Major WTF Moment!

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“When a girl is under 21, she’s protected by law. When she’s over 65, she’s protected by nature. Anywhere in between, she’s fair game.”--Cary Grant, Operation Petticoat

Before going to vote on Tuesday, I met my parents for breakfast.  Politics and the smell of really greasy southern fried bacon filled the air.  As I met my parents at the table, my dad looking slightly disturbed over his coffee, he tossed a green sheet over paper over the table at me with a gruff “read this.”

“What is it?” I had heard that tone many times and usually it does not mean that I have won the free trip to Disneyland!

“The amendments that they want us to vote on this time.  You should read them ahead of time.  Especially the first one,” his mood getting darker.

“I never understand that stuff.  They write it in the negative so that I never understand if I am voting for or against it,” I said as I unfolder the green, rather innocent looking piece of photocopied paper.  As I read the first few lines, I honestly could not believe my eyes.  I had to read it twice more to truly understand as the words started to swim around on the paper in front of my eyes.

You see…they wanted us to vote to remove the portion of the state Constitution that prohibits any “unmarried woman” under the age of 14 from consenting to sex.  Now…that is not what that paper said.  It reflected that they wanted us to vote to move legal age of sexual consent for “unmarried women” to 16 years old.  Now, never mind the obvious marketing ploy of calling a girl of 14 to 16 years old an unmarried woman because if you called her a little girl no one would vote for it. 

But, lets get alittle closer to the reality of this situation:

  • This state does not allow sex education.  They teach abstinence only in the schools.
  • Our local high school has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state.
  • The current age of sexual consent is 16 years old.  Why are we even discussing this issue?

Now, just for a moment, lets just assume that a 16 year old is mature enough to make a sexual decision with enough money and transportation to buy a pack of condoms and the intelligence to use them despite her lack of sex education.  The insanity is in the fact that this law protects the males.  Not the “umarried women” of 16 years old. 

HERE IS THE WTF part!  What makes it even scarier is the second part of the amendment that gives the state the control to adjust the age of sexual consent of “unmarried women” in the future as fits the necessary good of society.  So, by voting to get rid of a long forgotten, over 150 year old constitutional rider even though there is a modern law that set the age of consent for unmarried women at 16 years old, the people of this state have given away all rights to make future decisions about the sexual rights of their female children.  Nice how it only affects the female children….right? 

After all, laws are cheaper than sex education right?

So, I am sitting here asking myself over and over again…WTF? It is not about the age of sexual consent…it is about gaining the power to regulate yet another sexual piece of young women

But why?  Who gains?   Is it seeking to change the statutory rape law?   Is it seeking to control the possiblity of sexual education in schools?  Is it seeking to stop the reality of young girls having sex (because the law has always had control of that!)?

  I added a poll tonight so you can tell me what you think that the age of sexual consent should be.  Also, if I am crazy…and you think that I am over-reacting….let me know (play nice or I will let out the Gemini to be really unlady-like!).   Something is very very wrong here.   ~~Dee

14 thoughts on “Major WTF Moment!

  1. I’m not sure I understand what the law is trying to do. If the current age is 16, are they trying to change it to 14? Or is the real issue trying to slip in the ability to change it with their moods? And yeah, what about teenage BOYS?


  2. Finn–Just the point. We ALREADY had a law that says the legal age is 16 years old. No one in the non-political everyday world knew that there was a 150 year old law that stated girls had to be atleast 14 years old (dates back to the time when this was a farm area and girls married very young!). So, the most modern law, stating they had to be 16 years old for consent, was perfectly in effect. The old law was not hurting anyone but needed to be deleted to “keep everything clean and tidy.” BUT, the rider to the distinction of the old law was that the state gets to decide on the age of consent without asking permission through a vote. So, when phrased like it was, everyone said…hell no…14 is too young. And there you have it. Old law that did not mean anything is gone and state now how power over the age of consent. Nice piece of work!

    And yes….I did notice that it did not include males. See, the law says that a 16 year old girl can not give consent to enforce statutory rape. BUT it does not say that a 16 year old boy can not engage in sex or give consent until a certain age. Skeptics will say…but boys can not get pregnant. To which I will say, yes…but can become daddys and should be equally viewed under the law.

