Football Trifecta: USC, Georgia, Florida

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This post is dedicated to my favorite Pink Pussy….cause we both love the football!

Who are you kidding?” the loud ESPN announcer violated my verbal space with his obnoxious self righteousness.

“No one on the planet could have predicted the shake up in the top 10,” another announcer interrupted, his hands waving in the air.

Now, I will have to give ESPN its props.  Over the past 5 years, they have consistently hired and deployed an army of intelligent, sport educated women with the uncanny ability to talk about sports in an interesting and informative way.  Most of the female ESPN announcers, IMHO, have more than just the basic knowledge of sports spoon fed from cue cards and teleprompters.  When these women hit the sidelines of a football game or shove a microphone in the face of a coach, they ask questions that insightful.

And…I want to take a moment here to note that I was greatly disappointed in Mark Richt, Head Coach of the Georgia Bulldogs, when interviewed by Holly Rowe (I believe it was Holly Rowe—I was so shocked by his response) about his player’s body language.  I thought that Mark Richt had more class than his disappointed “I was not studying their body language.  Where you dedicating yourself to studying their body language?” [paraphrase]  I was proud of her for a quick redirection that did not take account of his sexual innuendo in his moment of male chauvinism.

But, as I sat there watching the ESPN highlights of the different games, I knew the truth.  You see…I predicted the fall of all three football teams starting last Thursday night with USC.  I know.  I know.  You are doubtful, but really…I did predict the downfall of the empire.  However sports fans, here is where the game gets complicated. 

The race for first place!  Perhaps Oklahoma retains first place…maybe they do not deserve first place because they have only placed small games.  The really big problem comes in with the football love of my life: LSU!  They should be second.  In some polls they will be second which makes perfect sense because they were in 5th place and three teams in front of them were beaten. 

Five minus three equals two right?  Not in the polls!

It appears that Alabama might jump LSU in the rankings to become second.  Why does this have fans of the gold and purple seeing red?  Well you may ask.  Two words: Nick Saban, the ex-Head Coach of LSU is the present Head Coach of Alabama.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  He is a phenomenal Head Coach, but this explains a lot of what is wrong with the ranking system.  ESPN has dubbed Nick Saban the “most powerful coach in college football today” to jeers and laughter from the crowds and, like the Heisman Trophy, has little to do with the actual game of football.  My personal opinion:  Les Miles is 10 times the Head Coach that Nick Saban is because of his electrifying football plays laced with bravo and balls.

What did football fans do before there were coaches with expertise, announcers to tell us their picks, bowl bids, trophies and records?  I believe that we just enjoyed the football game, tailgating, and good friends to cheer our favorite football teams

Go LSU!  Momma needs a new pair of shoes.  My deal with The Marine:  every time LSU wins…I get new shoes.  I might need a new closet soon.  ~~Dee

6 thoughts on “Football Trifecta: USC, Georgia, Florida

  1. hmmm…. a new pair of shoes for every win? Dang, too bad Ranger doesn’t give a hoot about football. Sadly, my FF league would have to be a new pair of shoes for every game I lost. I’m 0-4, if you can believe it! Everyone watched what I did last year and took all my ideas. The good news is, they won’t copy me next year. ha..ha..ha..!

  2. Do you see much rugby in America?

    A friend of mine went to Texas A&M for an exchange year and when they found out he was Australiain they made him coach. Fortunately he was a good forward too.

  3. Nigel–Cant say I have ever seen rugby. Although I am the first in my family NOT to graduate from Texas A&M, we dont have much cross over my teams because there are so many in the field of college football here. ~~Dee

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