Sex, Lies, and Videotape of Sarah Palin

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica, sarah palinEveryone who reads my rants knows that sex and politics are two of my favorite subjects.  I have resisted the urge to jump on the “Sarah Palin Sucks” bandwagon.  (Nice thing about sucking is that it can either be really good or very very bad!!) Not one to intentionally scratch at other women, I also do not walk away from the obvious questions and ridiculous answers as they present themselves in regards to sex and women.

While I would be overjoyed to see a woman in contention for the White House, my logic cannot accept this woman.  There is so much wrong here that, even after many days of consideration, I cannot bring myself to understand WHY she is even being considered as a nominee.  Something inside of me bristled the other day when a noted female CNN analyst (ALWAYS known for their unbiased approach to reporting right??) called Sarah Palin a “gimmick” on behalf of the Republicans to divert focus away from the facts and issues.  If true, the exposure of her tabloid life that rivals Britney Spears or Paris Hilton is working just fine.  No one is talking about healthcare, sexual standards, education, or immigration.  AND…God forgive that we even start to discuss the recession that we ARE NOT encountering!  But, what really bothers me is the lack of reality encountered in this election.  In my world, reality means that we are responsible for our decisions and live with the parts of life (frequently called consequences) that present after a decision.
Let’s be real for a moment as we examine the sexual issues as presented (and I will try to stay away from speculation and gossip):

  • Abstinence Only Education (Read More….)—The Republican platform continues to run on the theory that you can just tell teenagers “don’t” experiment with sex.  This complete lack of responsibility to the future of children, to my mind, is the equivalent of a drunken game of Russian roulette.  With STDs, AIDS, and pregnancy at risk, how do they sleep at night with the damage they are doing by not teaching safe sex.  Worse, the reprehensible consequences of these young girls of having to live with the thought that sex is dirty for the rest of their lives makes me ill.  As an example of how well Abstinenece Only Education works, Palin presents her teenage daughter who is pregnant and forced to marry a boy whose MySpace page sounds like Jethro Bodin with ending comments about how he never wants to have kids.  That is the life partner I would want for my daughter! 
  • Homosexual Marriage and Domestic Partnership (Read More….)—Equally as offensive, the Republican stance against homosexual marriage and domestic partnership would be comical if they were not so dangerous.  As everyone who reads here knows, I take direct offense to anyone monitoring or limiting another person’s sexuality especially when you use the government to pass catch all laws to deem one group sexually superior or acceptable based on the moral high ground they believe they stand upon.  I can only find humor in the fact that so many Republicans are found in homosexual situations these days as they persecute those who are openly homosexual.  Like Pontius Pilate condemning Jesus, the Republicans strut around publically decrying the fowl sin of anything that deviates from the missionary position after mass on Sunday (forgive my eloquence!) while partaking in the frivolities for the rest of the week.  As a case in point, Palins clear vote against homosexuals receiving domestic partnership benefits and rights. 
  • Abortion and Roe v Wade—Given, the idea of abortion has never been addressed here, but I have to be very clear about my views.  First, I do not believe abortion should be used as a form of sexual birth control.  Second, I cannot (thank God!) imagine a situation that would lead me to have an abortion.  At this point, that only makes me lucky…not stupid or ignorant of how other women may suffer with this choice in their lives.  However, that said, I can agree there are situations, such as the health of the mother, severe handicap of the child, rape, and incest where abortions should be viable avenues of consideration by any society with a strong sense of consciousness.  The idea that this country, 40 years afterwards, still struggles with Roe v Wade shows me how sexually fucked up we are by trying to be our sisters keeper.  May I suggest, for just a moment in the heat of rationality, each woman is left with the help of her doctor to make this decision?  Or, shall we allow the Republican Party and Sarah Palin to make that decision for us because she had a baby with Down ’s syndrome.  You don’t get love for doing what you consider to be the right thing!  It was her decision and made it with her heart.  Other women may not be so fortunate to be able to afford nannies, home care, and health care.  They should get to make decisions about their bodies based on their lives.
  • God Defense—I have spoken many times on the scarcity, to my heart, of the institution of marriage.  To my way of thinking, marriage should never be entered into EXCEPT in the instance when two logical people of consenting age and strong mind are in completely love with each other.  God knows, they will need that love to sustain them through lots of trials and tribulations.  In the rights of marriage, I make no distinction in the gender or sexual preference of partners.  The thought of homosexual marriage does not offend me in the least.  What does offend my greatest sense is the thought of a 16 year old girl who is pregnant through ignorance because neither her parents nor her school would teach about condoms, safe sex, or birth control getting marriedWAIT!  Now, before I am overwhelmed with emails telling me about the Godliness of marriage and how a baby should have a family…stop and consider this.  It is not a family that is needed.  It is a happy structure that promotes growth and strengthens character that makes a child stronger.  MANY MANY children grow up in single family households with a mother as sole support.  And a large number of these children learn to be resourceful, strong, independent, and happy.  So, save your time calling me a harlot and condemning my virtue.  It only turns me on and it must, in all honesty, turn you on too to email me such things because if it did not, then you would be reading something else right now and my opinion would not matter enough to you to email me!             


