How scary is that?

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaAs I chatted with my favorite Australian blogger this morning, Nigel from Mint Tinted Vanilla (the sweetest guy–Aussie ladies should run and grab him up right this moment!!), he wished me the best outcome on our Election.  And then I rattled off what might be the most profound reason to vote that I know…simply as a child might innocently talk about God or Love without realizing they are uttering words of epiphany.

You know, as Americans, we are so centralized in our own world that we often forget that our vote for President will effect other countries and the people in those countries.  The President is more than just the figure head as in other countries.  The President of the United States makes decisions on war, funding, military aid (the President can deloy the Marines without the approval of Congress), and many other high level decisions.

In fact, your vote will effect places you might not even be aware of on the planet.  Does that make the Election seem important to you?  For anyone that believes that their vote does not count for anything, think again.  Your vote might mean that:

  • A child has healthcare…
  • An elderly person can afford their medication…
  • You or your neighbor can afford to keep a home…
  • A solider is deployed this Christmas away from his family…
  • Our planet finds a solution to the energy crisis that plagues us…

AND…your vote might mean the exact same thing for someone you dont even know in a country you can even find on the map.  How scary is that?  Its even more scary not to vote and let someone else decide!  Now that I say it again…it does not sound like an epiphany.  Just good common sense!   ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “How scary is that?

  1. Coverage, live, all day on radio and TV in Australia. N.P.R. with Nachelle Norris replacing most radio programs and two of the “free to air” television stations with non stop commentary.

    Unprecedented and gobsmacking.

    Thank you for the nice words in opening sentences.

  2. Nigel–Everyone who knows me know that I dont just say nice words. I really do hope women everywhere run up and grab you up! 😉 The election is over and we can all breath a sigh of relief! ~~Dee

  3. MissM–I am working on a sexy story just for my favorite female Scorpio. As you know, I love my Scorpios….and this is your month of sexy celebration. Great thing is that we can enjoy you this month too!! *kiss kiss kiss* ~~Dee

  4. Don’t give in to her Dee. She’s got herself one hot sexy “Ossifer” now and she’s just being an attention whore. Oh wait…never mind. I give her all the damn attention she wants to. Can’t resist those big brown eyes.. hee..hee…

  5. Kitty–Attention whores and drama queens (of the male and female variety) are kind of my luscious point. After all, i do love the scorpios! Every passionate, dramatic, attention seeking sweet drop of them! 😉 *hummimg My Brown Eyed Girl* ~~Dee

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