Sex Princess for a Day!

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaThe Marine always says…”and that folks is when the fight broke out!” 

This might well qualify as one of those sexy moments that love so much.  You see, I was over giving some bloggy love to My Favorite Princess and she was writing about her new found busy life!  So, I offered to post a blog entry for her.

Now, although my offer was very geniune, I never in 1 million years believed that she would take me up on it!   When she emailed me that she was pleased at my offer and would take me up on it, I was super thrilled… except…. now, the big question. 

“Anything you DONT want me to post about???  Be honest!”

“Nope, I have absolutely no rules or restrictions. Feel free to be as frisky (or not) as you like!”

Oh Nellie…. now my mind is reeling with all of the things that I can say!  Its like getting a date to the prom cause no one ever asked me to guest blog before!!!!  I always assumed it was because you just never know what I will write.  But I love her fearlessness…and I respect her strength.

I just hope she dont expect me to sleep with her on our first blog posting!  Off to get fitted for my tiara.   Kisses….see ya there!  ~~Dee

2 thoughts on “Sex Princess for a Day!

  1. Princess–I am up for some nakkid wrestling in chocolate pudding, but I am a lover…not a fighter! So, let me know if you are in the mood for chocolate pudding!!

    I am so looking forward to the post. ~~Dee

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