Obama, Palin, and McCain: The Insanity Plea

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaSometimes, I hear or read a story so disturbing that I am saddened to be connected to the human race.  Of course, we all make mistakes.  For some of us, bad decisions seem catastrophic from the inside looking out.  But twice this week, I have stopped to wonder what the state of the world is coming to when we sit idly by to accept the actions of a remote group of people without an outpouring of anger.

I admit, when I heard that a McCain supporter had been viciously attacked (http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/10/24/mccain.sticker/index.html), I was blown away.  I felt heartsick for her because of the ordeal of her experience and I could not imagine ANYONE taking a political stance that far.  As the blogosphere and the news services echoed the Republican voice of outrage, I notice something quite strange in the pictures.  The cuts in the young woman’s face were too straight (I would think in a struggle the cuts would be way more uneven) and the letter was backward as if it were done in the mirror.

To say that I felt guilty for even considering this young woman would lie about such a brutal attack understates the obvious.  None the less, it nagged at the back of my mind.  When I found out that she had lied about the attack, I was furious in a way that was worse that “a woman scorned.”  Not just because of the incredible stupidity (sorry…you don’t get to play insane when you execute such a well designed crime) of this act for political motivations, but it smacked of those women who accuse a man of rape or molestation only later to admit they lied.  It hurts the creditability of every woman that will ever need to tell the world that she was raped or molested.

Where are we in this country when we shake our head in dismissal of such a heinous accusation with the thought this young woman might be emotionally unbalanced?  Ummm…yeah, so am I during hormonal PMS times!  But, I don’t contemplate craving initials into my face or charging anyone else with a crime.  Sorry…no accepting the emotional argument.

See….there was a second incident not too far away from my home (about two hours) in which a black bear cub was killed and dumped on a local college campus covered in Obama signs (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/10/20/murdered-bear-cub-dumped_n_136347.html).  Through all of the shuffling discussion about the importance of abortion, I admit that I had major amounts of anger when McCain put air quotes around abortion for the sake of the “mother’s health.”  How dare he be so damn arrogant?  But, in this instance, one baby died this week due to the cruelty of human beings.  I wondered how the anger would have mounted if that would have been small human baby wrapped a political sign. 

Answer:  This election would happen tomorrow and it would be over!  You see…I think that it is time that this election comes to an end.  This type of hatred is dividing our country and these are the things that cost Martin Luther Jr, John Kennedy, and Gandhi their lives.  That hatred goes past the realization and rationality tying us to the greater good.

The symbolism of one baby is reflective, IMHO, of the need to bring this election to an end and start about the business of rebuilding our country.  The hatefulness and anger does not only come from these candidates.  No…that is only the image that shows us what we are willing to accept in our political leaders…in ourselves…around our families…in our communities. 

For one moment, lets put political parties aside and consider what happens afterward if we do not eliminate this hatred now!  My question remains…where is our righteous indignation?  Where is our anger?  Where is the accountability for these actions?  Or…is it just one baby?  ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “Obama, Palin, and McCain: The Insanity Plea

  1. Hi Dee,

    The election campaign is almost over. I just hope the pollsters have got it right and that at the last minute voters do not change their mind.

    I think you have a right to be angry and I feel the same but human behaviour is defined by irony bordering on pathos.

    Perhaps the election process “itself” is a kind of theatre, which produces the outrageous and macarbe in order to find the sensible and moderate in politics?

  2. Nigel–I wish it were truth that the theater of the obsurd would lead to intelligent political choices. I dont see it though….I see angry mobs screaming hatred from the crowd (mob mentality), killing innocent animals for the pleasure of killing (a sign of a serial killer), and lies aimed at defaming innocent people. If this is the representation of how they act when an election is on the line…then what will it be like later? I want a leader that brings out the best qualities in people. Not too much to ask I dont think! 8) ~~Dee

  3. This is why I avoid the news. I am now sick about that bear… WTF? What is the matter with people? Maybe the change this country needs shouldn’t come from the president, but from the rest of us.

  4. Finn–I do agree completely. The President can only be a symbolic leader. The change has to come from each one of us inspiring more and better from each other. I, also, never look at the news. I refuse to let that negative energy surround my life. But, I guess, what hit the hardest is that this was so close to my home. These are the people that I see in the grocery store, talk to at lunch in our community, pass the time of day with in the doctors office. And, that action of killing that one bear cub made me so angry that I wanted to categorize their small minded, Bible thumping brainwashed minds. Do I sound angry? 😉 I am. But mostly just because that is how you feel when you have your innocence and trust violated. WTF indeed! ~~Dee

  5. I’m glad you mention this. This kind of behavior makes me see red.

    But, it opens up my questioning of the human race, especially for the past few years.

    Why do people not have any morals and values, anymore? This has been my question for quite some time. My morals and values keep me from doing things like this, why doesn’t it keep others from doing it? Because they have no morals and values.

    What happened to make these people lose their values? Did they ever have them to begin with? Why do the things that they HATE in other people, politics, etc. make them do the EXACT thing that they HATE (i.e., killing the bear=killing an unborn baby).

  6. Teri–It is amazing, but someone put it so clearly to me this week when they were discussing Elisabeth (from The View) and her defense of Palin / War in Iraq. They asked the question how can somone be pro-life and for the war? Dont they realize that connection that each solider over there dying, wounded, or maimed is someone’s baby. Someone raised them…and they will be missed by a spouse, child, mother, father, family. How can we possibly accept one and reject the other? Isn’t innocent life innocent life?

    The Marine is a vet of the 1st Iraq War. We were married then and I remember that year (it was our first year of marriage) as not sleeping, not eating….my epilpsy–which had been in remission–came back with anger…I remember living on prayers and hopes and dreams. Watching CNN until my heart ached and my head wanted to explode…not leaving the house for days for fear I would miss a call….scared everytime the door bell rang (that is how the military notifies you of a death!).

    Dont they see it? My heart screams…but no…they can not because they can not put themselves or their loved ones in that same place. So it was with one baby bear cub… they did that terrible thing because they could not see the precious gift that is life. 🙂 ~~Dee

  7. You know what doll?! People will do so many different things out of desperation for things, and attention. This doesnt shock me. Probably because I spend lengthy hours at jails talking to people who have done worse. But its trully sad how far people are willing to go

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