Support the Boobies: You Want Nipples with That?

It is hard to believe that it is boobie-thon time again!  For those who have been around for a few days, you will remember that this date marks two things in my life. 

#1:  I found a lump in my breast that added me in the category of women who have had breast cancer scares in a year!  By blessing, it was only a scare.  Although it did give me an inside look into the world of those courageous women living with breast cancer as a reality. 

#2:  This marks the second year that I will participate in the boobie-thon to raise money for breast cancer research.   From lovely cups of every size and shape, women gather from all over the blogosphere to support the boobies.

What can you do?  Easy! 

  • If you are a women, consider sharing picture of your boobies!  You can add nipple coverage (if you are modest) such as whip creme, pasties, and body paint.  You dont even show your face!  Get creative…but get your boobies busy!
  • If you are a man, go by and have a look (for a small donation) at the boobies in shapes, sizes, and undress.  Some ladies covered their nipples and some ladies bare everything!  But…the important part is to support the greatest cause on earth!  Support the boobies!

BTW…if you are man with a nice rack….share please!!  There is a special category for men because…ready for this…men die from breast cancer too!

Well….get going.  See you there!  Or maybe…you will see more of me there!   ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “Support the Boobies: You Want Nipples with That?

  1. I think this is such a great cause. I might throw my pictures into the mix, but am afraid I’ll be too late. How long does Boobie-thon go on? The whole month?

  2. Caracala–It does go on all month and they need pictures everyday for fresh additions. It is SO MUCH FUN! And, it is very satisfying to have helped breast cancer research. ~~Dee

  3. Nigel–I would say something flirty as I usually do, but, because I know you have a personal history with breast cancer in your family, I will just send you electronic hugs and kisses! Bless you. ~~Dee

  4. OMG I so shouldnt do this…I know i shouldnt. But I am so game. Tell me when, where, and insure that I am once again free from following any rules (everyone else has to follow the rules) and I will come and play….Oh and only if I can play anonymously.


  5. MissM–Hello my lovely! You SHOULD do it…I should do it. We should do it. Go to and get those girls busy. I have seen those girls up close and possible. You owe it to us all. As for following the rules, I would be soooo disappointed in you if you did! 😉 ~~Dee

    PS…Everyone can play anon!

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