Polling SEX!

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaOk…I realize that I have been gone for a week.  Sorry.  Traveling.  Even now, sitting in a hotel in Atlanta waiting for an 8 am flight to Minneapolis.  Wow…how much do I miss it now when I am not able to blog!  It is almost like not being able to breath.  But, it has been a good week, so I am giving myself a break from the nagging guilt of not posting and the pain of not spilling all of my sexually oriented thoughts onto the screen like so much cum splattered………..ummmmmmm…………..ok.  Sorry…it does get away from me sometime.

What I am most excited about during my abscence is the new polling feature.  OMG!  I am going to be posting polls all over the place.  I have been wanting to ask your opinion and get you involved in the spillage and splattering of sexual spice.  Participate and play with me.  Let me know what you think by voting early and often!  Now this is the type of election that I love!  Here we go…~~Dee

PS…want to post a question here about sex, sexuality, or women??  Email it to me and I will get it up…I mean…post it. 

2 thoughts on “Polling SEX!

  1. Is blogging really like not breathing?
    However I know what you mean.
    For me I am sure it has some therapeutic value.
    Or at least part of the creative process.

    Voting now.

  2. Nigel–For me, blogging is like not breathing. Like missing a friend that you love and accepts you not matter what stupid thing you do, say, think, or enjoy. I am a writer at heart. I could read and write way before my age group. And, yes… the mixture of my love to write and the freedom of this place….well, I dont have kids, but I miss it here when I do not blog for awhile.

    Now…the real question is blogging better than sex? Well….no. Sex is like a heartbeat…you can go for a few minutes without breathing, but you can stop your heart. 😉 ~~Dee

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