Sex: We Didn’t Start the Fire

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica, sarah palinOver the past few posts, I have been quite controversial in my unwavering belief that we, as Americans, have an obligation to stand and say what is true when no one else will.  I have always delivered my brand of truth about sex with the understanding that—take it or leave it—I believe it to be true.

To me, few things are more sacred to me than sex because sexuality is a fire that each person…no matter of gender, race, economic background, or ethnicity…owns.  So, when I started SexyWhispers just a year ago, I was prepared to be controversial.

Something strange happened though…I found out that I was not so controversial.  I found out that, often times, someone was just seeking one voice that matched their own to reassure them and affirm the struggles of their heart.  Sure, there were a few times when the righteous came of the woodwork to thump their Bible in my face and call me names behind the screen of an email that they would not dare repeat in the quiet of a confessional.  Aren’t there always?

More than that, it is complete dedication to the ideal that we did not start the fire of sexuality.  We did not invent sexSex is one of the “inalienable rights” promised to us by the very Constitution we whisper about on patriotic days.  And, no one had the right to judge or pronounce laws that curtail the sexual behavior of consenting adult’s responsibly sharing pleasure.  No one has the right to tell people they can not get married, deem sex education too liberal for discussion in our classrooms, or condemn an abused / raped woman to carry a child to term even against the advisement of her doctor.  I will not even address the issues of censorship (Hitler banned books) and killing polar bears!  Reality check please at table 5!

I would rather be controversial and force people to yell at me…if they are saying what is really in their hearts.  Then, at least they would be thinking about what they think…and why.  We are a planet full of people taught by the generations before us what to think, believe, and feel.  And I honestly believe that the worse thing in the word a human being can do is to never think about what they think.  We don’t come preprogrammed with a set of ideals and dogma…it is install after we leave the factory.

No..we did not start the fire of sexuality, but that eternal flame is ours to protect as so many women have fought for it in the past!  Here is my passion….what is yours?  ~~Dee

One thought on “Sex: We Didn’t Start the Fire

  1. I think I’m starting to figure out that my particular fire is in the realm of business ethics (specifically the lack therein), unscrupulous business practices and business owners with no morals or lack of loyalty to employees who have served them well. Of course, that’s just my life right now. 😉

    Oh, and sex.. I’m definitely passionate about sex. hee..hee..

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