Fantasy Football Foreplay

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaHis hand on my hip as I stretch out leisurely along his strong body listening to his heartbeat race against my cheek….my head nestled comfortably on his thigh…as his other hand plays lightly with my hair.

“Hey,” we yell at the same time, “late hit.”  Indignantly, settle back into our positions on the bed anticipating the next play.

If this sounds like the start of one of my erotica stories, then keep reading for there is method to the madness.  I never understand the complications of the female mind when a woman says to me that she loses the attentions of her man during football season (or any sports season).   I am not simple or stupid.  I don’t believe I have the sexual equivalent to the cure for cancer.  I only believe that we are talking about common sense!

Ready…wait for it…

Get involved with his favorite sport with him.  My super amazing secret is that we love to watch football together.  Every Saturday during college football season, you can find us in front of the TV watching our favorite teams win or lose.  I know that many women feel inadequate when approaching sports; however, the good news is that men love to talk sports.  When they find a woman with a true interest in learning about sports, they will be the most patient teachers in the world.  When you learn your way around the field, then you have established a common interest that will build intimacy into your relationship.

Now…if you are saying…are you crazy?  Football brings intimacy into my life?  Yeah right!  Think about it this way.  How do you feel when your man gets involved enough in something you love to ask questions and participate?  Now, take that and expand the idea.  When you are able to speak about the qualities of his favorite sports, it will fascinate him in a way that he will not understand.  In truth, it is very likely that his friends’ wives, girlfriends, and female family members hate football and always bitch about it to the men in their lives.   He might even have a great sense of pride as you sit next to him on game day in your purple and gold (GEAUX TIGERS…LSU!!) to cheer for your favorite team.

More than that, I have heard many women say that there are too many rules and they cannot keep it all straight.  Some don’t consider it worth the effort to cross the gender lines to become a football chic.  But, some of the most incredible women I know are football chics who can match a man stat for stat in any sports discussion.  If you are a football widow every Saturday or Sunday…my advice…. get in the game….cause you are not loosing time with him…you are giving it away.  ~~Dee

PLEASE…yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  As of this posting, another class 4 hurricane is headed for New Orleans and over 1 million people have been evacuated.  It is supposed to hit land on Tuesday.  One moment of prayer (or silence if you are not spiritually inclined) for the people in New Orleans.  It is my hometown.  BUT, more than that, I was there in January of 2008.  This beautiful, historical city is being destroyed and left in destitution because the government has forgotten that there are people still living in shacks!  Please…one moment of prayer.

7 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Foreplay

  1. My husband isn’t a big sports fan at ALL. I, however, LOVE the Patriots!!! Is college football that much better to watch than NFL?

    Yes – New Orleans – God help them…

  2. Randi–I have a favorite NFL team, but in reality, IMHO, you get more football and less show with college football. It is cool to watch very talented college kids engrossed in playing the game and excelling with their team. They are not yet to the point where they believe the game and the world is all about them. So…I think it is better. ~~Dee

  3. my prayers are definitely with them. I hope they get missed by the storm.

    I do want to learn football, I even got a book that Holly Robinson-Peete wrote. I need to read it about 10 times to fully comprehend but that’s okay. I want to be equipped.

  4. Teri–Football is not difficult at all. They only use 10% of the rules 90% of the time. And…if it is on TV, the announcers tell you so much you will get the hang of it fast and furious.

    I applaud your want to learn! BTW…alittle hint… you can always count on the other football chics around you. CinnKitty is a super-football chic like myself! ~~Dee

  5. And in yet another el-bizarro turn — *I’m* the huge Football fan and the men who have shared my life are NOT. Can you believe I stayed in a marriage for 7 years where I watched only the Superbowl because *he* didn’t like football and would make me miserable if I watched it?

    Yeah, me neither.

    S’okay. I have my own thing going on now and I’m just fine with it. Any man who wants to be with me during Football season can either learn it and have fun with me or stay the F**K home and I’ll call them in February when it’s all over. hee..hee…

    LA looks like it’s “weathering” things okay. Nothing too bad, which is great.

  6. Ranger is doing his best to learn about my Fantasy Football team, bless him. He has no interest in team sports what so ever, but the man has sat and watched preseason football with me (and we know preseason is crappy) and he’s making sure he knows when the games are on that I want to watch. OMG do I love this man!!!

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