    Now…here is another reality. There has been a rash (and I do mean many) cases of younger teachers of high schools having sex with male teenage students. Does this qualify as child molestation or statutory rape? After all, if the law does not protect males, then where is the legal (not moral) issue?

    Again…WTF? Nice. ~~Dee

  3. That is very confusingly worded…I had to read it over a few times to understand.
    If there’s a current law, it should be upheld and the other deleted. And I think it should be examined why girls and boys have different laws placed on them…what century are we in??

  4. Duchess–I do agree. Confusing. Why not just tell people in a way they can understand what they are voting on? And, why not make it a law that you have to seperate out all piece from each other? So, voting on one thing does not mean something else passes too! As for girls and boys, well…I am afraid it is not a matter of what century but where!! ~~Dee

  5. Sorry Dee I didn’t vote on this one because I am not a local. However I do NOT think you are over reacting! I think teenage sexual freedom is a contentious issue.

    From my perspective people in power no longer have a moral authority to decide because church officials, teachers, politicians and police have been the largest group of offenders in child sex cases in Australia.

    The age of consent for boys in gay relationships was lowered from 18 to 16 years in New South Wales recently.

  6. Nigel–It is a very good point. When discussing the issues around sex offenders, you can no longer count on seeing the face of evil (to quote a source). Here in the USA, sex offenders have to give notice to their neighbors when they move into an area that they are sex offenders. However, 16 years old…well, that moves into the rhelm of statutory rape instead of molestation.

    It is an oddity that there is not, to my knowledge, any legal provision for gay teenagers in the USA. At this point, most of the USA is trying to decide what to do with adult members of the gay and lesiban community. It is truly sad the lack of support they receive in our communities. To quote Tom, man of great wisdom, it is time we seperated sexual morality from sexual legality. ~~Dee

  7. First of all, I’m sick to death of the “people/government” voting on personal issues (gay marriage, polygamy, abortion, etc.). I’m sick of people throwing their religious beliefs in my face and expecting me to adhere to them. Just because you believe that the age of consent should be 112 years of age, doesn’t mean that I believe the same thing.

    And I consider myself a Christian, also. Leave the personal shit alone, already.

    *climbing off soap box*

  8. Teri–I am with you. Orginally, this post also included the crazy thought that I, as an adult, can not buy a beer, get a tattoo, or buy a sex toy in this state. Shouldn’t we fix some of that insanity? Do adults in this State really need that much hand-holding? Probably not! GEEZ! ~~Dee

  9. Dee, it seems that the Southern States are still living back in the 19th century for certain things. There are still things going on that shock me down there. Pennsylvania is the same. Quaker State until the end. Can people not understand that we live in the 21st century? and need to act as such?

  10. Teri–For that, we would have to assume that each and every one of us is able to make strong decisions instead of being “our brothers keeper.” I would love to think it was just the Southern states, but California just revolked thousands of marriages of homosexual people. How does that work? The state waves it magic stick and says, “poof…you are not married anymore?” Please! I have traveled all over the USA and, while I truly believe it is the greatest place in the world, but we are really sexually inhibited. ~~Dee

  11. i read this like 45 times on friday and i still couldn’t wrap my brain around it

    i hate their ulterior motives for passing laws

    i despise people that try and tell me how to run my life when they are doing the same things as well as doing more illegal fucked up shit that i ever would

    what’s canada like this time of year?? lol!!

  12. TG–Yes. I know. What scares me even more is the number of people who never bothered to research it at all and voted on it because it sounded good. Now, they have gone on about their lives without realizing that they have given away one of the most important rights of their female (only females) children. Its too much! ~~Dee

  13. I know I left a message… humm wonder what happened to it. Glad to hear women aren’t afraid to discuss their “trust” issues. I am sure we all have them some more than others. But I guess when you get to my age you really don’t care what people think. Well not as much as I did in my 20’s or 30’s.
    Your secret Fan

  14. Gabby–I think that we do grow into saying…WTF? I mean, if I cared what people thought of me, then what fun would that be?

    My secret fan? Ohh….I love that. It sounds so illicit. Kisses, Dee

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