More Important Than Love or Money…

At the end of this posting, I am going to tell you what is more important than love or money.  For that, you will have to trust me to read to the end.

I tend to classify everything in terms of love or money.  Everything, IMHO, is only a matter of what it will cost you.  In reality, with some thought, most people rationally realize that every decision in their lives comes down to the personal investment of love or money

Does this sound too critical?  Perhaps…and, if so, you dont have to admit to me or anyone else that you agree.  But, when we carefully determine the value of something…anything…and the value of action, we are boiling it all down to how much we have to risk of our supply of love or money.  For some, love is a very limited gift that they pain at the very thought of giving.  “Why is it that every human being on the earth craves love and then pulls back in fear at the one moment they receive it?”  Well, that is not really about the acceptance of love, but our own struggle with understanding why someone loves us and the very possibility of the loss of that love.  For others, upon evaluating an action, they think first about the monitary investment required to complete that action.  Either way, love or money

But, as much as it pains me to say so, there is one thing that is way more important than either love or money.  It requires a considered action…yes…but not in relationship to our usual win/loss evaluation of what is most important for personal advancement.  That thing, so precious to each one of us, is freedom.  This is not where I give you some long speech about my choice for Presidential candidate.  Nope…we have all had enough of that.  This is not where I again endorse one candidates merits over another.  Been there–got the shirt.  This is not where I tell you how one candidate is more qualified than the other.  No…tired of that slapstick humor!

This is where I tell you that The Marine, like so many thousands before and after him, fought in Iraq for your right to vote…for your freedom to cast a ballot on Nov. 4th…without pressure, prejudice, or pain.  This is where I share with you that, like so many thousands of others, I waited for his return from Iraq to find a man strengthened with the pride of his service and love of his country as he told me pointed that he would “never again sleep in a place that did not fly the American flag proudly even if he had to put it there himself.”  Over 15 years later, that is a promise he has kept to himself and his country.  And, this is where I remind you that many soliders will never return from the battles in other lands after fighting for your right to vote

On Nov. 4th, I do not care who you vote for as long as you follow your heart.  What I do care about is that you, like every solider who ever fought for your right to vote, answer your countries call to elect the 44th President of the United States.  Don’t be fooled into the comfort that your candidate has won or the resignation that your candidate has lost the election.  Without your vote, we stand in a land that stands for nothing.  Say thank you to every American service person past and present, their families who live on prayers and pleas, and your country by getting your ass out there to vote.  Because freedom will always bring us together as something more important than Democrats or Republicans…it makes us Americans

BTW…I will be checking I VOTED stickers at the door!  Please and thank you!  ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “More Important Than Love or Money…

  1. Since my dickhead of a boss won’t let me go early, I packed for the occasion:

    camp stool – check
    comfie shoes (unlike my WORK shoes) — check
    coat for when the sun goes down and it gets freaking cold — check
    bottle of water – check
    books – check

    Bring on the lines baby! I’m heading out after work to vote and I’m ready! 🙂

  2. Kitty–ME TOO! Walked up and was escorted to the voting place. Oddly, I had to ask the poll worker to go away. Although…I would not have minded if she would had stayed. FREE Starbucks coffee? Damn…I always miss the good stuff. ~~Dee

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