hello Dee,

    We are all freaks in our way; even normal people because it is the aberration, which allows us to adapt to the unforseen.

    I find it hard to believe you do not know how to cook 3 minuite eggs? because in a previous post male orgasm is the perfect egg timer?

    Perhaps male orgasm takes longer than assumed or the author is not using her naked male house boys appropriately;)

  2. Nigel–Actually, abnormal runs normal in our house. The average male orgasm takes way longer than 3 minutes. Reference (because I love to help): The Stop / Start method! 8) Let me know when you find out what that means! ~~Dee

  3. Nope.. I would never say you are a freak. Unique, original, distinct…never a freak.

    Just remember, for each thing that we can’t do it is balanced out by something that we CAN do.

    Can’t cook eggs? Yes, but you can easily whip up a frenzy of sexual need by a simple wink and sultry look to The Marine.

    Can’t tell what day it is? Does it really matter when you can successfully control your own business, your own destiny and help guide so many others as well?

    Nope — definitely NOT a freak. 🙂

  4. Kitty–Your words are kind, but in reality…I must be alittle to the freak side. After all, people really want to get to know me until they do. Then, they disappear. From the outside it may not seem like it matters, but on the inside–being able to relax with someone and be just YOU…well, that is a huge relief. I think that Ellen Goodman calls it “being loved anyway.”

    Would I trade that simple silence in my soul for any of the things that you list that I can do? No…because being able to help someone and control my own destiny will always come with a price of being seen as strong enough to be disregarded when that person feels stronger or never weak enough to need support.

    Guess I should learn to cook eggs! 🙂 ~~Dee

  5. Oh Dee, I gotta laugh at the “cookin eggs thing’
    I have decided that this is the TRUE test for ADD – I have tried over and over to just stay in one spot for the 10 min they need to cook , but NOOOO, I inevitably wander and thus I know I am stricken with attention deficit disorder.
    Oh well, I am a hell of a multi-tasker

  6. TG–Indeed. But if others did not look at us and claim we were abnormal, then how would they be morally superior? Without moral superiority, such dogmas as organized religion might be replaced with spirituality. Moral outrage might be replaced by social consciousness.

    I must have a point…but I guess, even I fail to see where those would be bad things. (BTW…loving the boobage!! That makes me feel all perkie!!) ~~Dee

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