I do have one serious question about this whole episode that I hope history will record as a passing blip that is the offense of nominating Sarah Palin for Vice President of the United States.  What mother, in her right mind, would step up in front of the world to sacrifice the reputation and well being of her pregnant daughter to criticism and intolerance of the mass media at large?  I mean, I realize that this is not the 1920’s and girls don’t retire to their rooms when they find themselves pregnant, but to push her out into the flashbulbs of reporters and waddle her across the stage of the Republican National Convention seems cruel and unusual punishment.  It is like saying to the girls across the United States…”See what happens when you have sex without being married?  Bad little girls get knocked up!”  And, for once, my heart when out to the teenage girl who made a mistake that most of us get to make in private…except her mother pushed hers out in front of the world.

Now, I would like to be very clear as I have been recently called a hypocrite for saying that I believe that Sarah Palin should be at home with her family instead of running for Vice President of the United States.  I honestly believe that a woman can/should be/will be President of the United States in my lifetime.  Moreover, I will support a solid female candidate.  But, sometimes, I believe that a woman’s place is with her family first.  With a new baby (which we will not discuss the paternity) with Down’s Syndrome, a pregnancy teenage daughter that will give birth shortly after her election, and a son deployed to Iraq, if Sarah Palin is not distracted from her duties as Vice President, then she is not a mother nor human.  As I see this painful chain of events unfold in her life, including accusations of affairs and abuse of power, I wonder if a higher power is not trying to tell her…and us..something about the people we are choosing for leadership in this country. 

As always, I beg you consider your candidates record and stance on sexual issues as well as domestic or foreign policy when you vote.  Your sex life is the most private thing you have…it is yours….to give or share.  Please make sure that your candidate supports your sexual point of view, your sexuality, and your sexual choices!  ~~Dee

16 thoughts on “Sex, Lies, and Videotape of Sarah Palin

  1. Guns, babies and God…damn, I love Sarah Palin. The left wing hacks sipping their merlot and eating their sponge bread must be reeling about the fact that Palin will be the President in 2012.

  2. SteveJJ–Sure. And by that time, Britney Spears will be old enough to be her VP and “OPPS, I did it again” can be their theme song! She is a sad representation of the women in politics. Thanks for stopping by. ~~Dee

  3. I actually think that she’s a nice person! NOT!! Sorry – couldn’t help myself. I can’t stand her, not only because of the personal issues, but because of her political issues as well. GO OBAMA!

  4. Hello Dee,

    This is a well written post and kudos for you.
    From this side of the Pacific the Palin nomination is just part of the spectacle of Presidential elections. But at least it is engaging. At least it has some profile and I hope Americans will think a bit more than uasual about their candidates. At least Palin is a girl! and maybe the tide of tokenism is receding.

