Tagged Twice in One Day!

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaWell…I love the blog tag because I get to share all of the inner stuff about me that does not really mean anything to anyone but me.  In short, its all about me! 

This is even more exciting because the super sexy Lady Julia, one of the softest, strongest women I have ever encountered (yes…I have double DD sized respect for this woman!), tagged The Mint Tinted Vanilla one and myself.  Wait…just one moment…let me enjoy that visual.  Join me!  I dont mind sharing the love

And then…Mint Tinted Vanilla tagged me also to express three “non-unaltruistic” wishes.   Wow…three wishes.  Of my very own?  I am going to just overcome my natural Gemini need to think everything all the way through and go with the flow of answering after a short series of adult beverages.    8)


So…here is goes…My Sexy Three Wishes:

  1. I wish that I could get past the erotic block that I have when I write literotica.  I wish it were as easy for me to write erotic materials that it is for me to write blogs.  Because I am so visual and the images are so strong…but I get in my own way instead of just letting it flow.  It is a total control issue.
  2. I wish that I could dedicate the time I need to finishing my book.  But, if it is finished, then I have to do something with it.  I have to find a publisher, get other peoples input, and put myself out in the world for review.  I know that I just have to decide that I am ready.   It is a total fear issue.
  3. I wish that I could willing accept people into my life without questioning their motives or reasons for wanting to be apart of my life.  I would love to have the freedom to accept people without the built in childhood defense mechanism of an abusive household that watches everyone speculatively for moments when they are going to leave…because they always leave right?  It is a total trust issue.

But…here is one wish that I have made come true.  I wanted to be able to invest in the people I loved enough to tell them that I love them.  I wished to be able to stand before someone who was important to me and risk my heart enough to tell them that I love them.  Knowing…they might laugh or run or …worse…not understand at all. 

It was a total control issue…a total fear issue…a total trust issue.

You see, I was able to make that wish come true.  And, if you notice every single wish above says “I wish that I could.”  That is because everything that I wish for myself is easy to achieve when I decide that I want it.  Because that is the truest road to making my wishes come true resides with my control, my fear, and my trust. 

Oh yes, there is hope for me and my three wishes yet!  What are your three wishes?  ~~Dee

Julia commands me (I know she would love to hear me say so!) to pick five people to tag, so here we go:  CinnKitty, Princess of the Universe, Jen, That Girl, Finn, Teri, and MissM.  I know…that is seven, but I do love these ladies!  Tag Ladies…you are it….3 Wishes!

12 thoughts on “Tagged Twice in One Day!

  1. You’re so sweet and funny too! I adore reading your writing even when I’m not mentioned 🙂

    Seriously – you do write very well. I can’t imagine your book being anything other than a smashing success.

    As for #3 – I feel for you (in that I can totally understand sort of way). That you’re aware that it’s an issue and why you have the issue goes a long way toward healing.

    Your wishes are attainable even without a genie because you’re a strong and talented lady.

  2. Julia–Yes, I think that is the one thing that women and men have in common…atleast eveyone I have met. We have something that causes us to get in our own way. The blessing that I have had is that the people who I really love know that I have “issues” that cause me to withdraw and they help me through. This is amazing in itself because it means that the people closest to me really want to be there. 🙂

    What I enjoy most about reading you is that you make me think. From the Tushie pictures make me think “mmmm….” to the sexual posts that stretch my mind into “wowie moments” (like the hypnosis posting), you are a rare breed of thinking woman that makes me proud of my gender.

    And….as often as I write erotica, how do you know you are not mentioned? Ahhh inspiration!! 8) ~~Dee

  3. Nigel–Please leave your wishes just as they are. They represent something I have found in talking to you…a silent pondering of the soul that is deep and kind. And, as men are visual creatures, it is as representative of you as the sexy red head in the post before! 😉 ~~Dee

  4. Three wishes? Ok. Do they have to be sexy wishes? I’m not feeling my sexy all that much these days, maybe it’s because I don’t have a male counter part to be sexy with… or maybe it’s just all that is going on. But here go my wishes:

    I want to be in love and be loved by a caring, smart, sweet, and handsome man.

    I want to finish my doctorate successfully by next Summer.

    I want to find a fulfilling, challenging, well paying job for next Fall.

    Now, do these wishes depend upon me? Not entirely, but I am willing to do my part of the job, whatever that part is.

  5. Jen–Isn’t it amazing how much and so little we can do with commitment. “At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you.” And I believe you will have all of those things because of the person you are. ~~Dee

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