SBS: Sexual Behavior in Sleep

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaOk…so every now and then, I have been unable to understand the negative side of sexual behaviors.  For example, I know….logically….that sexual addiction is a negative thing because common sense tells me that any addiction is a bad thing.  See…I get it.  It might take me a moment of discovery to get a complete picture of the sexual situations of the human psychology, but there was an extra “mmmmm” moment of silent sexual reflection. 

You see…there is a sleeping disorder called SBS (Sexual Behavior in Sleep) in which people make sexual advances to a partner, masturbate, and have sex in their sleep.  No.  Really.  Check it out: 

And…the list goes on.  But, apparently a rare form of sleep walking, sexsomnia can be quite dangerous as you can actually have sex without knowing or remembering the event.  I do believe that I need to go somewhere and sit quietly with an adult beverage to think this over!  ~~Dee

16 thoughts on “SBS: Sexual Behavior in Sleep

  1. Take away the danger part (like walking out of the house and doing who knows what) and I don’t see a problem at all 🙂
    Wonder if I should get my hubby tested? He’s got quite a habit of waking me up when he’s still sleeping, but no complaints here.

  2. HisBytch–I agree. It could get kinda uncomfortable in certain circumstances….like having sex with strangers without protection. But, on the lighter side, I think that we should all be tested. MAYBE…we could have a whole new sub-sexual group. I always believe that I thought about sex more than most people in the world. Even in my sleep. GEEZ…who knew! 8) ~~Dee

  3. Duchess–Too true. I believe rather than seek a cure I would find a partner that was all good to watch it roll and enjoy the ride. I THINK there is a downside here, but…hummm… 😉 ~~Dee

  4. Yup — I shared a bed with someone once (a VERY platonic friend) and they failed to inform me that they were a “midnight groper”. I woke up with hands all over me and had to smack him several times to wake up.

    He was extremely distressed by his behavior and actually wound up sleeping on the floor the rest of the night. I thought it was funny.. up to a certain point. 🙂

  5. Kitty–Interesting. The things you know. You are such a smart kitty! BTW…I might paw you too in the middle of the night. Oh yeah…sexsomnia! Yeah! Sounds like I have an excuse now! 😉 ~~Dee

  6. I ‘ve been tested and don’t have it. (Oh! darn.)
    Its mandatory in Australia and I think one has to have it with a Visa application?
    Although I could be wrong.

    Its because as a nation, we party too much.

  7. Nigel–We will let you fake it if you want to…now that I know that it is! Bring on the par-ta! Sounds like Jen, Princess, and I need to bring our traveling Vodka party your way! ~~Dee

  8. TG–I think that is why everyone is keeping this undercover! 8) First you would want a SBSer, then I would want an SBSer, then Kitty…well no… not Kitty. She already had one! *pouting* ~~Dee

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