  5. Nigel–I am afraid it is even a new form of tockenism. If you get a woman that is so tied up in her own life and family, then how much interference is she going to give when running the country? Plus, how much can you really address the issues with her running a soap opera? She is the worst type of tokenism. A pretty woman with nothing but trouble to offer. Atleast Bill Clinton received a blow job from the deal! ~~Dee

  6. ok … i couldn’t keep my brain quiet long enough to finish reading … i think the only … ONLY … reason that mcain picked her was because hilary is not running

    they are totally overlooking qualifications, issues … everything and appealing to those that will vote solely on “she’s a working mother of five” … “she returned to her job only 4 days after giving birth to her last child” … “she even breastfed during conference calls” …. blahty fucking blah …. can she do the damn job … did they ever look at that?? … no they just picked her because she is a woman and they are using that to try and win an election

    ok … i’m done now … off my soapbox …

    and by the way … i am sooo not a political person … but i may just vote this year

  7. TG–I think that people are so focused on her life and personal issues because she has no experience…like a voting record…to show the world on where she stood. Plus, her experience is limited to abuses of power to get librarians fired. That is why I wrote all the way through by focusing on her political stances on important issues. But, until she does an interview or someone comes up with the reality of a platform for what she will do, these are the things that we focus on. Do I care that she gave birth to a special needs child? Not so much…honestly. I have special needs (not being funny–I am epileptic and dyslexic). Do I care if she thinks that it is ok to ban abortion based on her beliefs? Oh yeah! I insist no one is allowed to use their beliefs to abuse the rights of American women.

    Everyone keeps saying…if she was a man, would she be receiving the same treatment? My answer to that is NO…she is being treated with kit gloves. Examine the record for ways that these same issues have effected the campaigns of male politicians. They have had their ass handed to them and sent home packing.

    Vote? Yes, please. Where ever your heart leads you….until we can nominate a lady from the *Cathouse* atleast!! 😉 ~~Dee

  8. Yup… that’s all I got. This little kitty is keeping a tight rein on her political views, at least in the “public consumption” arena.

    No worries though.
    I’m a voter.
    Always have been.
    Always will be.
    After all — if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain. ha..ha.ha..


  9. Kitty–PERHAPS I should also keep my views closer. BUT, if I did that…this blog would not exist because many people believe we should keep sexual views to ourselves. AND, I try to keep these posts in the sexual arena because those views will limit or allow our sexual freedoms. 🙂 I cant sit quietly and watch someone elected that openly admits and attacks so much that I hold sexually dear. I guess…to me…it would be like if someone spit on the flag for The Marine. For me, sexuality is as deep as every liberty we have because it operates on a personal level for each one of us.

    One voice…yes. But mine and another and one more…and yet another….and now we are the *Cathouse.* The words are to encourage all who sit in Outback and talk about anal sex because it is our right to do so…just as it is our right to be gay (or bi-sexual or heterosexual)….make choices about abortion….teach children about safe sex….and practice a varieties of sexuality that we find fulfilling. And, what I have learned is that for every person that can hear another confirm their own feelings and views, they feel stronger and confirmed lives. And, for those who question and need to hear the words….yes, I question her sexual politics too! And, I do not want her representing me or women to the world at large.

    After all, I am an honest porn queen! 😉 ~~Dee

  10. Nigel–OMG…that is too funny. Only thing missing is the dead body of an endanger species at her feet. But then again…that might be why she is running with John McCain! (Did I say that?) 8) ~~Dee

  11. I am so glad you wrote this! I could not agree with you more. We must stand up for the critical issues affecting women (and men) in this election. I wish Hillary were the vice presidential nominee for the Democrats, but she is not. Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton.

    Barack Obama can lead this country to a better place. The alternative is a return to the “family values” of America, 1952–without the booming economy.

    I especially love the line about not being “our sisters’ keeper.” Grant each woman the dignity and grace to make her own life choices.

  12. Susan (one of my favorite sexy ladies!!)–Palin is not even close to the woman, politically, Hiliary was 20 years ago. She lack experience. She confuses bullying with leadership and attacks what scares her most–namely sexuality.

    Yes, I think that while we must support each other as women, we must also believe that each woman has the intelligence and strength to make decisions that are in her own best interests without the help of the Governor from Alaska. ~~Dee

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