Hockey Moms and MILFs Offended: Palin Booed at Hockey Game!

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaOk…I might be a bad person, but I am a complete hockey chick.  I mean really…love the college football.  But my sports soul breaths a deep sigh of relief at the cold, crisp air of freshly shaved ice covered with sweaty men with big sticks.  Mmmm….what could be better than that? 

Oh…it got better when Sarah Palin touted herself as the original Hockey Mom and went to Philly on a promo tour.  Apparently, she dressed her daughter up in a Flyers jersey and said that would keep her from getting booed.  Well, not so much.  The Flyers had to turn the music up to kill the boos.  And, in her usual ‘I get stupider with every moment’ way, Palin attacked Philly fans for booing her daughter. 

  • REALITY CHECK…what type of mother hides behind her child? 
  • ANOTHER DOSE OF REALITY…they were not booing her daughter…they were booing Palin
  • ONE MORE SHOT OF REALITY for the plastic VP candidate from Alaska… if you had ever been to a hockey game, you would know that THIS is hockey.

Of course, the collateral damage in the whole thing is that poor real hockey mom that had to stand down on the ice with Palin, the Captains from both hockey clubs that had to go stand by her for promo shots (look at the video–they look like they are being forced to eat raw squid–hat trick anyone??), and that little girl who had to hear how much an arena full of people disrespect her mom.  As for Palin, I say….Philly was one of the original six in hockey.  Maybe…like with your political career…you should have stayed in the minors.

Here are the videos:

Enjoy!  ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “Hockey Moms and MILFs Offended: Palin Booed at Hockey Game!

  1. I see your point and I agree that Palin shouldn’t have exposed her daughter to that crowd. Given that she did, I’m saddened to see that adults behaved in that manner with Piper present. A seven year old shouldn’t be required to deal with the consequences of the behavior of unthinking/uncaring adults (whichever applies to those who were present).

  2. Julia–We dont see enough of your beautiful brain here! I have been trying to gauge how I feel about just that point. In reality, it is the job of the parent to keep the child from harm. She tried to shelter herself using the child because she knew that Philly is a Democratic town. Plus, it is a hockey game and a hockey mom would know that is how hockey fans disapprove. It is like those people that get mauled by wild tigers. Do you blame the tiger for doing what is in their DNA and reacting instinctively they way they always do? Or, do you blame the person that came into their cage and push them into the corner? It was unfortunately, but avoidable.

    Plus, it is almost impossible for the VP of the United States to hide behind her children. I might have had more respect if she would have walked out alone. ~~Dee

  3. I can’t tell you how many Obama signs I see in my neighborhood and I live about 5 miles outside of Philly. I believe this is Obama country, Ms. Palin. GET LOST!

  4. Teri–You give me hope and strength! I am happy to hear it…although, I dont think that this whole thing can end soon enough so we can get to the business of fixing the country! GO PHILLY! ~~Dee

  5. Nigel–It has been very ugly. In reality, what scares me is that there have been things said that reflect racism that could lead to another MLK incident. With mudslinging about terriorism and radical religious groups, it is just not kind of thing that they should be discussing with a failing economy, health care, and education systems. ~~Dee

  6. i too am a hockey chick.

    hiding behind her daughter is just very odd in her situation. i am not american so I won’t have a vote, but your political runnings are very lively and interesting to watch.

  7. Princess–It is like a soap opera. I will be glad when it is all over so we can get back to the business of running the country. We need some leadership…so, November can not come too soon. Perhaps we should run for office as hockey chics! Now, there is a political party! 🙂 ~~Dee

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